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Parras de la Fuente

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5 reviews of Parras de la Fuente

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Whether celebration, history, or leisure...

Parras de la Fuente is a little town yet the biggest municipality in the state of Coahuila, 3 hours away from Monterrey. On the way to the village, you can see the green vines along the sides of the road, then later walnut and cypress groves let you know for sure that this trip will be unique. You can stroll in the historic town and see the old mansions. Take time to see is the Holy Madero, a shrine to the top of a hill where you will find altarpieces with inscriptions to God or the Virgin that date back more than 100 years . If you want to refresh yourself, visit the Pool of Light, once was used to generate electricity in the town. Regional candies are easy to find, as are figs, caramel, walnuts, and many other treats to be enjoyed in the shadow of one of the thousands of walnut trees in the village.

Wine was the most important business at one time, but is now only produced by a few houses, though the quality hasn't fallen an inch. Casa Madero is the largest producer of wine and you can go and visit the facilities and see the process of wine making, storage and quality control. It's an unforgettable journey. In August, you can witness is the show of the Grape where the whole town dresses up and they hold pageants, evening celebrations, horse racing and more. Whether it be celebration, history, or leisure, any reason is enough to visit Parras de la Fuente.
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