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Mercado San Antón


46 reviews of Mercado San Antón

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A real must in the new madrid

One of the new places that stroke me the most in Madrid is without a doubt San Antón Market. Yes, a market. It sounds weird but it is true.

The Boquería Market in Barcelona is definitely responsible for the tendency of transforming the traditional markets. In Madrid, the first one was the fantastic San Miguel Market, and now San Antón.

They do have differences however. One can say San Miguel is more of a "gourmet" place, of buying something and having a snack. San Antón, in the renovated neighborhood of Chueca, is something more "complete", if you like.

It is divided in various floors. On the first one, the visitor will find the usual market: stands with products to buy. But the stands are amazing. From a huge burgers one to the traditional butcher's, baker's or fish shop, they are all beautiful.

On the second floor, places to have a snack, quite cheap and fast.

And upstairs, on the terrace roof, a restaurant. This is what the place is amazing for. First, because the cocktails are very good. Second, and most importantly, because in the restaurant (where you can book in advance by the way), you can eat what you have just bought downstairs. And this is what we did, we ordered a hamburger downstairs, took it upstairs in a paper bag and gave it to the waiter so that they could cook it for us.

Excellent. A real "must".
Pedro Jareño
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6 photos

A different place

A new market combining the traditional market idea with the opportunity to taste many different types of food of the various stands of the upper floor.

It is a very nice place and you can have of everything, from "spoon dishes" to ice cream, from sushi to seafood, etc. And if you need it you can go food shopping. Up there you will find a terrace where to have a drink or have dinner in the restaurant.

A different place to have tapas.
Francisco calleja
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19 photos

Traditional market and modern concept

It has opened very recently and it has become one of the trendy places in Madrid. It combines a traditional market (stands of fruit, vegetable, fish, meat, etc.) with an entire floor dedicated to tasting and a terrace with a restaurant where you can eat some of the products you bought in the market. I love this idea.

One of the most original stands might be the burgers one, since it raises the culinary level of this usually fast food product. One can choose from various types of meat, bread sauces and side dishes, they give it to you in a bag and you go up to the restaurant or home with it to prepare it yourself.
Carlos Olmo
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Luxury market

The newly-remodeled San Antón Market on Augusto Figueroa St. in Madrid has become an authentic luxury marketplace. On the ground floor, the stalls offer all kinds of top-end gourmet and beauty products, all exquisitely displayed, while you can find anything from sushi to foie gras in the food court located on the second floor. It’s a great place to get a quick bite to eat or hang around and enjoy yourself a little more thoroughly. On the top floor, there is a terrace and restaurant where you can have a more traditional meal (that is to say, seated at a table). This is definitely a fashionable place.
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While walking through madrid

A great market for buying special used products. There is a wide food selection and in some stands they accept restaurant meal tickets.

In my opinion, the biggest attraction is the Nostra Hamburger stand.
Purkinje (mapaygps)
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A drink after work

The San Antón Market is one of the places where you can really unwind after work. Whether on the terrace in summer or one of the bars or restaurants in the winter, you can always enjoy a few cañas accompanied by exotic tapas in an ambience that I wouldn’t hesitate to call “cool.” You can find everything from fast food to a leisurely meal. I’d recommend the Vinoteca wine bar as a first-stop, but don’t let that keep you from exploring a new place every time you go.
Juan Carlos Milena

What a reopening!

The new inauguration of San Antón Market, also known as Chueca Market, was recently celebrated. It is a very design space combining in an exquisite fashion glass, metal, ceramic and wood. It could not have been otherwise in the most fashionable neighborhood of Madrid.

The atmosphere is of young and attractive people willing to be looked at, to eat and drink, not necessarily in this order. The prices are very affordable, especially compared to the reference of San Miguel Market.

The stands are very well chosen with an equal balance of international food, bars, traditional butcher's, bakers, fruit, fish and meat stands. On the first floor you even have a Supercor supermarket.

I cannot find anything wrong about it. It is perfect to have a drink on the terrace, have tapas on the food stands or buy fancy cheese.
Ana Valien
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7 photos

From the market to your table!

