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Beaches in Barcelona

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65 beaches in Barcelona

Beaches in Barcelona
Barceloneta Beach
It is true that the water is not very clean, but as it a big-city beach, so it's absurd to expect crystal clear water. What makes it special is not the water, it is the incredible atmosphere you can feel. The good thing about it is that it is very accessible, since it is a few minutes away from the metro station. If you want a more dynamic atmosphere I recommend going during the high season, when there are more activities to do and more people. I like going during the rest of the year, since it is ideal to relax with the sound of the sea and to have a walk.
3 activities
Beaches in Sitges
Sitges Beach
I suggest you to all of you who love sea, good food and good people
1 activity
Beaches in Badalona
The Bridge of the Oil
You can see many different things here in spring, from fog and 15 degree temperatures which are reminiscent of London streets, to sunsets, red skies and clouds that resemble cotton candy ...
Beaches in Castelldefels
Castelldefels Beach
Walking early on Castelldefels beach is very relaxing, with the smell of sea that satisfies all the senses, is a good choice to take away the stress of the work week. Get out of bed and go enjoy this walk, you will not regret it.
Beaches in Sant Pol de Mar
Sant Pol de Mar
Sant Pol de Mar is a town on the Catalan coast, about an hour by train from Barcelona, ​​when heading north. Specifically, it lies in the Costa del Maresme, just before the start of the Costa Brava, a few km from Blanes. The sand is thick though rocky and the water is clean, it is one of the most beautiful places on the coast. Depending on the area you can find large beaches with beach bars and showers, if you stray from the centre of town, you can find more natural coves frequented by fewer visitors. For more information on the beaches of Catalonia: Http :/ / www.Oh-barcelona.Com/es/blog/2010/ocio/al-aire-libre/playas-cataluna-7911
Beaches in Vilanova i la Geltrú
Ribes Roges Beach
Beaches in Badalona
Beach of Badalona
In this picture, there was a storm at the beach, with a synergy of amazing colors such as the gray stormy sea and reddish sand. In such weather, I always take the opportunity to go out and take some photos.
Beaches in Castelldefels
Chiringuito Tibu-Ron
On castelldefels sand on Paseo Marítimo and Calle Masteler, the fashion snack bar is situated. There is everything from hammocks to live music, mojitos, food, juices, the best monologues of the moment, everything for an unforgettable summers day. Don't miss it, there is also an area for the kids, a relaxing time for daddies.
Beaches in Sitges
Garraf Beach
Beautiful beach perfect to rest and chilling out with your friends!you got to go.
Beaches in Sant Pol de Mar
Roca Grossa
A great place to go in the spring and sunbathe away from the crowds and enjoy. Highly recommended. The beaches are not always at their best in summer. I'd rather take advantage of the climate that exists in the Maresme, ideal for sunbathing.
Beaches in Mataró
El Varador Beach
Varador Beach(Varadero, in Castilian) is the main beach in the coastal town of Mataró. Facing the city's urban core, it is just under a mile long and 50 meters wide, fairly decent. It is a typical beach of the Barcelona coastline, straight, with Golden sand which is neither too thick nor too thin. It is flanked by two breakwaters (the South is that shelters the marina) and separated from the town by the railroad tracks, another factor common to the beaches on the northern coast in Barcelona. It offers a multitude of services and, being highly accessible for both locals and those traveling within the Renfe network it is widely used. In any case, for a largely industrial population, having a beach is a privilege ...
Beaches in Gavà
Beaches in Calella
Beach of Calella de la Costa
In summer the time between 7 and 7 and a half in the morning is a time not to be missed ... the light, colours, clouds, sea, seagulls, pigeons ... and in many cases solitude and reflection time. In short, everything you might be looking for in the "urbanites".
Beaches in El Prat de Llobregat
Beaches in Cubelles
Beaches in Pineda de Mar
Pescadors Beach
This is one of the beaches of the Costa Maresme. It's very beautiful and has a promenade with small shops and restaurants. Nearby is the Promenade Hotel.
Beaches in Sitges
La Fragata Beach
La Fragata Beach, located at the beginning of Passeig de La Ribera, often frequented by surfers and young people. At one end is the Yacht Club Sitges and there are a few stranded sailboats. It is common to see people playing sports like beach volleyball or soccer and there are usually sand sculptures. Personally it is not the one I usually go to, I tend to go to San Sebastian, on the other side of the church, but it is good that there is a beach like La Fragata devoted almost exclusively to sports.Those who frequent this beach are at their ease. Whoever prefers to quietly sunbathe can go to the other beaches.
Beaches in Arenys de Mar
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