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Almudena Cathedral


132 reviews of Almudena Cathedral

The perfect complement

Highly criticized and reviled, the Cathedral of Santa Maria la Real de la Almudena (Saint Maria the Royal) is the perfect complement to the Palacio de Oriente (Royal Palace of Madrid). They are found right next door to each other. The final design included a series of arches on each side that would unite it with the Royal Palace with the Cathedral, creating a majestic, unified “Palace-Cathedral” structure, but this was never fully carried out, as the two buildings remain separate.

The true secret of the cathedral is found in its crypt, with the magnificent 19th century “neo-traditional” chapels decorated with stain glass, mosaics, altarpieces, etc., worthy of being considered obligatory sights in any tourist visit to the cathedral. We can list the Chapel of the Marquis of Urquijo or the medieval image of the Virgin de la Flor de lis as highlights, although I’d encourage you to visit the cathedral and find out what you like best about it.

The Cathedral’s entrance lies at the beginning of Calle Mayor. It is closed to the public during mass. I would recommend going during the afternoon so you can see the sunlight enter through the stain glass windows. The mixture of colors is incredible. A quick anecdote, the driving force behind the cathedral was Maria de las Mercedes but, upon her death, it was her husband who continued on with the project. Although Maria wasn’t the mother of any king, she was buried in the mausoleum of the monastery of El Escorial as a special exception due the high regard the town held for her.
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The difficult creation of the cathedral

Believe it or not, Madrid did not have a cathedral officially until 1993 when the Almudena Cathedral was consecrated by Pope John Paul II. This temple has been jinxed since the beginning.

At the time of Felipe II, they already planned to build a cathedral for the villa and the court, but the monarch was more interested in finishing the construction of the Monastery of El Escorial, for which he discarded this project. At the same time, there was a power struggle in the Toledo archdiocese. They did not want Madrid to have its own archdiocese.

The building was postponed until the time of Felipe IV, who together with his wife Isabel de Borbón, gave a new push to finish the old project, even donating a piece of land for it. But new problems emerged and again everything was put aside and forgotten.

However, with the death of Queen María de las Mercedes, who could not be buried in El Escorial because she was not the mother of a king, they thought of the long awaited cathedral in the capital as a final resting point.

Finally, in 1880, construction on the cathedral started in front of the royal palace, but they soon realized the magnificent project of a neo-Gothic church on a Romanesque crypt could not be carried out. So the years passed by with renovations and the building of the cathedral never finished. By now, you can understand how complicated they cathedral’s history really is.

A special event was expected for the inauguration of the temple, and we all thought it would be the wedding of the Prince of Asturias (heir to the throne) and Letizia Ortiz. Unfortunately, just a month before the inauguration, Madrid suffered the worst terrorist attack in its history, and the funeral of the victims was celebrated in the cathedral.
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Even better at night

I’m from Madrid and I’ve been going to the part of the Almudena Cathedral that overlooks the hill behind the Royal Palace. Each time I think the same thing: “blah, this isn’t anything special; not even really worth visiting.”

However, last week, everything changed. Due to the World Youth Day processions, I discovered a side of the Cathedral that I had never seen before. It’s the part that looks upon the Royal Palace (the most beautiful in all of Europe, of course).

A few days later, I decided to visit it more closely and, as my title states, it getters better at night, much, much better. The view is beautiful and as it was August, a month with few tourists, you can make this grand terrace seem like the patio of your very own house.
Gonzalo Moreno
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Too modern

It is the cathedral of Madrid. To me it is not the most beautiful I have visited, it is too "modern" to be a cathedral. The Princes of Spain got married there and it is located in front of the Royal Palace.

You can take pictures inside of the temple and go up the vault (I have not been there yet), they say the views from there are spectacular.
Carmen Quereda Merino
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The cathedral of madrid

Next to the Royal Palace, there is the white Cathedral of Madrid, of neogothic, neo-Romanesque and neoclassical style. From the outside it is nothing special, with many smooth walls and few decoration.

From the inside it is a little more interesting, since during sunny days it looks as if the cathedral shines from the inside for being so white and having some color windows making beautiful effects.

Apart from being the temple where the wedding of Prince Felipe was celebrated, and being the Cathedral of Madrid, to me it does not have a great aesthetic interest, so if you do not have time you can skip the visit.
Víctor Gómez - machbel
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Almudena cathedral.

