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Cliffs in Portugal

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37 cliffs in Portugal

Cliffs in Sagres
Cape St. Vincent
In the Protected Countryside on the Vincentian Coast at the southwestern tip of Portugal, the intensity of the ocean and the towering cliffs command your attention. The stunning Cabo de Sagres, and the legendary 'Punta Sacred' sinks with great drama into the Atlantic Ocean, and beyond that it's just endless sea. The cape is craigy and rocky, yet you can't help but be drawn to it. The wind blows constantly this rocky headland, protected by an austere fortress and illuminated by a light squat. The towering cliffs, the sound of the waves and color unheard sea, catch and hypnotize. Do not know why, but the wind hit you in the face, you remain there, looking as if you could discover a secret for hours.
Cliffs in Lagos
Ponta da Piedade
Getting up before the sun requires a lot of willpower but if ever you do in the vicinity of Lagos, in Portugal, you will enjoy one of the best sunrises you´ve ever seen. The red cliffs are highlighted with the orange sun. Leaving the car next to the lighthouse, you can take routes that will let you discover amazing cliffs. You should take appropriate shoes and precautions about where you step, though, so be careful.
Cliffs in Cascais
Boca Do Inferno (Hell's Mouth)
The name "Boca do Inferno" attributed to this place is due to the tremendous and impact of the waves. It may well have been an old grotto. With the abasement of the upper layers the cave will have been destroyed, leaving an enormous cavity in the open. With unique characteristics, it is a place of leisure, where one can enjoy a divine landscape and magnificent sunsets.
Cliffs in Sintra
Cabo da Roca
It's under the cliff, you need climb down to the bottom, there is a spring from the mountain, we can see it when we climbing, it's a secret place, almost no body come here, it's unforgettable.
Cliffs in Sesimbra Municipality
Cabo Espichel
Great place, great view
Cliffs in Lagos
Boat Trip
Algarve in Arabic means "the land where the sun sets" and this place has become a tourist attraction for its beaches and low prices for the Portuguese people as well as foreigners. The boat ride there was the best experience of the whole weekend. Finally, the watery sky gave us a chance to enjoy the sea, the beach and the sea cliffs. We enjoyed the caves created with nothing more than the natural pick and shovel of erosion of the sea's waves, which made us sway on the boat. We joked with the boatman and even forgot that the rain had started on us. You have to go to Lagos and take a ride from the port to the coves and caves , if you don't it would be a crime. Also, if the boatman is sympathetic he'll tell you what each of the rocks look like, and it will be difficult not to let him. The hand of God sometimes seems to play with coincidence.
Cliffs in Carvoeiro
Albandeira Arch
Albandeira Beach is near Carvoeiro in the south of Portugal. This summer we toured the Algarve coast and this beach fascinated us with its beauty and crystal clear waters. You'll want to keep coming back!
Cliffs in Carvoeiro
Algar Seco
When I found this remote part of the beautiful Algarve coast, almost by chance, I immediately thought of the work of Jules Verne, Journey to the Center of the Earth. It's from another planet. The sea erosion joined the ocher-red from the sandy rock making this one of the most spectacular places I've ever seen. Access is facilitated by a staircase that goes to the bottom of the cave. On the other hand "The boneca" (doll in Portuguese) is a rock formation which can be accessed in two windows and flows into the sea. This place is crazy, but it is highly recommended for lovers of photography.
Cliffs in Funchal
Cliffs of Madeira
I visited this cliff during my honeymoon and this phenomena of nature should be visited by many. It is the second highest cliff in Europe. To see the sea at your feet from that height gives you a sense of freedom which is difficult to match. \
Cliffs in Caniçal
San Lorenzo Point
One of my favorite places of Madeira! I’ll go back one day
Cliffs in Caniçal
Peninsula of São Lorenco
The San Lorenzo peninsula is jutting out into the sea, forming high cliffs on the eastern part of the island of Madeira. Its has sparse vegetation unlike the rest of the island. The simplicity of the landscape (there is only earth, sky and sea gulls) makes it a very quiet, beautiful and photogenic place to visit.
Cliffs in Mosteiros
Cliffs Mosteiros
Mosteiros has a population of just 1000 inhabitants, the majority of whom are involved in the fishing or agriculture industry. It is known for its huge rock cliffs near the coast. It has a volcanic sandy beach in the village, and to the East there are pools that can be used as natural pools and the sea sometimes hits hard.
Cliffs in Azenhas do Mar
Pools of Azenhas do Mar
"Welcome to this land, shine, rain or cold, there is the mountain, hence the sea and the river" Being in Sintra, we found that taking the road to the Atlantic side seemed to have many interesting towns, Azenhas do Mar is 1 of them. When you get there by car the landscape automatically tells you to stop, and go down. This corner is a postcard difficult to overcome, we can go walking through a park sinking between two mountains, leading to a small beach with a pool created by a hotel restaurant which is below, guarded by the set of white houses den hangs next to the mountain. The houses, the park with the river, the cliffs and the sea pounding against the walls of the pool create an area with a unique harmony. It is not so well known where you can always go, without planning the schedule, but the sunset is highly recommended as high tide is amazing, you can see it in the video!.
Cliffs in San Juan de Madeira
Coast Madeira
Hi! I spent a week on the island of Madeira, which is a very calm island which isn't very touristic. It has some amazing and spectacular contrasts and crystal clear waters, rocky cliffs which contrasts with many mountain peaks. Along the coast there are natural pools with salt water, since the island has close to no beacher, there are only about two or three small beaches. You can swim in these pools which are very nice. I recommend it especially for a relaxing trip, no tourist crowds and for those who are not beach lovers.
Cliffs in Aljezur
Ponta da Arrifana
Ponta da Arrifana is a small place on top of a spectacular cliff. Here, you'll find a viewpoint that can drive to without a problem. The views of steep cliffs towering to the north and the Arrifan beach to the south are absolutely stunning. The Algarve is full of special places, but this is one that really fascinated me during the three days touring the area. Here, you can watch the waves crash against the rocks, from a height such that it seems that you're flying in a balloon.
Cliffs in Sagres
Beliche Cliffs
The Belixe Cliffs are between Sagres and Cabo San Vicente. It's like an old fortress. You can walk down the stones and meet fisherman. Watch out for the car, the people there are attentive, although it seems that there is no one below.
Cliffs in Funchal
Ponta do Pargo
A little lower than their big brother, the Cabo Girao, the cliffs of Ponta do Parga are the westernmost tip of the island of Madeira. A small lighthouse crowns the top of the cliffs, over 400 metres above the crystalline turquoise waters. There are stunning views, and tranquility is guaranteed (the route is not one of the most popular trails). Be careful: there are strong winds and no safety equipment! One wrong step and ... splash!
Cliffs in Azenhas do Mar
Sunset in Azenhas do Mar
In a small village north of Sintra, we had saw one of the most beautiful sunsets I can remember. In the lower part of the village there is a natural pool in the sea, a bar with a lovely terrace with views over the sea and just below there is a restaurant which is situated almost at sea level to eat fresh fish and seafood (albeit expensive and in Portugal it is cheaper) . We spent a few hours there having a couple of beers and enjoying the gastronomy (I will never forget that bass or snook as they say in Lusitania).
Activities in Portugal