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City Halls in Portugal

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38 city halls in Portugal

City Halls in Porto
Building Paços do Concelho - Municipal Chamber
The City Hall of Porto is a landmark building first designed by António Correia da Silva, it's called Pacos do Concelho and is at the beginning of the central Avenida dos Aliados. It took several years to build (started in 1920, inaugurated in 1957) and has 6 floors, a basement and 2 courtyards. It's built of marble and granite and occupies an entire city block, the main entrance is on Avenida Aliados at the back of Plaza Trindade, opposite Trinity Church. The side facade caught my attention, as it seems that the stairs of the building go out, in front of this facade is a tourist information office. Most notable is the 70 meter high tower, topped by a chiming clock. In front of the main facade is a sculpture dedicated to the poet Almeida Garrett, sculpted by Barata Feyo (1954). There are guided tours of the palace on the first two Sundays of each month, but you must sign up first.
City Halls in Viana do Castelo Municipality
Former City Hall
Located in the heart of Old Town, in the middle of Republic Square in front of the Fountain and House of Mercy, this XVI century palace is a National Monument. It has two floors, with a granite facade and he was the Town Hall of the city, currently being used as an exhibition hall. It looks like a castle or castellated tower, the ground floor consists of pointed arches, and the upper floor windows with overhanging balconies and iron railings. In the center is the shield of the city.
City Halls in Faro
Municipal House of Faro
The city hall or municipal chamber of Faro is located in the center of Vila-Adentro. The construction of the building began in 1883 and lasted for many decades. In 1945 the main facade of the building was renovated under the responsibility of architect Jorge Oliveira. The facade of the building features the shield of Portugal and inside is the staircase leading to the main floor.
City Halls in Vila do Conde
Building Two Paços do Concelho (City Hall)
In Portugal the municipalities are called "City Halls", the Vila do Conde is situated in the building of the former Pacos do Concelho, in the historical heart town. It is an architecturally sober, with two heights, whose only ornamentation is the granite steps under an archway. It was constructed in the year 1543. In front of it lies the Pelourinho (National Monument).
City Halls in Chaves
Municipal Chamber of Chaves
Chaves City Council is in the heart of the historical district, in Camoes Square, a Loreto Chapel and the Palace of the Dukes of Braganza (today Flaviense Region Museum), and directly opposite the Mother Church . It is a three-story building in which there are multiple windows, built in the fifteenth century. The main entrance is framed by an arch of granite, on which stands the presidential balcony. The top is crowned with a pediment, which is the shield of the city and above it, the clock of the town. In front of the building is the Monument to D. Alfonso I, Duke of Bragança.
City Halls in Lisbon
Lisbon City Hall
Very close to Plaza del Comercio is the great town square, which houses the City Hall building. Built 1865-1880 according to project architect Parente Domingues da Silva, it occupies the same place as a former palace that was destroyed by fire (November 19, 1863). This building was proclaimed the Republic of Portugal on October 5, 1910 and consummated after the regicide of Charles I in 1908. It can be visited on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month, in the morning 9:30-12:30.
City Halls in Guimarães
Guimarães Town Hall
The city of Guimarães is in the Plaza Jose Maria Gomes, a 16th-century building that was at one time the Convent of Santa Clara. In the heart of its baroque outside is a sculpture of Santa Clara. There is a 2-story cloister in the classicist style inside the structure. The convent had annexed a chapel whose art was transferred to Alberto Sampaio Museum, and is occupied by the Municipal Archives Alfredo Pimenta. Just across the hall, across the square is Raul Brandão Municipal Library.
City Halls in Tarouca
Tarouca City Hall
The Municipal House of Tarouca, or, in other words, its Town Hall) can be found on one end of the city, near the old part of town. The building itself appears to be fairly new, and it's located on a small promontory (given the uneven ground), compared to [poi = 151266] Pelourinho [/ poi] or pillory. The building has two bodies and two stories high, the most striking is the gallery consists of three arches, made of masonry, in which frame the entrances to the building. The municipality is about 100 square kilometers and has around 9,000 inhabitants. It is divided into ten parishes [poi = 151230] Dalvares [/ poi], Gouviães, Farm Nova, Mondim da Beira, Salzedas, S. João de TAROUCA, TAROUCA, Ucanha, Várzea Chã Vila da Serra da Beira, whose management is made up of the city council. That's a mouthful!
