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Harbors in Portugal

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64 harbors in Portugal

Harbors in Cascais
Port of Cascais
This is a nice town with fresh, tiled streets and friendly people. It's perfect for a day or an entire weekend. It has tiny beaches near the port, where there is also a natural pool perfect for children. If you like playing in waves, this place is not to be missed. It's also perfectly safe.
Harbors in Lisbon
Lisbon Ferry
In this photo we can see, in the foreground, a lot of small boats on the river Tagus. In the background is the majestic bridge April 25. For tourists, there's a train that runs along the coast to admire the beautiful landscapes of Portugal in a more comfortable way.
Harbors in Faro
Faro Marina
The Lighthouse Marina is located on the coast of the huge Formosa River estuary. Within walking distance of the Old Town, it's one of the most picturesque places in the city, thanks to the colorful yachts, sailboats and other boats docked there, and the beautiful landscape, where you can have a coffee on the terrace, take a ride on the tourist train or get a ticket for a tour of Armona Island.
Harbors in Portimão
Portimão Marina
Almost all major cities of the coast of Algarve have an area like a marina called Marina. Besides the port, it has another area of constructions of houses that are of a high social level. Inside there are restaurants, boutiques, etc. For its location near the river, the place is exceptional. TO the left and a few meteres we found the Prai da Rocha, the Forta of Santa Catalina and in front of the shore of the river was Ferragudo and the Fuerte de San Guan.
Harbors in Vilamoura
Vilamoura Marina
We were with 3 girls in this Portuguese Port of Banus, which is better than Marbella but to enjoy the experience with a partner and 1000 euros for the night. This all full of restaurants and pubs with live music.
Harbors in Lisbon
Cais do Sodre
One of the most important strategic points of Lisbon is one of the piers used to cross the Tagus. This departure point for boats links the capital with Almada. Almada can be reached by the Metro and is the last station on the south of the green line. Also there is the railway linking the capital and Cascais.
Harbors in Sagres
Baleeira Port
The Porto da Baleeira (or Puerto de Sagres) lives mainly off fishing, but now it coexists with tourist activity since some companies provide activities such as diving, fishing, boating, etc. There are reformed shipyards for ship repair and painting, off the market. To get to Porto da Baleeira you must go to the Comandante Matoso and head towards the Hotel Memmo Baleeria Sagres, just after the entrance to the hotel grounds you'll see some stairs (watch as the slope is almost impossible) then you arrive until the port. Before getting down to the harbor the views are spectacular, with rock formations in the ocean, so if you visit Sagres don't forget the port as part of the small fishing village's charm.
Harbors in Alcácer do Sal
Harbors in Viana do Castelo Municipality
Fishing and Commercial Port - Doca
The port of Viana is huge, and is at the mouth of the Lima River, opposite the Castle of Santiago da Barra, which was built specifically to defend it from attacks/looting in the sixteenth century. On one side of the castle is the commercial port with huge cargo ships, cranes and a building that houses the port offices, the other side is the fishing port with small fishing boats, a multitude of nets, stacked fishing baskets and Viana shipyards. At the end of the spring is anchored Eannes Navio Gil, a hospital ship that has been converted into a tourist attraction/museum that can be visited inside - it's amazing!
Harbors in Esposende
Marina of Esposende
What most caught my attention about this place is that this marina is located on the river: it is situated at the estuary of the river Cávado. Here you can see small boats in the harbour and take part in recreational sports, although there is also the possibility of going fishing. It is a very windy place but there are no waves, so it is very common for people to go kitesurfing. It is a newly renovated waterfront with cafes and terraces, public swimming pools, and the Esposende maritime center.
Harbors in Porto
Harbors in Cascais
Marina of Cascais
Cascais Bay has spectacular views. If you can, it is best to see them from a boat. The landscape changes dramatically. At night you can walk through its streets. In them you can see many small restaurants that I recommend.
Harbors in Viana do Castelo Municipality
Harbors in Câmara De Lobos
Harbors in Lagos
Fishing Port of Lagos
Lagos has always been closely linked to the sea and owes its origins to a small fishing village. Its privileged location, facing Africa, and its proximity to Sagres meant that it became an important naval and commercial center during the XV century. Lagos still has this fishing trade with one of the most important fisheries in the Algarve. It's on the seafront, next to the modern marina.
Harbors in São Pedro da Torre
Port of Sao Pedro da Torre
Following the banks of the Miño river to its mouth, not far from Valenca do Minho, is the small town of San Pedro da Torre. The most interesting thing about this town, for me, was its small little port on the banks of the Miño, a place full of life, where you can see the fishermen doing their daily chores, untangling their nets, cleaning their small boats, chatting and watch their friends fishing downstream. Although I am not familiar with this area, I think the fishermen are becoming fewer and fewer in this river, in this part of Spain and in Portugal, and so I find it very curious. Unfortunately, places like these and in this river, the fishing has almost completely disappeared because of the huge amount of pollution killing off the fish, but this is only my opinion. When we went in January, the fishermen were mainly fishing lamprey to be sold to restaurants and individuals, a very typical dish here, on either riverbank.
Harbors in Portimão
Portimão Marina
Portimão has a huge, luxurious marina in the area of ​​Playa de Rocha, among the forts of Santa Catarina and San João. With an area of ​​25 hectares, it has a berthing capacity for 620 boats up to 40 meters in length. It's very protected and has curious onlookers (although it's a private area) who marvel at the luxury yachts from the Mirador de Santa Catarina. It has private beach bungalows/apartments, shopping center and provides support services, security, toilets, changing rooms, fuel and Internet access to customers.
Harbors in Portimão
Gama Port
Portimao grew out of a small fishing center and its economic activity was always linked to fishing and canning. Therefore, there are several ports, like this one called Vasco de Gama, next to Portimao Museum and the ruins of the Convent of San Francisco. It's a small port, in which only small boats dock (recreational and fishing). From here you can get a "pirate ship" that performs sightseeing tours to the caves of Cavoeiro and Lagos.
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