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Historical Monuments in Algarve

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28 historical monuments in Algarve

Historical Monuments in Sagres
Sagres Fortress
Located a few kiómetros from Cape St. Vincent, it was commissioned by Prince Henry the Navigator, after his brother King Don Pedro
Historical Monuments in Tavira
Tavira Anchor Graveyard
Located on the island of Tavira in the Algarve region of Portugal, there is a beach (Praia do Barril) where you can find more than
Historical Monuments in Albufeira
Albufeira Old Town (Monte Choro)
The historic center, old town or Montechoro in Albufeira is one of those places that are impossible to miss, and it is because wit
Historical Monuments in Faro
Arco da Vila
The Arco da Vila, or arc of the city, is one of the medieval gates of entry to the historic lighthouse opposite the marina, the Ba
Historical Monuments in Portimão
Fort of São João do Arade
This pretty, mid-seventeenth century fort, which surprisingly is privately owned, was originally part of the Santa Catarina de Por
Historical Monuments in Portimão
Fort of Santa Catarina
The Fort of Santa Catarina, also known as Miradouro, is at the end of Avenida De Tomas Cabrera above the Marina of Portimao and th
Historical Monuments in Lagos
Old Slave Market
The Slave Market in Plaza de Infante D. Henry was established as a result of African expeditions (XV century) and was the first sl
Historical Monuments in Praia Da Rocha
Historical Monuments in Faro
Vila Adentro District
The neighbourhood of Vila-Adentro is located within the walled city of Faro. This is what remains of the city's splendor before th
Historical Monuments in Faro
Banco de Portugal
This landmark is next to the Church of Mercy, in the Praça Dom Francisco Gomes on the corner of Rua João Dias, which is almost nex
Historical Monuments in Silves
Cross Portugal
The Cross of Portugal, lies on the outside of Silves in the EN-124, on the outskirts of the historic heart of town, so for most of
Historical Monuments in Lagos
Walls and Bastions
The strategic location of Lagos attracted different civilizations (Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians and Romans), but not until t
Historical Monuments in Lagos
Door Gives the Plaza of Arms of the City
We found this spot by chance, Lagos is a city where free parking is quite difficult, so looking for parking nearest the old town,
Historical Monuments in Lagos
Dízima House
An example of civil architecture of the XVII-XIX centuries, in Plaza del Infante, attached to the old medieval wall near the Castl
Historical Monuments in Lagos
San Gonzalo Gate (São Gonçalo Arch)
The Gate (or San Gonzalo Arch) is one of the entrances to the old town of Lagos from the boardwalk (outside Fort Ponta da Bandeira
Historical Monuments in Castro Marim
Walls of Castro Marim
Because of its strategic location (at the mouth of the Guadiana River, which borders the Castle and next to Morocco) Castro Marim
Historical Monuments in Lagos
Regimental Store
The Regimental Store (Regimental Armazém) is another notable building in Infante Square, opposite the Church of Santa Maria. It's
Historical Monuments in Lagos
Military Hospital
The old Military Hospital (Messe Militar) is the largest building and luminous in Infante Square, its spotless white painted facad
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