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Mercado San Antón


53 reviews of Mercado San Antón

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18 photos

A real must in the new madrid

One of the new places that stroke me the most in Madrid is without a doubt San Antón Market. Yes, a market. It sounds weird but it is true.

The Boquería Market in Barcelona is definitely responsible for the tendency of transforming the traditional markets. In Madrid, the first one was the fantastic San Miguel Market, and now San Antón.

They do have differences however. One can say San Miguel is more of a "gourmet" place, of buying something and having a snack. San Antón, in the renovated neighborhood of Chueca, is something more "complete", if you like.

It is divided in various floors. On the first one, the visitor will find the usual market: stands with products to buy. But the stands are amazing. From a huge burgers one to the traditional butcher's, baker's or fish shop, they are all beautiful.

On the second floor, places to have a snack, quite cheap and fast.

And upstairs, on the terrace roof, a restaurant. This is what the place is amazing for. First, because the cocktails are very good. Second, and most importantly, because in the restaurant (where you can book in advance by the way), you can eat what you have just bought downstairs. And this is what we did, we ordered a hamburger downstairs, took it upstairs in a paper bag and gave it to the waiter so that they could cook it for us.

Excellent. A real "must".
Pedro Jareño
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6 photos

A different place

A new market combining the traditional market idea with the opportunity to taste many different types of food of the various stands of the upper floor.

It is a very nice place and you can have of everything, from "spoon dishes" to ice cream, from sushi to seafood, etc. And if you need it you can go food shopping. Up there you will find a terrace where to have a drink or have dinner in the restaurant.

A different place to have tapas.
Francisco calleja
See Carlos Olmo's photos
19 photos

Traditional market and modern concept

It has opened very recently and it has become one of the trendy places in Madrid. It combines a traditional market (stands of fruit, vegetable, fish, meat, etc.) with an entire floor dedicated to tasting and a terrace with a restaurant where you can eat some of the products you bought in the market. I love this idea.

One of the most original stands might be the burgers one, since it raises the culinary level of this usually fast food product. One can choose from various types of meat, bread sauces and side dishes, they give it to you in a bag and you go up to the restaurant or home with it to prepare it yourself.
Carlos Olmo
See ferf's photos
2 photos

Luxury market

The newly-remodeled San Antón Market on Augusto Figueroa St. in Madrid has become an authentic luxury marketplace. On the ground floor, the stalls offer all kinds of top-end gourmet and beauty products, all exquisitely displayed, while you can find anything from sushi to foie gras in the food court located on the second floor. It’s a great place to get a quick bite to eat or hang around and enjoy yourself a little more thoroughly. On the top floor, there is a terrace and restaurant where you can have a more traditional meal (that is to say, seated at a table). This is definitely a fashionable place.
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See Purkinje (mapaygps)'s photos
15 photos

While walking through madrid

A great market for buying special used products. There is a wide food selection and in some stands they accept restaurant meal tickets.

In my opinion, the biggest attraction is the Nostra Hamburger stand.
Purkinje (mapaygps)
See Juan Carlos Milena's photos
1 photo

A drink after work

The San Antón Market is one of the places where you can really unwind after work. Whether on the terrace in summer or one of the bars or restaurants in the winter, you can always enjoy a few cañas accompanied by exotic tapas in an ambience that I wouldn’t hesitate to call “cool.” You can find everything from fast food to a leisurely meal. I’d recommend the Vinoteca wine bar as a first-stop, but don’t let that keep you from exploring a new place every time you go.
Juan Carlos Milena

What a reopening!

The new inauguration of San Antón Market, also known as Chueca Market, was recently celebrated. It is a very design space combining in an exquisite fashion glass, metal, ceramic and wood. It could not have been otherwise in the most fashionable neighborhood of Madrid.

The atmosphere is of young and attractive people willing to be looked at, to eat and drink, not necessarily in this order. The prices are very affordable, especially compared to the reference of San Miguel Market.

The stands are very well chosen with an equal balance of international food, bars, traditional butcher's, bakers, fruit, fish and meat stands. On the first floor you even have a Supercor supermarket.

I cannot find anything wrong about it. It is perfect to have a drink on the terrace, have tapas on the food stands or buy fancy cheese.
Ana Valien
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Álvaro Bedi
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Tomás Rueda
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Sara vdi
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Claudia Rodríguez
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Lobeznoant Hothot Hothot
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