On the route of the historic center of Madrid, we follow the recommendation to visit the Almudena Cathedral, built as part of the whole Royal Palace, with north-south orientation, different from other cathedrals, which often have east-west . He designed and began building the Marques de Cubas in 1868 and was amended by project architects and Carlos Fernando Chueca Sidro in 1944, to adapt to the shapes and dimensions of the whole architecture of the Royal Palace. For over 50 years, the people of Madrid contributed to its construction, which was completed in 1999. Cathedral Church was blessed as in 1993 by Pope John Paul II. Interestingly your visit, so that means its architecture, being also the cathedral of the royal wedding because of its location next to the Palace, its exterior and interior dimensions proportionate to the volume of the Palace, contain large columns and stained glass windows, which come together with domed ceilings and paintings made by Kico Argüello, bright and colorful transmitting into roofs, domes and altars of the vessels of the temple.

Catedral de la almudena.

En la ruta por el centro histórico de Madrid, seguimos la recomendación de visitar la Catedral de la Almudena, construida como parte integrante del conjunto de Palacio Real, con orientación norte-sur, distinta a las demás catedrales, que suelen tener orientación este-oeste.

La diseñó e inició su construcción el Marques de Cubas en 1.868 y su proyecto fue modificado por los arquitectos Fernando Chueca y Carlos Sidro en 1.944, para adecuarlo a las formas y dimensiones arquitectónicas del conjunto del Palacio Real.

Durante más de 50 años, el pueblo madrileño contribuyó a su construcción, que ha finalizado en 1.999.

Fue bendecida como Iglesia Catedral en 1.993 por el papa Juan Pablo II.

Resulta muy interesante su visita, por lo que significa su arquitectura, siendo además, la catedral de las bodas reales por su ubicación junto al Palacio, sus dimensiones exteriores e interiores proporcionadas al volumen del Palacio, contienen grandes columnas y coloridas vidrieras, que se conjuntan con pinturas de techos y cúpulas realizadas por Kico Argüello, transmitiendo mucha luz y colorido al interior de los techos, cúpulas y altares de las naves del templo.
Antonio Miguel Estévez Estévez
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The almudena cathedral is a complemen...

The Almudena Cathedral is a complement to the Royal Palace located in the center of Madrid. This is a recent since the April 4, 1883 Cathedral, King Alfonso XII laid the first stone, and Pope John Paul II on June 15, 1993 the consagr, despite the existi project from the XVI century gave preference to other buildings before. The last aportacin the Almudena were neobizantinas Argello Kiko paintings that adorn the apse with the most important moments in the life of Christ, and May 22, 2004 was the setting for the wedding of Prince of Asturias Letizia Ortiz.

La catedral de la Almudena es un complemento al Palacio Real que se encuentra en el centro de Madrid. Se trata de una catedral reciente pues el 4 de abril de 1883, el rey Alfonso XII puso la primera piedra, y el Papa Juan Pablo II el 15 de junio de 1993 la consagró, a pesar de que el proyecto existió desde el siglo XVI se le dio preferencia a otros edificios antes. La última aportación a la Almudena fueron las pinturas neobizantinas de Kiko Argüello que embellecen el ábside con los momentos más importantes de la vida de Cristo, y el 22 de Mayo de 2004 fue escenario de la boda del Príncipe de Asturias con Leticia Ortiz.
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Named in honor of our lady of almuden...

Named in honor of Our Lady of Almudena patron of Madrid, this cathedral was begun in 1879 and completed only after a century. It's part of the royal residence and has two bell towers that surround the facade with a central dome. The plan is a Latin cross, and inside we can see several frescoes on a gold background depicting the life of Christ with medieval style of painting: The Crucifixion, the Resurrection, Pentecost, the entry into Jerusalem and the Dormition of Mary. Above the large windows overlooking the word "word" or "word" in various languages.

