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Historical Monuments in Extremadura

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116 historical monuments in Extremadura

Historical Monuments in Guadalupe
Royal Monastery of Santa María de Guadalupe
The Monastery of Guadalupe (Cáceres, Extremadura) is a mix of various styles: gothic, mudejar, renaissance, baroque, and neoclassi
Historical Monuments in Cuacos de Yuste
Yuste Monastery
You have to stop and see the Yuste monastery if you're in the area. It's a place where you can feel its greatness and spirituality
Historical Monuments in Badajoz
Puente de Palmas
El Puente de Palmas is located just opposite the Puerta de Palmas and the bastion of San Vicente. It is 600 meters long and 32 wi
Historical Monuments in Caceres
Arch of the Star
To enter the intramural area of ​​the old town of Cáceres, there's nothing like the Arch of the Star. The main wall gate of Cacere
Historical Monuments in Alcántara
Alcántara Bridge
No one should build a bridge without first seeing the bridge in Alcántara. Slender, robust, elegant, functional, majestic, and wit
Historical Monuments in Badajoz
Giralda de Badajoz
No, this isn't the Giralda in Seville, but a reproduction of it, albeit on a smaller scale. It is made from brick and stone, with
Historical Monuments in Badajoz
Puerta de Palmas
This is a work by the Badajoz-born sculptor and painter Guillermo Silveira García (1922-1987), recipient of the National Medal of
Historical Monuments in Mérida
Historical Monuments in Badajoz
The Espantaperros Tower
The most famous and important tower of the Alcazaba de Badajoz is the Atalaya Tower, known locally as the Espantaperros (“Marvel”)
Historical Monuments in Badajoz
Moorish Houses
These homes, located in the historical centre of Badajoz in front of the Citadel and the convent, are said to be the oldest houses
Historical Monuments in Mérida
Alcazaba of Mérida
The Alcazaba de Merida is a clear example of how architecture is reinvented and recycled throughout history. The Romans built this
Historical Monuments in Badajoz
La Galera
Under the Espantaperros Tower, and beside the Alcazaba and Plaza Alta is this sixteenth-century building, which has had many diffe
Historical Monuments in Badajoz
Hospital Provincial de San Sebastián
The old hospital of San Sebastian is located in the city center, opposite the Church of San Juan Bautista and the Teatro Lopez de
Historical Monuments in Badajoz
Puerta del Capitel
This is the main entrance to the Alcazaba de Badajoz, through Plaza Alta and Plaza San Jose. It is a double door; the outer portio
Historical Monuments in Badajoz
Baluarte de San Roque
Badajoz is a fortified city. In the late seventeenth century, due to the Spanish and Portuguese war, eight bastions were built in
Historical Monuments in Badajoz
Puerta del Pilar
This was one of the entrances to the fortified city of Badajoz, built in 1692. It gives access to the Bastion of San Roque, origin
Historical Monuments in Badajoz
Baluarte de San Vicente
This citadel is located opposite the bridge and the Puerta de Palmas, defending access to the fortified city of Badajoz from the
Historical Monuments in Trujillo
Arab Aljibe in Trujillo
Real close to the castle is 1 of the most incredible places in Trujillo: A 10th-century Arab well that is open, and there are gree