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La Boqueria Market


203 reviews of La Boqueria Market

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A meeting point

The current Mercado de la Boquería has lived through many phases. We will hereby try to give a faithful description of the facts. The initial origin of this market is not very clear. What we know for sure is that it started as an itinerant market, located in the Rambla de Barcelona, ideal place of the commercialization of goods. It was not the first time it was used as such for there had been some stands of meat and other goods since the beginning of the 12th century.

La Rambla gained more importance as a walk; the Market was not convenient and many times they tried to take it off. Remembering that villages and cities in Catalunya have been founded around the markets, we found that it was originally an open air one in front of one of the gates of the old wall (Pla de la Boqueria), where the peddlers and peasants of other villages and farms would settle in order to sell their products.

Currently it is of great importance in the culture of Barcelona. It is a meeting point with the goods from other countries like fish, meat, fruit or vegetables... for its cuisine which gives a great mix of gastronomical cultures. One easily gets to eat a lot inside the market during the stops and in the bars. You can't miss it.
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Where i love without limits

Every time I go back to Barcelona I visit the Mercado de la Boqueria, like it's a a ritual. the market is located on the Ramblas in a world full of smells, colors, textures, etc. At the stands you can find a great variety of foods, all of great quality.

La Boqueria origins come from the 13th century. Part of the current structure is from 1700, even though the building went through several changes afterwards. One cannot go to Barcelona without passing by this wonderful market.

When the weather is nice, I love buying a good piece of bread, brie cheese, tomato, serrano ham and a handful of strawberries. With my goodies and, as if I was an authentic foreigner, I have a picnic in a sunny spot of the Cathedral square. Amazing.
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A place to satisfy one's curiosity

Every time I walk on the Rambla, it is impossible not to stop in at one of the most famous Market of Barcelona. An explosion of colors, curiosities, people, smells mixing up in this typical place of the most authentic Barcelona. I take the opportunity to have a tropical fruit smoothy, buy sweets I know I won't find in any other place, and to take pictures.

The Mercado de la Boqueria charms everyone and you can have a tasty tapas and an animated chat with anyone. There are many tourists but also many living their everyday life in Barcelona. Simply one of my favorite spots in Barcelona.
Dónde vamos Eva
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A variety of fresh products

Going down the popular Rambla right in the center of Barcelona, apart form seeing hundreds of tourists, one can find the famous Mercado de la Boqueria, emblematic and essential visit of everyone coming to the city.

Around the 12th century, it was only an itinerant market which started growing throughout time and became what it is today: a fully-loaded market where you can get a variety of fresh products. It is perfectly located in the center, so it's always packed of tourists and locals, who, one generation after the next, have felt the pride of having the greatest market of Spain on Catalan lands.

Some of stands are run by the fourth generation of stallholders, tradition is one of the features of this market. Inside you get anything you like, fish, seafood, meat, cheese, fruit, juice, dessert, wine, prepared dishes restaurants, among other things. The structure is under constant renovation due to the business potential that has grown during centuries until nowadays.
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Wonderful and exquisite stands

I got to know markets like this one when I was a child in Rosario. There was one on the current Plaza Montenegro, although they started disappearing giving way to other attractions. They existed because half of the immigrants in Rosario were from Galicia and Catalunya and the other half came from various Italian cities and I knew people who had owned stands like these.

This is why it was a great surprise to discover one of similar dimensions right in the center of Barcelona, because I had already seen the weekly markets of the different places I visited, but never a similar one. As usual, my friend told me "Marta shut your mouth" and it was not because it was open to eat, but because of the astonishment in front of what looked more like a boutique than a market. I recalled a not so famous Albert Einstein quotation "One who doesn't have the gift of marveling or getting enthused would better be off dead, because his eyes are closed." and I thought "I'm saved", because until now I have marveled at everything I have seen and lived.

And it is not because of the Market, it is because of the astonishment itself, this ability children have and that thanks to God I haven't lost yet and I hope I'll never lose. And back to the topic, I recommend not missing out on the wonderful and exquisite stands of La Boqueria.
Marta Pilar
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This was the highlight of our trip! m...

This was the highlight of our trip! My daughter booked this market tour La Boquería and I wasn't so excited about it. I am so so glad she did. We had the best time ever. What was unique was that we got to go to the market to shop for some of the ingredients. What a fun time that was. The chef and his assistant are just the BEST!
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Great food

Great food
stefan dockx
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De todo un poco!

De todo un poco!
keila simon

I went to barcelona and it was a real...

I went to Barcelona and it was a really fantastic experience.
I went with my family and we visited Parque Guëll and Sagrada familia
Federica Mantellassi
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+34 933 182 584
+34 933 182 584
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La Rambla, 91
La Rambla, 91
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