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Toni Calderón

The Muixeranga of Algemesí

This post is in tribute to the oldest and most celebrated festivals of Valencia, which have recently been included on the UNESCO World Heritage list. For many years, I've had a close relationship with this city since my wife is from Algemesí and, for that reason, we've often gone to the village festivals.

They're celebrated on September 7th and 8th and aside from processions, dances, and general revelry, the most spectacular part is, without a doubt, the Muixeranga. The form human towers (several stories high) along the streets forming the procession route to the church. Oh, and there's an amazing Ribalta altarpiece in that church which is worth a post of its own.

The most intriguing are the odd, loud striped suits worn by the participants. I should also restate that the Muixeranga of Algemesí as the oldest of the Catalan Castellers (human towers), for which I also have admiration. Congratulations of the folks of Algemesí for this wonderful party!
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