Nominata Almudena in onore della Madonna protettrice di Madrid, questa cattedrale fu iniziata nel 1879 e completata solo dopo un secolo.
Fa parte della residenza reale e presenta due torri campanarie che ne delimitano la facciata con una cupola centrale.
La pianta è a croce latina e al suo interno possiamo ammirare diversi affreschi su fondo dorato raffiguranti la vita di Cristo con stile pittorico medievale: La crocifissione, la resurrezione, la Pentecoste, l'ingresso a Gerusalemme e la dormizione di Maria.
Al di sopra delle ampie vetrate domina la scritta "parola" o "verbo" in varie lingue.
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And also gives beautiful night

La Virgen de la Almudena is the patron saint of Madrid. Do not just see the Cathedral outside but on the inside, and if you visit at night too because it looks beautiful lit. Although you can not visit during the liturgical celebrations, if you can safely visit any day from 10:00 to 19:00. Also attending Mass or confession (in several languages ​​by the way). Admission is free but they ask you make a donation of 1 € to help with maintenance, if you can not make it does not matter that much (not that put a guard to charge), you can still get in (it is understood that not all possibilities have to do so). Two beautiful sculptures on the outside, one of John Paul II at the main entrance and another in San Pedro on the side. There is also a shop where you can buy souvenirs, prayer card, books about the Cathedral and even for the smallest things.

Hermosa de día y también de noche

La Virgen de la Almudena es la patrona de Madrid. No sólo debes ver la Catedral por fuera sino también por dentro, y si puedes visitarla de noche también porque se ve preciosa iluminada. Aunque no se puede visitar durante las celebraciones litúrgicas, si que puedes visitarla tranquilamente cualquier día de 10:00 a 19:00. También asistir a las misas o confesarte (en varios idiomas por cierto). La entrada es gratuita pero piden que hagas una donación de 1€ para ayudar con el mantenimiento, si no puedes aportar esa cantidad tampoco pasa nada (no es que pongan un vigilante a cobrar), igual puedes entrar (se sobreentiende que no todos tienen posibilidades de hacerlo). Hay dos hermosas esculturas en la parte exterior, una de Juan Pablo II en la entrada principal y otra de San Pedro en el lateral. También hay una tienda donde puedes comprar algún recuerdo, estampita, libros relacionados con la Catedral y hasta cosas para los más pequeños.
Carol La Roca
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A cathedral with multicolored roofs

The Almudena Cathedral is modern and in my opinion not noted for its external architecture, but inside things change, especially roofs and multicolored prints, making it unlike any other I have seen. A stop highly recommended if you visit the capital of Spain.

Una catedral con techos multicolores

La Almudena es una Catedral moderna y a mi juicio no destaca por su arquitectura externa, pero la cosa cambia en su interior, especialmente por sus techos y grabados multicolores, que la hacen totalmente diferente a cualquier otra que haya visto hasta ahora.
Una parada muy recomendable si visitas la capital de España.
Efraim Romero Sacarrera
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The almudena cathedral in madrid is l...

The Almudena Cathedral in Madrid is located just next to the Royal Palace, is located in the center of the city. The main facade overlooks the Plaza of the Armory, its design is an integral part of the complex of the Royal Palace of Madrid. The cathedral has two towers, one on the right is known as the Mariana or Gallegos (Galician), as the bells were donated by the Galicians. Each has a Marian name which earned him the name of Mariana. These are Santa María la Real de la Almudena Santa María de la Paloma, Santa María de Atocha and Santa María de la Flor de Lis. In the left tower overlooking the street Bailen, is the chime.

La Cathédrale de l'Almudena de Madrid est située juste à coté du palais royal, elle est située dans le centre de la ville. La façade principale donne sur la Plaza de la Armería, sa conception fait partie intégrante du complexe du Palais royal de Madrid. La cathédrale possède deux tours, celle de droite est connue sous le nom de Mariana ou des Gallegos (Galiciens), vu que les cloches ont été offertes par les Galiciens. Chacune d'entre elles a un nom marial ce qui lui vaut le nom de Mariana. Ce sont : Santa María la Real de la Almudena, Santa María de la Paloma, Santa María de Atocha et Santa María de la Flor de Lis. Dans la tour de gauche qui donne sur la rue de Bailén, se trouve le carillon.
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La catedral santa maría la real de la...

