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Rapa Das Bestas Sabucedo

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Hundreds of wild mustangs

The first part of the fiesta is getting the horses from the hills into the town (this happens on Friday), and the rest of the weekend is devoted to cutting their hair. To do this, they cram as many horses as will fit into the "curro", a circular corral with amphitheatre seats, and the participants launch themselves onto the horses to cut their manes and tails.

Many of the horses get nervous and so many of them are brought to the ground so that their hair can be cut in safety. The fiesta is pretty spectacular not only for the horses, which are gorgeous in and of themselves, but also for the sheer amount of horses and the techniques used by the participants to cut their hair and tails.

Each session lasts 2 hours and precautions are taken so that the horses aren't harmed, although they do get rather nervous being in such an unfamiliar place. The festival has been taking place since the 18th century, although it is rumored to be much older.

It's currently considered to be of National Touristic Interest, one of only four such festivals in Galicia. Entry tickets to the "Curro" are 10€ and I'd suggest getting to the ticket stand before it opens since so many people go and it's easy to be left without a ticket.
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