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Maasai Mara National Reserve


58 reviews of Maasai Mara National Reserve

See Ignacio Izquierdo's photos
46 photos

The jewel of kenya

This national park is one of the most spectacular in Kenya thanks to its size and the sheer variety of animals it houses. We spend two and a half days here and saw just about everything (although the cheetahs and leopards evaded us). That is also taking into account that we went at the end of the wet season and there was plenty of watering holes for the animals to gather.

We saw tons of elephants, hippos, all kinds of antelope, zebras, enough different birds to fill a book, giraffes, a very rare and shy black hippopotamus, and a spectacular pride of 12 lions which was really worth the effort of finding it. Just incredible.

The Masai Mara park borders the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania and is famous for the annual migration of the gnus. If you want to see the migration, you need to go around September.
Ignacio Izquierdo
See Alberto Hernández Sánchez's photos
57 photos

Simply amazing

From June to October, the Masai Mara is home to a wealth of animal life: gnus, zebras, a variety of antelopes and their respective predators, all of which making their way back to the Serengeti by crossing the Mara.

Beyond the animal life, it's also amazing to meet the Masai. They're a tribe that's proud of their ancient culture and live a life in harmony with nature in a way that's almost incomprehensible to us Westerners.
Alberto Hernández Sánchez
See henrique's photos
1 photo

Masai maara kenya

I had an awesome time exploring various parts of East Africa. Each step was filled with spectacular new landscapes, and different people and animals. In Kenya's famous Masai maara park we met Masai len, a guide who took me on a three tour where we saw a huge lion. We saw a lot of new things and it was the most impressive visual encounter I've ever had. In a shocking force those yellow eyes that made me go back. Just great!
See MOAH VIAJES's photos
4 photos

Masai mara national park

The Maasai Mara Nature Reserve, although not the largest park in Kenya, is one of the most spectacular and most popular in the country. Home to many animals, with its rolling grasslands and acacia savannah, it has often been shown in films, "Out of Africa" being ​​the most famous. The reserve borders Tanzania and the two countries share the Serengeti plains, with wild animals roaming free between the two countries in search of food. The wildlife during the Great Migration Mara is amazing and this is one of the few places where you will have the chance to see the "Big 5": buffalos, lions, leopards, elephants and rhinos. Other animals that you can see are cheetahs, zebras, spotted hyenas, black backed jackals, hippos, giraffes and, of course, wildebeest. I would recommend a stay of 3-4 days at the park, at the Ashnil Mara Camp. Moah exclusive destinations will be happy to design a custom experience for you. They are not organized trips, they are design experiences.
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See Susan Rudeen Jarrett's photos
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Photograph the big five

This was a fabulous tour of the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya and I got to photograph numerous animals.
Susan Rudeen Jarrett
See Miquel Silvestre's photos
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The presence of an ancient life stirs the emotions of the traveler, but this savanna, without a doubt, fuels the idea of living like there's no tomorrow.
Miquel Silvestre
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The eyes of god

This photo was taken just as the hot air balloon ride i was in was taking off and the sun was coming up.

Its plain, its grassy, it has no trees!

Not anyones imagination for a Jungle!....But just enter Masai mara and there you go!! what you get to see is beyond imagination...thousands of Animals - Lion prides, Elephant herds, Gazelle, Wilderbeast, Zebras, Cheetah - All you can see at one sight!! Unbelievable...truly mesmerising..
Alhad Posam
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Jambo Mondo
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Belén García
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Crisanto González Ríos
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Igor Pimienta Conde
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David Gimeno Redondo
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