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Boat to the Tabarca Island

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4 reviews of Boat to the Tabarca Island

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Interesting excursion off the white coast

The ferries leave from Santa Pola port, offering one of the most interesting excursions you can take on the White Coast, and I’m not joking.

Tabarca island is a different kind of place. It’s a tiny island, but has been inhabited since ancient times. It was an Italian prison for many years. As a matter of fact, the majority of the dozens of people who still inhabit the island maintain Italian last names. The ferry ride lasts a little more than half an hour and takes you right to the island. There are several times to return to the mainland during the day, but the most typical thing to do is head over at the beginning of the afternoon, eat there, and enjoy the beach.
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13€ round trip

Ferries leave each day from Santa Pola port in Alicante that can take us to Tabarca island for 13€ round trip. There are tourist boats with see-through floors that take only 25 minutes to get to Tabarca) and others more practical, like the “Lancha Rápida”, that takes 10 minutes less.

Ferries every half hour

The only way to get to Tabarca is by taking a boat. Small ferries leave from Santa Pola port every half hour. The cheapest are the Taxiboats, but they’re must smaller.
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