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RyanAir is a popular Irish low-cost airline and is currently the biggest airline in the world in terms of passengers carried
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About RyanAir

RyanAir is a well-known low-cost airline based in Ireland and is the largest airlines in the world in terms of passengers carried. The company primarily operates low-cost routes throughout the European continent though it has expanded in recent years to include destinations in Morocco. For more details, travelers can find a complete flight map on the RyanAir website. RyanAir has received some criticism for its strict baggage policy which it has clarified in recent years. Currently, the only baggage which RyanAir allows for free is a single piece of carry-on luggage weighing up to 10kg and with a maximum carry on size of no more than 55x40x20cm. RyanAir has recently also begun allowing a second personal item such as a purse or laptop bag to be brought on board. There are, however, baggage fees for checked bags which start at €15 for bags checked online and €30 for bags checked at the airport itself. RyanAir also requires passengers to check in online before their flights and print their own boarding passes to be presented at the gate. As is the case with most low-cost carriers, RyanAir's website is primarily based around a flight search function and a display of the unbelievably low fares which have made RyanAir so successful. When booking flights on Ryanair, passengers can opt to see a calendar of fares and find the lowest prices offered during a given period of time.
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About RyanAir

Business RyanAir
RyanAir email address greenc@ryanair.com
RyanAir phone number 0844 545 65 24
RyanAir address Airside Business Park Swords Dublin Ireland
Twitter https://twitter.com/Ryanair

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  • Ryanair...you love to hate it and hate to love it! Despite all the controversies, Ryanair isn't the most successful airline in the world by accident. It offers the absolute lowest prices for flight around Europe and Morocco. Period. The big thing that everyone worries about is Ryanair's baggage policy, but if you read the policy ahead of time and know what to expect, it's fairly simple. You can bring one carry on bag and then one small personal item like a purse. That's right, no more stuffing everything into the same bag! The maximum size for carry on is 55cm x 40cm x 20cm and they do check, so make sure you're not obviously flaunting the rules.

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