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Gardens in Portugal

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232 gardens in Portugal

Gardens in Porto
Crystal Palace Gardens
Like the sign Porto in front of it
Gardens in Lisbon
Parque das Nações
Nice to have some walks
4 activities
Gardens in Lisbon
1 activity
Gardens in Sintra
Pena Palace Park
Normally when you get to Sintra you take one of the buses that go up to the Pena Palace and the Moorish Castle. But I got the bright idea to convince the group to walk, of course, I didn't know the exact path and nothing was further from my intention to almost kill us (anyone can do the exercise, but my group was not very motivated). Yes, the effort was worth it to us all because the trip was spectacular. For hikers, I really recommend walking up, the palace is beautiful and the castle too, but really the most impressive thing was the vegetation of Sintra.
Gardens in Funchal
Monte Palace Tropical Garden
When I took the cable car to reach this site, I didn't realise I was on the verge of discovering one of the most beautiful botanical gardens I've ever seen in my life. There are plants from around the world, as the climate here is very suitable for growing them: azaleas, heathers, different types of trees, giant ferns and encephalartos, which are regarded as living fossils. There are 72 known species of them, and you can see 60 in this garden. Then, of course, there is a space dedicated to the lovely flowers native to Madeira. Besides the impressive vegetation and oriental gardens, you can also visit two exhibitions located within the park: one shows an interesting collection of minerals, and the other shows the sculptural work of several artists from Zimbabwe
Gardens in Funchal
Madeira Botanical Gardens
A small trip with atmosphere, with both the cable car ride up, as well as going down in bus (how the people operate them), make a visit to the Botanical have that small touch of adventure, that normal city gardens may lack. If you visit on a sunny day, which is common since Funchal is in the south of the island, you will notice that the colors are more incredible when you see it all together. A lovely walk of going up and down will complete a whole morning's worth of exercise and pleasure for all the senses. I took enough pictures to fill up a memory card, but I leave you with seven.
Gardens in Coimbra
Parque Mondego
This park is along the river Mondego, in Coimbra, and was a project of architect Camilo Cortesão. It's very relaxing to stroll through this park, to sunbathe, walk, take the kids to play, have a picnic, read the small shadow - a good place to relax! We found an area with bars along the river and a playground.
Gardens in Lisbon
Jardim Da Estrela
Any traveler likes a stop along the way, and what better place than this fantastic garden. In it you'll find several ponds with geese, fish, etc. and several buildings typical of the era. Beside the garden is Estrelinha Convent.
Gardens in Porto
Jardim da Cordoaria
Over the years this park has had many names: Olival do Campo (1613), Alameda do Olival (1661), Jardim da Cordoaria (1662) and since 1835 João Chagas Garden (or Campo dos Martires da Patria). This area of ​​the city is known as "Cordoaria" (cordonería) because of the Miragaia cobblers here. The park is pretty big with abundant vegetation, benches, a pond with a large ornamental fountain and various sculptures, such as the monument to Ortigão Ramalho that pays homage to martyrs of the homeland. The park occupies the central part of a block and is surrounded by several interesting buildings, such as the Natural History Museum, the Faculty of Science, the Chapel of San José de Taipas, the Clerics Tower and the Carmelite Church (Igreja do Carmo).
Gardens in Furnas
Terra Nostra Park
This is an impressive and historic garden within a fabulous hotel! The Parque Terra Nostra, or Our Land Park, was constructed along with the Municipal Park of Ribeira Grande, one of the most popular parks, and two of the most important on the island of Sao Miguel in the Azores archipelago. This garden dates back to the 18th century, when the American Thomas Hickling came to make a fortune on Sao Miguel and created one of the most beautiful gardens and the island paradise. I personally recommend the tour through the garden's winding roads to discover for yourselves all the flora that has grown over hundreds of years, surrounding lakes where many swans bathe. In fact, within the garden, the 3-star hotel "Terra Nostra Garden" was opened in 1933 to encourage Azorean tourism.
Gardens in Tavira
Jardim do Coreto
This public garden is the oldest in Tavira since its construction began in 1890, in front of the Marché de Ribeira (Mercado de la Ribera). It's a beautiful botanical garden with various types of trees, flowers and shrubs such as Bird of Paradise with orange flowers, hibiscus, privet, oleander, laurel, tamarind, garden plum, pine, rubber tree, cypress, oak, poppies, palms and many more species. It has wide sidewalks with a typical Portuguese walkway and large planters. Various local festivals are held here and it's a meeting point for city inhabitants. In the center is the Kiosk.
