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The Festival of Es Firó

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1 review of The Festival of Es Firó

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One of the most popular and crowded festivals

Es Firó de Sóller is one of the most popular and crowded festivals on the island of Mallorca. This deeply-ingrained celebration is held on the second Monday in May, and commemorates the defense of the valley and ensuing victory of the Sóllerians against the Moorish invaders on May 11, 1561. The festival is renowned all over the island and a large number of visitors head off to join the Firó.

There are three known accounts of the Moorish landing in 1561, all of which were written within a week of the event. The first one, written by the town scribe, is guarded in the local Archive. The second, practically unedited, was written by Antonio Morell, a notary, and is in the Royal Archive of Mallorca. The last one, housed in the same archive, was written by local noblemen and directed to the King himself. Later on in 1557, the Priests of San Bartolomé made a reinterpretation which gather together many of the traditions and legends of the previous 200 years and added some religious connotations. Finally, the frail Franciscans of the Convent of Jesus edited the previous version, embellishing it with a host of Biblical citations.

The legends and traditions introduced into the latter two versions, stories like the Valentes Dones, las Sagradas Formas, las Tres Cruces, Margarita Custurer, san Jaime, are the ones that now dominate the festivities. Of all the traditions represented in the current Es Firó party, the most popular is that of Valentes Dones, who killed two Moors with a door handle. For more info, you can see the schedule and locations at ' http://esfiro.cat.'
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