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Cañón de la Angostura

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Diana Patricia Montemayor Flores

Beautiful and wild

To explore the Cañon de la Angostura, start from the mining town of Mina Grande and walk along a path that takes you along the Escanela River towards Cañon de la Angostura and continue to the Puente de Dios. it's one of the most fun and beautiful trips to be had in the Sierra Gorda de Querétaro.

Imagine walking through clear water, admiring the landscape that is becoming more and more beautiful and wild as you progress along the way. When you reach the bridge, you're in the Canyon. The water continues its course and you will be amazed by high walls that form the canyon; every now and then there are wooden stairs that invite you to climb and explore hidden little caves.

If, in addition to nature and peace and quiet, you like canyoning, then this is the place for you. Everything is green and quiet and the only sounds are the river and the birds. The walk continues until you reach a place where you see a natural rock bridge: the Puente de Dio. It is a wonderful and delightfully surprising place. If these pictures are beautiful, just imagine being there. Behind Puente de Dios, there's a waterfall with a 30-meter drop.

For accommodation, there are nearby cottages and campgrounds with bathrooms, palapas, dining rooms, and grills where you can stay to venture into the river. If you're on your own, take the federal highway 120 San Juan River - Xilitla and take the dirt road at kilometer 155 kilometer to the Escanela River. It's a 40-minute walk from the river to the Puente de Dios.
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