San Asensio
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Fun the whole way through

Every year around the time of the Santiago festivities, San Asensio celebrates the "Battle of Claret." At the end of June (typically the last Sunday), visitors and locals transform into wine soldiers, battling it out with over 30,000 liters of wine donated by local wineries and co-ops. The party is fun the whole way through, and a short break for a glass of claret and a "preñao" (sausage bun) will give you the strength to continue the battle! Here, you can enjoy magnificent claret which is the pride of the village, as well as excellent cuisine and locals who welcome you with open arms. It's a very recommendable festival for people of all ages. Come on, turn your white shirt pink with San Asensio claret!!! If you go once, I'm sure you'll want to come back!!
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