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La Pena de Bernal

38 reviews of La Pena de Bernal

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Peña de bernal

The people in Bernal look like they came out of a postcard, so the most interesting part of the place is not just the imposing rock and colonial architecture, but actually, the people. They are known as "magic" people, and are said to attract positive vibrations. They wear crystals and attract new-age pilgrims. Many times you see people wrapped in orange robes, exchanging crystals and rocks with vendors of posts.

The rock is at the limit of the Sacred Valley of the ancient Otomi and Chichimeca. Some of them travel to sell their crafts in Bernal, which is an immensely beautiful place. The interesting thing is that they wear their traditional clothes and don't have any problem chatting with the tourists. It was there that I met a lady who had learned to speak Spanish just two years ago, and she was still scared to use a telephone. If tourism is to encourage inquisitiveness, you can have memorable experiences, and get unique images. As an epilogue, the cuisine of Bernal specializes in gorditas, a type of corn flour tortillas, stuffed with meat, vegetables and cheese, highly recommended (so much so that my mouth is beginning to water!!!).
Juan Bautista Solmonese
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Conquering the peak

Is there anything better than getting up at 5am, leaving at 6, and watching the sunrise over the top of Bernal at 7? I think not! It's even better when you know you have an amazing climb ahead of you. The first 30min. are tiring, but the entire 4 hours (on the easy route, mind you) were exhausting. Exhausting but excellent!
Andrés Ortega
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Reysar Davila
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Mayerli Montes
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Roberto Mellado
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Mänzäniithä Cisneros Lopez
Jesús Mares
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Max Fernández Rojas
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Monchis Lira
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Bruno Salazar
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steff avila
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Tɑniɑ Gutiǝrrǝz
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Viorica de la C
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Patricia Vianey Rivera de la Orta
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Information about La Pena de Bernal

La Pena de Bernal Phone Number
01 800 715 1742
01 800 715 1742
La Pena de Bernal Address
Queretaro, México
Queretaro, México
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