Reopened in May 2011 after five years of reconstruction, the market of San Antón of the Chueca district in the center of Madrid, has already earned a place of honor among the markets of the city. The new red-brick building, quite monolithic houses inside a series of counters dedicated to selling a wide variety of food products: fruit, vegetables, meat, seafood and gourmet products. The prices are certainly not popular: in an age where people seem to prefer to save the cost in large surfaces, the markets are featuring more and more as a place for luxury goods, or nearly so. Missing, however, in my opinion, a common space shared, which will make the market truly a place of meeting, as with that of [then = 75581] San Miguel [/ then]. In addition to the real market, organized on two floors, there is a small supermarket in the lower floor, while the top of the building culminates with a terrace and a restaurant. The terrace, perhaps a little 'small compared to what it could be, it is destined to be one of the most popular spots for the summer. Still do not know the restaurant but I know its originality: it is possible to buy the products in the market to get them under trovarseli cooking and served at your table!

Dal mercato al tuo tavolo!

Riaperto nel maggio 2011 dopo 5 anni di ricostruzione, il Mercato di San Antón del quartiere di Chueca, nel centro di Madrid, ha già conquistato un posto d'onore tra i mercati della città. Il nuovo edificio in mattoni rossi, abbastanza monolitico, ospita al suo interno una serie di banconi dedicati alla vendita dei più vari prodotti gastronomici: frutta, verdura, carne, pesce e prodotti gourmet. I prezzi non sono certo popolari: in un'epoca in cui la gente per risparmiare sembra preferire la spesa nelle grandi superfici, i mercati si stanno caratterizzando sempre più come un luogo per prodotti di lusso, o quasi. Manca tuttavia, a mio parere, uno spazio comune condiviso, che renda il mercato veramente un luogo di incontro, come avviene per quello di San Miguel.
Oltre al mercato vero e proprio, organizzato in due piani, troviamo un piccolo supermercato nel piano inferiore, mentre la cima dell'edificio culmina con un terrazzo ed un ristorante. Il terrazzo, forse un po' piccolo rispetto a quello che poteva essere, è predestinato ad essere uno dei posti più frequentati per l'estate. Ancora non conosco il ristorante ma conosco la sua originalità: è possibile comprare i prodotti nel mercato di sotto per farli cucinare e trovarseli serviti al proprio tavolo!
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Colors and flavors in the heart of chueca

It is in the heart of Chueca district lies the beautiful market of San Antón. The imposing gray building does not look like much from the outside, but makes up for it inside. On the first floor, there is a "real" market: chic and stylish stalls of fruit and vegetables, meat, cheese, meat, fish ... All products are beautiful, and unbeatable quality, which unfortunately feels the price level. On the floor above, with market per se, but dozens of small tapas stands, classified by country, offering a trendy kitchen and original taste in buyers overlooking the lower floor. Finally, the top floor terrace serves restaurant with a concept for the least original: instead of choosing menus to the card, it is the market down ... and up trust purchases the chief, who prepares itself to customer demand! The market also offers different times of the year workshops of all kinds, and every Wednesday night, a small concert. If San Antón is obviously not the favorite haunt of budget, it is still a beautiful place, colorful and gastronomy, not to be missed during a walk in Chueca!

Couleurs et saveurs au coeur de chueca

C'est en plein coeur du quartier de Chueca que se trouve le très beau marché de San Antón. L'imposant bâtiment gris ne paie pas de mine depuis l'extérieur, mais se rattrape largement à l'intérieur. Au premier étage, on trouve un "vrai" marché: étals chics et élégants de fruits et légumes, charcuterie, fromage, viande, poissons... Tous les produits sont magnifiques, et d'une qualité irréprochables, ce qui se ressent malheureusement au niveau des prix. A l'étage au dessus, plus de marché à proprement parler mais des dizaines de petits stands de tapas, classés par pays, qui proposent une cuisine branchée et originale à déguster en surplombant les acheteurs de l'étage inférieur. Enfin, la terrasse du dernier étage fait office de restaurant, avec un concept pour le moins original: au lieu de choisir des menus à même la carte, on fait son marché en on monte confier ses achats au chef, qui le prépare lui-même à la demande des clients! Le marché propose aussi selon les périodes de l'année des ateliers en tous genres et, tous les mercredi soir, un petit concert. Si San Antón n'est évidemment pas le lieu de prédilection des petits budgets, il s'agit tout de même d'un très bel endroit, haut en couleurs et en gastronomie, à ne pas manquer lors d'une balade dans Chueca !
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The most chic madrid market

