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Real del monte

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11 reviews of Real del monte

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Real del monte

This is a magical place far from the city and really worth the trip. You can visit old mines at night, the 3 beautiful churches, and the iconic rocky hills where you can do zip-lines, canyoning, hiking, ATVs, and even camping. There's also a park called El Chico where you can do basically the same activities but also mountain biking and trail walking. It's just wonderful. You should of course enjoy the pastes :).
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Magical town

This is a magical place to walk in the streets, visit the museum, go for a ride on the tourist bus, or eat some delicious pastes with a coffee. It is advisable to bring warm clothes because the weather goes from hot to rainy and cold very quickly. It is one of the highest places above sea level for you to still enjoy some sweet apples.
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One of the best towns in mexico

This is where they make pastes. A Paste (in traditional English, a "pasty") is a British food which has been adopted by the people of Hidalgo. These days, it's considered the traditional food of Real de Monte. The climate is cold, rainy, and cloudy most of the time, though.
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