City Halls in Guarda
Municipio Square
The small Praça do Municipio (Town Hall Square) is in Guarda, I found the place pretty ugly, it's rectangular and has a small alley in the center with a peculiar monument to BP Ford Rally. This square also has the Hotel Turismo.
City Halls in Cascais
City Halls in Castelo Branco
Municipal House (Town Hall)
The Municipal Council and Town Hall used to be the ancestral home of the Viscounts of Oleiros. It was acquired in 1935 by the city and turned into the Town Hall. It is a grey, italian-style house from the seventeenth century. It has stairs leading up to it, bay windows, and a baroque inspired front door. The rear facade is made of granite columns and the walls are covered in artistic tiles. The square was built in what was an farm adjacent to the site.
City Halls in Lisbon
Republic Assembly
The Republic Assembly is the legislative body of the Republic of Portugal, it's a unicameral, has 230 members and its headquarters are in the Palácio de São Bento, Lisbon. This Palace is a neoclassical and became the headquarters of the Portuguese Republic in 1834, the year in which the religious orders were banned. It was built in the sixteenth century as a Benedictine monastery but at present, due to various reforms in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, we see a new building, with little resemblance to the previous. This palace was included in the 2002 list of National Monuments. In the rear of the Palace is a villa and some beautiful gardens visible from the tram, where the official residence of the Portuguese Prime Minister is.
City Halls in Miranda do Douro
City Halls in Vila Real
Municipal House of Vila Real
The Municipal Chamber (City Council) of Vila Real is at the south end of the city's main avenue (Avenida Carvalho Araújo), which broadens into the Praça Camilo Castelo Branco. It's late Baroque and was built (in the early nineteenth century) initially to house the Mercy Hospital. It's 2-storey, has a linear and symmetrical facade, access to the upper floor is via a double staircase and granite is the most notable element from the former convent of San Francisco (sixteenth century). On the roof there's the city's coat of arms, represented by a silver sword in its central part and a crown on the top. It is virtually opposite the Cathedral and the Birthplace of Diogo Cão.
City Halls in Albufeira
Town Hall (Camara Municipal)
This ultra-modern building was built in 1997, and has a very contemporary look. It's white all over, with four floors housing the various departments of the local government. There are galleries for art exhibitions, which can be visited from 10:30 to 5 (closed on Sundays). You can also come here in search of information about places to visit, transportation, hotels, restaurants, taxis, public events, etc. Like all buildings in the area, their flowery hedges and trees contrast with the colour of the walls. The Town Hall itself is open from Monday to Saturday from 9-3. I also recommend visiting the Library and Archives of the City Council.
City Halls in Sintra
Sintra Town Hall (Camara Municipal)
Sintra City Hall is just before the city center, a 10-15 minute walk from the train station and in front of Freedom Park. It's an original and beautiful building, which was completed in 1909, with the help of Adães Bermudez. Highlights are its tower and the crown area.
City Halls in Póvoa de Varzim
Municipal House of Póvoa - City Hall
City Hall (or Municipal Chamber) of Póvoa is the most beautiful and impressive building in Plaza de Almada, and is a Property of Public Interest. It was built in the eighteenth century, but renovated in early twentieth century. Its facade is very striking, from the gallery of seven arches on the ground floor (designed by French engineer Reinaldo Oudinot) to the tiles that decorate the top floor of its facade. These, along with the tower, were later additions in 1908 by the anthropologist Rocha Peixoto and the Belgian painter Joseph Bialman.
City Halls in Lagos
Town Hall or City Hall of Lagos
The Town Hall (or City Hall of Lagos) is in the pedestrianized historical center, in Plaza Gil Eannes. The building was built in 1798 (a time of reconstruction after the devastating earthquake), backed by a medieval cloth wall. However, the current look is not of that date as the building caught fire and was rebuilt in 1884. Since then it has undergone successive renovations to accommodate today's municipal offices (formerly the Town Hall was where today stands the Messe Militar). Inside is the tourist information office.
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