Market Stalls Traditional Market Delicatessen and Cheese-The Butcher Delicatessen Octavio: Burgers Smoked Salt Raza Nostra: La Casa del Bacalao Carnieria: Terravileña Tahona Bakery: Vienna-Lalo The butchers Bagette Fish Butchery: The Frozen fish of San Anton- Foodart Poultry, Eggs and Game: Birds, Eggs and Fruit and Vegetable Allan Chase: La Flor de San Antón and Rock Palacios Greengrocer: 4 Leaves CB Food Delicatessen: The Victor Montes Cupboard The Cupboard Café Victor Montes Second Floor Chocolates and Pastries - Delicious Coffee Smoothies and Juices: La Flor de San Anton Japanese Food - Sushi-Gusto Italian Food Market from the Accademia (Opening soon) Greek Specialties - Delicata Smoked Salt - Cod Seafood House - Flavours of the Sea Grill Grill-La Manuela Derivatives Duck - Foi Puturru (Opening soon) Taberna Vinoteca - The Imperial Room-Space Trapezio Terrace Cultural Exhibition Hall Third Floor Restaurant-Terrace "La Cocina de San Antón"

El mercado más chic de madrid

Los puestos del Mercado

Mercado de Tradicional
Charcutería y Quesería‐ La Charcutería de Octavio
Carnicería: Hamburguesas Raza Nostra
Ahumados y Salazones: La Casa del Bacalao
Carniería: Terravileña
Tahona Panadería: Viena La Bagette
Carnicería‐ Lalo Carnecerías
Pescadería: La pescadería de San Antón
Aves, Huevos y Caza: Aves, Huevos y Caza Alian
Frutas y Verdura: La Flor de San Antón y Palacios Roca
Frutería: 4 Hojas C.B.
Comida Delicatessen: La Alacena de Víctor Montés
Cafetería La Alacena de Víctor Montés

Segunda Planta
Chocolates y Repostería ‐ Delicious Coffee
Batidos y Zumos: La Flor de San Anton
Comida Japonesa ‐ Sushi Market
Comida Italiana‐Gusto de la Accademia (Próxima apertura)
Especialidades Griegas – Delicata
Ahumados y Salazones ‐ La Casa del Bacalao
Marisquería ‐ Sabores del mar
Grill Asador‐ La Manuela
Derivados del Pato - Puturru de Foi (Próxima apertura)
Taberna Vinoteca ‐ La Imperial
Sala Cultural‐Espacio Trapezio
Terraza Sala de Exposiciones

Tercera Planta
Restaurante-Terraza "La Cocina de San Antón"
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See Álvaro Bedi's photos
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The market fantstico san antn!

Is in the neighborhood of Chueca, it has several plants with an awful lot of restaurants, shops, products ... All very good level. No lie, it is not cheaper to drink, especially the terrace of the top most place, but add that it's worth going at least once, to enjoy it. Do not hesitate and take a tour of the market!

¡El fantástico mercado de san antón!

Está en pleno barrio de chueca, tiene varias plantas con una barbaridad de restaurantes, tiendas, productos... Todo de muy buen nivel.

No mentiré, no es el lugar más barato para tomar algo, en especial la terraza de la parte más alta, pero añadir que merece la pena ir, al menos, alguna vez, para disfrutarla.

¡No lo dudes y date una vuelta por el mercado!
Álvaro Bedi
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See Tomás Rueda's photos
2 photos

Tapas chueca

If you're in Madrid, and the neighborhood of Chueca, the Mercado de San Anton is one of the sites listed for tapeat. Three plants: the floor is a traditional market, the first is the tapas (Vinoteca, foie, Greek, seafood, Italian, Japanese, BBQ, etc) and the second has a restaurant and a terrace for drinks. Everything at hand, and cheaply. Highly recommended.

