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Retiro Park


471 reviews of Retiro Park

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An afternoon in retiro park

: No matter where I travel, visiting the local parks is always one of my favorite activities. It’s in those places where you can discover the natural beauty and personality of the city and its people. My visit to Retiro Park was in the autumn so the weather was great. The park is located in the heart of the capital, only steps away from the famous Puerta de Alcalá, and is where thousands of locals and tourists go to relax. The immense park measures 118 hectares and traces its origins back to King Henry IV around the year 1640. As you stroll around the walkways, you’ll find gorgeous gardens, fountains, and monuments. You can admire the impressive King Alfonso XII monument across from the paddle-boat-filled lake. Snapping a few quick photos of the trees, ducks, and fountains will let you take home a little reminder of this legendary park in the Spanish capital. This is one place you absolutely cannot miss!
ana schwarz
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One of my favorite parks

The Retiro park is one of the "green lungs" of the city of Madrid and one of my favorite parks for the privileged location. When Spring comes, the park comes back to life with the green color, the activity of thousands of sportsmen and sportswomen, going through the paths running, walking, riding a bike or skating.

In the center of the park, we have the lake used by many to take a boat tour. Other spots are also nice, more in the inside, like the Crystal Palace, where there are many (strange) exhibitions. It also has many terraces to have an aperitif and even clairvoyant at tables next to the lake.

If you have time, don't miss out on San Manuel and San Benito Church, next to the Retiro subway station, it is surprising.
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The retiro in autumn at sunset

During one of our visits to Madrid on an autumn evening, we strolled through Retiro park. We entered at the Fallen Angel entranceway and left through the Alacalá entrance, on Alcalá street.

In addition to enjoying a perfect afternoon and seeing a beautiful sunset from the inside of the park, we were able to see the Puerta de Alcalá, Cibeles plaza, the Neptune statue, and Atocha plaza on our route. It’s interesting to see the transformation and different styles of architecture in the monuments and plazas of Madrid. There’s so much beauty in the buildings at night, when they’re all lit up.

Retiro park was created during Felipe IV’s reign, who also mandated constuction on a placa next to it. Today, only a house and another building stand, which is now the Military Museum. It’s the most important park in the city, with an artistic-historic character to it. There are thousands of trees and all kinds of gardens.

The most interesting sites are the Vivaces gardens, the Cecilio Rodríguez gardens, the Architect Herrero Palacios gardens, the rose gardens, the pond where you can take out a row boat, the artificial lakes, the Velazquez and crystal palaces (both used a exhibition spaces). There’s also a reception hall, restaurants, stands, terraces, and many other attractions.

While walking through the park, we found, in addition to many sculptures and fountains, a large variety of social activities – musical and cultural – all surrounding the large pond. People were enjoying the atmosphere, both tourists and locals alike. There’s life and culture in every corner of this park.

It’s a great park with much to enjoy. Stay for the sunset then walk through downtown Madrid afterwards.
Antonio Miguel Estévez Estévez
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A perfect place to spend the afternoon

The Retiro is one of the favorite leisure places for both locals as for tourists. The numerous lawns, natural shadow, trees and the areas next to the pond are a perfect place to spend a sunny afternoon. Especially during the spring and summer seasons, the people go to this park during the weekends to enjoy a place where they can do sports, take the sun or have contact with nature after a whole week living with asphalt around.

In the Retiro Park it is estimated that there are 15,000 trees spread over the 120 hectares of field, approximately. There are Indian chestnut trees, cherry trees, acacias, plane trees, birches, oak trees, ash trees, elm trees and olive trees. Moreover there are various gardens inside the park, like the Vivaces Garden, the Don Cecilio Rodríguez Gardens, the Architect Herrero Palacios Gardens, the French parterre, of Versailles style and the Rosaleda housing many species of roses.
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A breath of fresh air in the center of madrid

You can get lost trying to see the hundreds of attractions within Retiro Park, a 118 hectare park located in the heart of Madrid where you can find hundred

The park’s visitors, especially tourists, tend to stay in the better-known areas of the park, like the pond with the grand monument dedicated to Alfonso XII and the Crystal Palace. The truth is, those areas, plus the Parterre are also my favorites.

But looking further into the park, you can find “hidden” sculptures and surprising monuments. My favorite monument might be the one dedicated to Serafín and Joaguín Álvarez Quintero, playwrights from the 19th and 20th centuries. It’s a really beautiful monument.

My favorite time to visit the Retiro is in the Fall. The chest trees, lime trees, the sweetgum tree, and the banana trees change colors and contrast with the perennial like the cypresses. However, any time of the year is a great time to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and relax in this enormous park.
María Alba
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It was my refuge

The Retiro is the spot I love the most in Madrid. During my first months in the Spanish capital, it was my refuge, a very personal place, where I could miss my country and on the other hand enjoy the turn my life had taken.

Surely the people of Madrid do not realize how important it is to have such a green and humid place for someone who is not used to the terribly dry air in Madrid.

During my first months, in the summer, I felt I had to go to the Retiro to be able to breathe. Only under the trees behind the Crystal Palace I felt my eyes and lungs were not burning.

The wonderful park has lovely fountains, imposing statues, a lake where to row, a museum and an exhibition room, large roundabouts where there are concerts in the summer, wide streets to skate. But the unbeatable magic of the Retiro lies in the silent paths, those where the iris bloom, where the lovers hide, where one goes to think, or simply be, the lonely people.
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Lovely park which could not be bigger

Place where I spent most of the time the first time I arrived in Madrid, place where I had some great adventures with my colleagues. I could not walk the whole park because it was huge. The boat tour was the best, I had never rowed on a boat and I loved it.

The Alfonso XII monument is lovely, even though there were some fences around it, and in the surrounding areas of the park I loved the Espartero General statue. A place I definitely recommend visiting if you go to Madrid, enjoy the most you can!
Iván Hdez. Cazorla
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Retiro park made it quite evident that madrid is a place where i would one day want o raise my children

Retiro Park made it quite evident that Madrid is a place where I would one day want o raise my children. The vibrancy and the life that was here on a, gratefully, very hot Sunday afternoon was amazing. Families, lovers, individuals, talents of every discipline, all under one big blue sky, embracing and acknowledging nature as if it were human. The boating lake and coffee houses were very much in use as were the paths leading to and from the park with cyclists. I didn't get to spend as much time as I wanted to in El Retiro, but when I return to Madrid rest assured it's the first place I'll be sure to visit
Dominic Lawrence
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Berenice Guajardo

Delightful place fuel of peace and nature in the center of madrid

Delightful place fuel of peace and nature in the center of Madrid
Nuria Ortiz Alcázar

A bit insecure at night.

Perfect for warm temperature.

Great rest from the rush of the city.

I'd like to see the boats more easily accessible.
Russell Davis
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