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Aeroflot is a recently-modernized Russian airline which offers an interesting and complete array of tools on its website
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About Aeroflot

Aeroflot is a historic Russian airline which was once the national carrier of Russia though it is currently a semi-private company. While Aeroflot suffered negative reviews and a declining public image in the decade following the fall of the Soviet Union, it has modernized its fleet, policies, and routes in recent years and become a highly-respected international carrier and member of the Skyteam alliance. The Aeroflot website is available in 8 languages (including English) and allows travelers to directly book tickets and well as see offers for hotels and rental cars in destinations around the world. For travelers who've already booked tickets with Aeroflot, the company's website offers a flight status tool (updated regularly) to check the timeliness of departures and an interesting check-in section which not only allows travelers to check in online, but also find the physical check-in desk number for their flight in a number of airports. Aeroflot's website also includes route maps and practical information on baggage allowance such as the amount of baggage which can be checked for free, size restrictions of carry-on luggage, and fees in Rubles and Euros for excess baggage beyond that offered for free. The Aeroflot website also conveniently offers a section of special offers which highlight popular and/or discounted routes primarily from Moscow to top destinations in Europe and Asia.
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About Aeroflot

Business Aeroflot
Aeroflot email address callcenter@aeroflot.ru
Aeroflot phone number 86-687-97647
Aeroflot address 37, Leningradsky Prospect Korpus 9 Moscow, 125167 Russian Federation
Twitter https://twitter.com/aeroflot
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/aeroflotinternational

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  • Ah...Aeroflot. We've all heard the nightmarish reviews and horror stories about this notorious shoddy Russian airline. Thankfully, though, that's all in the past. Yes, Aeroflot has renovated and modernized its fleet and now is one of the more pleasant airlines to fly in Russia, Europe, and Central Asia. If you don't mind long hours and layovers, Aeroflot actually offers some of the cheapest and most comfortable flights between Europe and the USA! Also, the booking tool on Aerflot's website lets you search for flights with multiple destinations so if you're interested in doing a tour through the Baltics or Asia, it's a good place to start your search.

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