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Iberia is the national airlines of Spain and offers comfy long-haul flights as well as low-cost flights throughout Europe via its Iberia Express line.
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About Iberia

Iberia is the national airlines of Spain and has its hubs in the main airports of Barcelona and Madrid. In 2010, the company announced a merger with British Airways effectively creating one of the largest airline companies in the world. Iberia has struggled in recent years with competition from upstart low-cost carriers and has received mixed reviews from travelers who report pleasant if unremarkable flying experiences. Iberia's Business Class, however, has received overall positive reviews (especially on long-haul flights) thanks to its spacious seating, tasty meals, and fully-reclining seats. The Iberia website is available in 7 language (including English) and has country-specific sties for dozens of nations. On the Iberia site, travelers can search for flights, check their flight status online using a variety of options, complete an online check in, and find information about Iberia's Avios travel rewards program. For long-haul and intercontinental flights, Iberia has a baggage allowance of one free checked bag per economy passenger. For customers using it's low-cost Iberia Express line, checked bags come with a fee of $15.00 for bags checked online and $30.00 for those checked at the airport check-in desk. Flights to and from London have a special policy of 1-2 pieces of free checked baggage depending on the specific economy fare reserved.
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About Iberia

Business Iberia
Iberia email address Customer.relations@iberia.com
Iberia phone number 901 111 500
Iberia address Calle Velazquez, 130 Madrid, Spain 28006
Twitter https://twitter.com/Iberia_en
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/IberiaEN
Blog megustavolar.iberia.com

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  • Iberia is one of the old battle horses of the European carrier game which, I have to admit, seems to have stepped up its service and pricing in recent months and is actually becoming one of the better airlines to fly with. Unknown to most, Iberia also operates Iberia Express, a low-cost shuttle service between cities in Spain and the major capitals and business/tourism centers of Europe. It's still not as cheap as EasyJet or Vueling, but you do get a bargain rate and the in-flight experience is pleasant. Another plus for frequent flyers: after its merger with British Airways, Iberia (and Iberia Express) now accept Avios for payment.

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