La Catedral Santa María La Real de la Almudena was built during the twentieth century. It measures 102 meters long and 73 meters high, neoclassical styles outside, neo-Gothic interior and neo-Romanesque crypt in. The main facade of this religious monument is located in front of the Royal Palace of Madrid, however, the entrance is through the Calle Mayor. A small donation (about € 1) is requested at the entrance of the cathedral. Street Address: La Catedral Santa María la Real de La Almudena, Calle Bailen, 8-10. Madrid 28013. Tel: +34 917 586 791

La Catedral Santa María La Real de La Almudena à été construite au cours du XXe siècle. Elle mesure 102 mètres de longueur et 73 mètres de hauteur, de styles néoclassique à l'extérieur, néogothique à l'intérieur et néoroman dans la crypte.

La façade principale de ce monument religieux se trouve en face du Palais Royal de Madrid, cependant, l’entrée se fait par la Calle Mayor.

Une petite donation (de l’ordre de 1€) est demandée à l’entrée de la cathédrale.
Adresse exacte : La Catedral Santa María La Real de La Almudena, Calle Bailén, 8-10. Madrid 28013.

Tel : +34 917 586 791‎
Céline Touzé
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Located directly opposite the royal p...

Located directly opposite the Royal Palace of Madrid Almudena Cathedral was consecrated by Pope John Paul II in 1993, the first Spanish cathedral dedicated by a pope. Some details of the same are: Total length: 102 m length of the nave: 82 m Length of cruise: 68 m Dome height at withers 73 m height of the towers of the façade to the vane: 60 m Height of the nave: 25.8 m width of the nave: 12.5 m width of the aisles: 6 m Width of the chapels: 6 m Total area: 4.800 m²

Ubicada justo enfrente del palacio Real de Madrid, la catedral de La Almudena fue consagrada por Juan Pablo II en 1993, siendo la primera catedral española consagrada por un papa.
Algunos datos de la misma son:
Longitud total: 102 m
Longitud de la nave central: 82 m
Longitud del crucero: 68 m
Altura de la cúpula hasta la cruz: 73 m
Altura de las torres de la fachada hasta la veleta: 60 m
Altura de la nave principal: 25,8 m
Ancho de la nave principal: 12,5 m
Ancho de las naves laterales: 6 m
Ancho de las capillas: 6 m
Superficie total: 4.800 m²
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Really impressive

Bellsima cathedral with mosaics Rupnik in the chapter room, the Holy of Holies chapel and other rooms. Impress also polychrome dome. You can access external gateways from which is Madrid and the Royal Palace among others. Really impressive. Bellsima cathedral with mosaics Rupnik in the chapter room, the Holy of Holies chapel and other rooms. Impress also polychrome dome. You can access external gateways from which is Madrid and the Royal Palace among others. Really impressive.

Realmente impresionante

Bellísima catedral con los mosaicos de Rupnik en la sala capitular, capilla del Santísimo y otras salas. Impresiona también el cimborrio policromado. Se puede acceder a las pasarelas exteriores desde las que se ve Madrid y el Palacio Real entre otros.
Realmente Impresionante.
Diego García
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Cathedral of the almudena

The Almudena Cathedral is a magnificent building located in the heart of the Spanish capital, Madrid monument. It is new, it was built in the twentieth century in two styles: neoclassical and neogothic. This beautiful cathedral attracts the beauty of its architecture, you will admire the scenery, cupolas. It is very easy to find: it is located in the city center, opposite the Royal Palace of Madrid. This is a very nice visit to.

Cathédrale de l'almudena

La cathédrale de l’Almudena est un magnifique monument d’architecture situé au coeur de la capitale espagnole, Madrid. Elle est récente, elle a été construite au vingtième siècle dans deux styles : néoclassique et néogothique. Cette belle cathédrale attire par la beauté de son architecture : vous allez admirer ses décors, coupoles. C’est très facile de la trouver : elle est située au centre ville face au Palais royal de Madrid. C’est une très belle visite à faire.
Alisa Kolobova
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Information about Almudena Cathedral

Almudena Cathedral Phone Number
+34 915 422 200
+34 915 422 200
Almudena Cathedral Address
Calle Mayor, 90, 28013 Madrid, España
Calle Mayor, 90, 28013 Madrid, España
Almudena Cathedral Opening Hours
mon 9:30 - 20:30
tue 9:30 - 20:30
wed 9:30 - 20:30
thu 9:30 - 20:30
fri 9:30 - 20:30
sat 9:30 - 20:30
sun 9:30 - 20:30
Almudena Cathedral Website
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