Tapeo por chueca

Si estás por Madrid, y por el barrio de Chueca, el Mercado de San Antón es uno de los sitios indicados para tapear. Tres plantas: la baja es un mercado tradicional, la primera es la de tapeo (vinoteca, foie, griego, mariscos, italiano, japonés, asador, etc) y la segunda, tiene un restaurante y una terraza de copas. Todo a mano, y a buen precio. Muy recomendable.
Tomás Rueda
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Eat at a different place at a good price

Hi! This weekend I decided to go to dinner with my partner to market. The first thing is you have to book, we were at 23:00 and was buzzing, dined on the terrace was closed as it was chilly. All very well until we realized that the wine glasses were different. If you look at all the tables was the same ... and Noo!. It seems unbelievable that a restaurant like this and do not care to detail. Also I have to say and I think most importantly, the food is fantastic. I recommend the taco prey on flock of truffled mushrooms and cod confit to fry vizcaina with peppers, fried milk dessert rich and cactus and tequila sorbet was also very good. The major drawback that was noisy, the terrace is a drink very, very nice and amazing views. The truth is worth trying.

Comer en un sitio diferente a buen precio

Hola!! Este fin de semana decidí ir con mi pareja a cenar al mercado. Lo primero es que hay que reservar, nosotros fuimos a las 23:00 y estaba a tope, cenamos en la terraza que estaba cerrada ya que hacía fresquete. Todo muy bien hasta que nos dimos cuenta que las copas de vino eran diferentes. Nos fijamos si en todas las mesas pasaba lo mismo... y ¡Noo!. Parece mentira que un restaurante como este y no cuiden los detalles.
También tengo que decir y creo que es lo mas importante, que la comida esta buenísima. Recomiendo el taco de presa trufado sobre bandada de boletus y el bacalao confitado a la vizcaina con fritada de pimientos, de postre leche frita riquísima y un sorbete de cactus y tequila que también estaba muy bueno.

La gran pega que había mucho ruido, la terraza para tomar un copa es muy, muy agradable y con unas vistas increíbles.
La verdad es que merece la pena probar.
Sara vdi
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Something different.

Something different. The truth is that if you bring someone from outside Madrid certainly going to be surprised by this new concept of local city. Besides taking care of aesthetics, it is a delightful place for some beers both within the market and outside of the terrace where you can be both summer and winter (thanks to the radiators that are installed ). It is true that some jobs may be a little expensive but to peck is very interesting, as you can choose between several different covers worldwide locations. As for the restaurant at the top should be noted that food prices are not excessive and that the quality is good but it really increases the price are drinks and bread.

Algo diferente.

La verdad es que si traes a alguien de fuera de Madrid seguro que va a quedar sorprendido por este nuevo concepto de local de la ciudad. Además de haber cuidado la estética, se trata de un lugar muy agradable para tomar unas Cañas tanto dentro del propio mercado como en el exterior de su terraza en la que se puede estar tanto en verano como en invierno (gracias a los radiadores que tienen instalados).

Bien es cierto que algunos puestos pueden ser un poco caros pero para picotear es muy interesante, ya que puedes elegir entre diversas tapas de diferentes puntos del mundo.
En cuanto al restaurante de la parte superior hay que resaltar que los precios de los platos no son excesivos y que la calidad es buena pero que lo que realmente aumenta el precio son las bebidas y el pan.
Claudia Rodríguez
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Eating tapas

Highly recommended for tapas. Somewhat expensive but very good quality and ambience. In the neighborhood of Chueca, Madrid center, this newly renovated, must stop after visiting some of the most original clothing shops in the neighborhood.

Comer de tapas

Muy recomendable para tomar unas tapas. Algo caro pero muy buena calidad y ambiente.
En pleno barrio de chueca, centro de Madrid, esta recién reformado, parada obligada después de visitar algunas de las tiendas de ropa mas originales en el barrio.
Lobeznoant Hothot Hothot
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Information about Mercado San Antón

Mercado San Antón Phone Number
913 30 07 30
913 30 07 30
Mercado San Antón Address
Calle de Augusto Figueroa
Calle de Augusto Figueroa
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