Gardens in Funchal
Santa Catarina Park
If you want to catch a football game in the middle of Funchal, go to Santa Catalina Park. In the huge fields, there is room for everything; picnics, walking, sport, lounging around, and as its next to the sea, you can enjoy the sea breeze on your face. In the Santa Catalina Park, you can also find a lot of flowers and tree species, almost all marked with little name signs, they even have Ceibas (the most sacred trees that másyas 'cotton'). It also has a pond with ducks and swans. At the opposite end of the pond, there's a monument to Christopher Columbus, and a plate on which the relationship between the people of Madeira and Gibraltar is explained. Entrance to the park is free, and it is open every day of the week, but closes earlier in winter (19:00 hours) than in summer (21:00 hours).
Gardens in Castelo Branco
Gardens in Queluz
Malta Garden
The Garden of Malta is located inside the Royal Palace of Queluz, in the town of Queluz and Sintra near Lisbon. The initial project was commissioned by Queluz Palace Mateus Vicente de Oliveira, reference architect at the time. The work began more or less around 1747. Known as the Portuguese Versailles, it was built by participating architects, decorators, and gardeners all throughout Europe. They all came together to convert the Royal Palace to a great refernce of 18th century architecture. Although the influences are French and Italian, the palace has features typical of the region, such as the famous Portuguese tiles. French architect Jean-Batiste Robillon was the one responsible for ensuring that the decoration of the palace corresponded to the time, the French style, imitating the Palace of Versailles in Paris. The best European artists worked the most beautiful spaces inside the palace, and the rooms that should be highlighted are the Throne of Music and the Ambassadors. To bridge the gap between the upper gardens and the main palace is built Robillon Hall and Staircase of the Lions. The gardens also have a stamp Malta French and are decorated with lakes, statues, roads boxwoods, balustrades and railings covered work blue and pink tiles Portuguese. The main facade was built with the purpose to face towards the interior gardens. The outside facade is quiet sober.
Gardens in Lisbon
Park of Monsanto, Lisbon Pulmon
This park is the largest green space in the city of Lisbon with more than 1000 hectares. It was created in 1934. Today its fully wooded with pines, oaks, etc. ... It is subdivided into parks, bushes and recreational areas where you can find sports, mini-golf, tennis courts, swimming pools and more ... If you're into green spaces in Monsanto Park you can enjoy a beautiful moment of tranquility. If you stand at the highest point, you can look out onto the whole city. If you head to the bridge named April 25 or to part of the aqueduct, you might be able to see some planes from the nearby airport or some shy little squirrels. You know, if you visit the city of Lisbon and you get tired of so much stone or already have the "tourist syndrome" (head tired of always looking up) lol ... Monsanto Park will always be a good obtion. A hug
Gardens in Castelo Branco
Parque de la Ciudad
The Castelo Branco Municipal Park, is opposite the Jardím do Paço Episcopal and Episcopal Palace: Francisco Tavares Proença Júnior Museum. It is a big place with fountains and waterfalls, trails with trees and flowerbeds with many colors. Green spaces are mixed with dry square tiled covered with typical Portuguese styles. Inside is a small confectionery with a viewpoint from which to get a lovely view of the city of Castelo Branco. A perfect place to have a walk and rest. The opening and closing time is 9-23h.
Gardens in Lisbon
Jardim Botânico
One of the most important botanical gardens in Europe and I really liked it. There are species from all over the world, truly beautiful places, the butterfly farm is unique in its genre but, being ignorant on this subject, I was let down a bit as I was expecting something different. A very good place to enjoy nature.
Gardens in Vila Nova de Gaia
Jardim do Morro
Many visitors know and cross the Dom Luis bridge between Porto and Gaia, but the majority do so on the lowest level, where cars pass. If you want to have spectacular and panoramic views from Porto, it is best to follow the subway path, in the higher part. If you do not suffer from vertigo, you can cross it and take fantastic photographs from the small park opposite, in Gaia, where groups usually meet to chat, or gentlemen students to enjoy the afternoon.
Activities in Portugal