Things to see in Baja California Sur

Tips from real travelers about attractions and what to see in Baja California Sur.
  • Los Cabos
    San José del Cabo
    Los Cabos in San José del Cabo
    Los Cabos, Mexico is exactly at the end of the Baja California peninsula in the country's northwest. It's full of beautiful landscapes and is surrounded by the Sea of ​​Cortez and the Pacific Ocean. It has wonderful hotels, like the...
  • Balandra is a beautiful, quiet beach, with crystal clear waters, located a few kilometers from La Paz, in Baja California Sur, Mexico. Baja California Sur is a semi-desert climate rich in exotic flora and fauna, particularly marine ...
  • Todos Santos
    Todos Santos
    Todos Santos in Todos Santos
    Todos Santos is a Mexican village situated in near La Paz which has several characteristics that make it a very popular destination, despite its size. One of them is that the Tropic of Cancer crosses through here, another is that th...
  • The Arch
    Cabo San Lucas
    The Arch in Cabo San Lucas
    Mexican whales can be seen outside the Los Cabos bay. They come between December and April. Also you can see the finger of Neptune and dolphins.
  • Espiritu Santo Archipelago
    Isla Espíritu Santo
    Espiritu Santo Archipelago in Isla Espíritu Santo
    We began the walk in La Paz, we took a panga, all very organized, payed the fee in order to visit the "protected zone" with all the necessary safety standards. We traveled around the whole archipelago, made a stop at the beach Candl...
  • I went fishing in the morning at 6 am and I took these pictures and this video at dawn with my first fish of the day. There were 30 of the same size. Going fishing is an experience and an addiction.
  • Melia Cabo Real
    Cabo San Lucas
    Day 22 meant our Farewell to Cabo San Lucas. After breakfast we went to the bus to Cabo San Lucas Hotel, visited the small chapel, the square with their trees trimmed by cottages, birds, roosters work of real artists typical fisherm...
  • Santa Rosalia
    Santa Rosalia
    Santa Rosalia in Santa Rosalia
    A small, quiet, picturesque little village where if you grew up there it's impossible to stop going back to visit. It's now a little hideaway where you can enjoy the birds, swim in the river, enjoy the panela, and the interesting mu...
  • San Jose del Cabo
    San José del Cabo
    San Jose del Cabo in San José del Cabo
    Great place to rest. The service of its staff, first class. Beaches very clean. Sea is transparent. The arc tour of Los Cabos is worth a visit. It has been a while since I´ve stayed in such a calm and safe place in Mexico.
  • This is an essential place to visit if you go to Los Cabos in Baja California Sur, Mexico.
  • La Paz Dike
    La Paz
    La Paz Dike in La Paz
    Enjoy the peace of the pier and sunsets. Here you will find the most spectacular sunsets, the friendliest people and the security of a quiet town where you can still walk at night without fear of being assaulted, I want to share bea...
  • so 3 cars from here, Monterrey new Leon where I'm from, went racing. La Paz is a good few hours by road. Here are some photographs of the city of Topolobampo Sinaloa, which is where we had to get a ferry to cross over to the city ...
  • Sea Lions
    Isla Espíritu Santo
    Sea Lions in Isla Espíritu Santo
    Close to the island there is a Holy Spirit lobera where you can swim and enjoy these fantastic animals, the wolves of the sea. In addition to enjoying the spectacular scenery, there is a crystal clear sea.
  • The Arch of Los Cabos
    Cabo San Lucas
    The Arch of Los Cabos in Cabo San Lucas
    The visit to the arc was undoubtedly one of the best experiences of my life. It's an experience I have repeated many times that because it's so magical.
  • Malecon
    La Paz
    Malecon in La Paz
    That day I remember there was the carnival of La Paz taking place, so I decided to go before it left town, because I never miss the carnival. It was on the Shore Road and it was getting dark so I went to the beach to walk when I rea...
  • Loreto
    Loreto in Loreto
    Dolphins dance with me and then they head for shore.
  • Guerrero Negro
    Guerrero Negro
    Guerrero Negro in Guerrero Negro
    I never knew what it was to feel so small until I was next to a whale. It was the best day of my life.
  • The taco.
  • Baja California Sur
    Cabo San Lucas
    Baja California Sur in Cabo San Lucas
    Road trips always leave me with good memories and good pictures. It is also a reminder that nature does not need human hands to be wonderful.
  • Chile Relleno Omelette
  • Bahía Zeppelin
    Ensenada Blanca
    Bahía Zeppelin in Ensenada Blanca
  • As you see this is a sunset from the land of my birth and I hope you enjoy it! Entitled "One day more".
  • Cave Agioi Anargoroy
    San José del Cabo
    Wonderful place. Diving here is priceless. It's about 20 meters deep. The water is so clean and clear that you can even see the sea snails at the bottom! Swimming in these clear waters has been the best so far here in Cyprus. You ca...
  • Sunrise Beach Corridor Tourism
    San José del Cabo
    Sunrise Beach Corridor Tourism in San José del Cabo
  • Costa Azul
    San José del Cabo
    Costa Azul in San José del Cabo
  • Whale Museum
    La Paz
    Whale Museum in La Paz
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