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Historical Monuments in Languedoc-Roussillon


184 historical monuments in Languedoc-Rosell

Historical Monuments in Vers-Pont-du-Gard
Pont du Gard
The Aqueduct is excellently preserved, there is a restaurant at the entrance. At the bottom there is a crowded bathing area. Terri
7 activities
Historical Monuments in Nîmes
Arena of Nimes
It was amazing to spend time at this place where many gladiators died during roman time only for entertaining citizens of Nimes.
Historical Monuments in Carcassonne
Les Lices
Take the train tour around the walls
Historical Monuments in Perpignan
The Castillet is the most famous monument in Perpignan. It was once the main entrance to the walled city. Although only a portion
Historical Monuments in Narbonne
Narbonne Cathedral
The Cathedral of San Justo and San Pastor is 41 meters and is the 3rd tallest in France. Construction began in the year 1272, but
Historical Monuments in Nîmes
Maison Carree
The Maison Carree ('Square House') is the name given to the Roman temple in the historic centre of Nimes, where the city's forum o
2 activities
Historical Monuments in Carcassonne
Porte d'Aude
Lots of history
Historical Monuments in Montpellier
Porte du Peyrou
I hadn't expected to see the Arc de Triomphe here! During an official tour of the city, with a guide from the tourist office, we w
Historical Monuments in Collioure
Fort Saint Elme
Located on what is known as the Hill of Collioure, the Fort Sant Elmo dates from 1542. It was built by the Spanish Emperor Charles
Historical Monuments in Carcassonne
Historical Monuments in Casteil
Abbey of Saint-Martin-du-Canigou
Sant Martí Canigou is a former 11th century Benedictine monastery located on the mountain of Canigou, hence its name. Situated in
Historical Monuments in Béziers
Fonserannes Lock
Fontserannes Locks are 8 blocks that still form one of the highlights of the Canal du Midi. It is hard to imagine achieving these
Historical Monuments in Montpellier
Montpellier Cathedral
The Cathedral of Saint Pierre in the city of Montpellier is particularly impressive - it looks like something out of Harry Potter!
Historical Monuments in Carcassonne
Porte Narbonnaise
Historical Monuments in Montpellier
Promenade du Peyrou
This park is located in the historical centre of Montpellier. Here you can see some great monuments, like the aqueduct, the statue
Historical Monuments in Lunel
Via Domitia
The great history of the Romans can be seen passes through my small town, where they left a great legacy! One example of Roman his
Historical Monuments in Nîmes
La Tour Magne
You can walk up the hill from the gardens of the Fontaine to the Tour Magne, a Roman tower which offers a good view of the whole c
Historical Monuments in Perpignan
Campo Santo
Campo Santo is an example of the oldest and roughest French preserved cloistral funerary. It has been considered a historical monu
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