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  • I was lucky to be in Mexico for the Day of the Dead. There were altars everywhere, even in the same National Palace, which caught my attention and I found it super important to keep up with Latin American traditions. The Day of the ...
  • This is an excellent place to breathe in the morning and have contact with nature where you can renounce technology and the city smog.
  • The Museo del Templo Mayor, or Huey Teocalli, is one of the most interesting museums in Mexico City, because they show traces of the city of Tenochtitlan, the ancient city before it was what is today. This museum has archaeological ...
  • The Fountain of Diana on Paseo de la Reforma.
  • One tradition that will be lost in my country is the most sacred rite of drinking pulque. Pulque is fermented mead, a fluid from the maguey (agave tequila-like). It is a sweet drink and has very little alcohol, but if you take it i...
  • I like to come here to see the real life of the great metrópilis. The metro is a wealth of opportunities, experiences and different lives, all united by the same goal of reaching a destination.
  • A small town south of Mexico City that has a great tradition in celebrating the Day of the Dead. In other parts of the country it's typical to eat in cemeteries, but here they have typical flowers and chants around the gravestones. ...
  • The National Museum of Anthropology is a highly recommended place to learn more about the Maya and Aztec cultures. Here is a picture of the Aztec calendar, one of the greatest treasures of the museum
  • Mazatlan Street is a central street and neighborhood in Mexico City, a fully cosmopolitan capital with lots of restaurants and bars. It certainly has an international nightlife and culinary passions for all palates. This street remi...
  • This is a very nice place!
  • This makes for fantastic relaxing in an ideal environment. I think they call it Vellísimo dreams. I think it's a franchise which surprised me. I will be in Mexico until the end of February and I will visit a lot of sites.
  • This museum commemorates each child that died in military conflicts such as the two World Wars.
  • I was with my friends and between us I was the worst dancer. i was the better actor and our play was called Dreamers. I had wanted the role. In testing he dropped marijosey flower to me in the theater I broke the seal uuupppssss dre...
  • A European emperor said that Mexico City was the "City of Palaces" in the late nineteenth century. It's not wrong, but presently it's filled with large, modern iron palaces.
  • Café el Péndulo is a nice place with live music on Sundays.
  • Famous Hair & Design is a perfect place to make you all! Mani-pedi, various hairstyles, makeup, etc. The team of stylists is great and the atmosphere super cool! I'm happy to have found it.
  • This is in Mexico DF.
  • This place is very beautiful and only a short distance from Mexico City, it's an ideal place to forget the accelerated rate of the city.
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