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Cities in Turkey

18 Cities in Turkey

Cities in Göreme
The most magical time of the day in Göreme is at sunset when the beautiful fairy chimneys and rock-cut houses are all illuminated. At 10:30pm, the streets become deserted and you only a few stray backpackers wandering the street. These silent streets are filled with mystery and could easily be the setting for any of your favorite childhood fairy wouldn't be surprised to see a witch or dwarf pop around the corner. Its so beautiful that literally any picture you take will be spectacular. It is well worth it to visit Capadoccia just to see the Göreme at night. It's an indescribable place that is unlike anything I'd ever seen before.
Cities in Kusadasi
It is a small town destination for many cruise ships because of its proximity to the ruins of Ephesus, 15 km away. A port city, with tourists harassed by street vendors where you have to waste time haggling if you want to buy goods. Another option is to visit the house where the Virgin Mary spent her last years (I think it is the best of all).
Cities in Bodrum
Turkey is the most exotic country I have visited so far, and although I was in on a tourist trip (which I hate)I enjoyed it and was amazed by its streets and its people. This is one of the streets of Bodrum, the "Marbella" of Turkey, and although it's a quite touristy place it has a special charm. I was there one day only so not long ... But I'm sure that in that the city there must be magical places to visit.
Cities in Izmir
Izmir is the second-largest port in Turkey after Istanbul and the third largest city in terms of population. It's on the Aegean coast of Turkey, near the Gulf of Izmir and 450 km from Istanbul. It's considered the most westernized city of Turkey. Exports from this port are sent to other cities of the Mediterranean. Its industry is dedicated to the use of silk and cotton and its best known product are its famous carpets.
Cities in Safranbolu
Cities in Adana
Very beautiful city in the centre South of Turkey. It's just 3 hours to Syria but you breath a welcoming and warm air. The biggest mosque in Turkey is located in the city centre near an extraordinary park. I went there for the Portakal Çiçeği Festivali - Orange Festival - and it was pretty cool.
Cities in Fethiye
Day Cruise through some deserted islands off the coast of Fethiye, in the Aegean Sea. Tourists only have to worry about drinking beer and sunbathing on the ship's deck. The scenery and the warm turquoise waters make you forget about everything else. In 2009 it cost € 12 with food included.
Cities in Konya
Each year more than a million Turks come to this town in Anatolia to pray. The Mevlana Museum is one of the holiest places in Turkey because it houses the philosopher´s tomb and the mystic Mevlana, which is revered by Muslims. In addition to the museum, Konya has a special charm about it. There are more than one hundred thousand wonderful places that are worth visiting. What impressed me most is the sharp contrast between the modern and the more traditional. In Konya, for example, you can see exactly how profound Turkish history is but at the same time, we see streets lined with modern buildings, luxury shops and glamorous establishments. I personally preferred the old Konya, composed of narrow streets with humble houses where women wear veils and where religion is very important in daily life. If you go to Konya on a Friday you will see that no one works because, for them, this day is sacred. There are other buildings of interest besides Mevlana Museum too. The Karatay Museum, for example, has a spectacular marble entrance and a dome formed by Seljuk tiles in shades of blue, black and white. Seljuk is another beautiful museum of stone and wooded objects wood and stone. There is also an archaeological museum that is quite interesting. There are also many mosques in Konya that are beautiful including the Mosque Alaetin or Sahib-i-Ata.
Cities in Istanbul
Kumkapi District
Kumpaki is a real Turkish neighborhood. It is best to visit in the evening or at night, a Friday or Saturday, in spring or autumn. Parallel to the huge avenue Kennedy Caddesi, on the inner side of the city there are four streets lined with restaurants. Decorated with hundreds of bulbs from house to house like Christmas, buskers and is very lively. But on the outer side parallel to the sea right in front, is by far what we thought was fair for lighting, and then turned out to be a number of open positions, selling the fish of the day, with its grilled cuisine and their outdoor tables full of Turkish people. Needless to say we were in one of these positions, seeing how we made a wonderful grilled mackerel (boned) we ate a salad with very rich, and very cheap! (The first picture is of the "tourist side", the other two are the "Turkish side").
Cities in Trabzon
This Greek City used to be an empire in the 14th Century, before being conquered by the Ottomans. It is here that Rui Gonzalez de Clavijo landed in the fifteenth century to follow an overland trip to Samarkand.
Cities in Nevsehir
Located in the western area of ​​Cappadocia, is an amazing city, a modern provincial capital with college and all kinds of facilities. It lies at the foot of a fortress from the time of the Seljuks that was rebuilt by the Ottomans. This fortress, which is clearly visible from the road is what motivated us to make a visit to the city. After climb increasingly steep alleys and narrow (and destroyed) leads to the fortress, to our disappointment, there was nothing inside except a great view of the city and its surroundings. The descent to the knees, even worse than the climb ...
Cities in Kadıköy
Kadikoy District
One of the most unique environments of the Asian part of Istanbul. Young and rebellious this place provides a contrast to the deeply secular city which is both overpopulated and plagued by slums. Migrants come from all corners of Turkey, and are usually more attached to traditional values ​​and deep rural Anatolia. Kadikoy is the flagship for the Istanbulite Eastern bloc and the black sheep of the metropolis. In this environment live significant number of members of ethnic minorities which once formed the crucible of Ottoman culture: Armenians, Jews, Greeks populated it with its institutions and temples, the outskirts of Bahariye Avenue and even decadent and mysterious corners of the enclave of Rashimpasha. There is a bastion of the intellectual, progressive middle class ve live in this young creative environment in a Turkey which is increasingly restrictive. Kadikoy is also a historic district where villages still live in the old wooden Ottoman houses, designed to withstand the frequent earthquakes, particularly violent in this part of the city. So visitors will find corners with old mansions, tree-lined avenues and lot of life. The streets of Kadikoy are always full of young people full of bars, cafes and restaurants, hookahs alla-Turka deli that make up the daily routine of this vibrant neighborhood in Istanbul. Kadikoy contains different areas for leisure and many others to boot. Here are the four major areas: Barlar sokak, Bahariye, Çarsi Kadikoy and Moda. They hold the best hidden highlights. (Text written by Lucas Farioli Barbieri)
Cities in Amasra
Cities in Selçuk
Sirince Evleri
We were in a car that we had rented. It was not difficult to get from Selçuk. It's worth a walk through the cobblestone streets of this mountain village.
Cities in Kayseri
Cities in anakkale
Cities in Istanbul
Cities in Istanbul