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Historical Monuments in Mexico

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221 historical monuments in Mexico

Historical Monuments in San Juan Teotihuacan
Amazing place you can appreciate with the best guides. Awesome adventure, good and exotic food, art, and a magic cave. Also, good service everywhere. Amazing place you can appreciate with the best guides. Awesome adventure, good and exotic food, art, and a magic cave. Also, good service everywhere.
Historical Monuments in Chichén-Itzá
Temple of Kukulcan (El Castillo)
El Castillo or Pyramid of Kukulcan, is the most impressive monument of Chichén Itzá, and this is why it is considered to be one of the new wonders of the World. The pyramid is in the midst of a vast open space, but the truth in my view is, that Coba is much prettier, and you can climb further, the great thing for me about Chichen is, that you can admire its design from afar . This work is part Mayan and part Toltec and certainly part of it comes from a city called Tula, Hidalgo. It was built in honor of Kukulcan. Its steps represent the 365 days of the year, it was used by teachers of astrology, and probably built to worship the sun. The main staircase is located on the north side of the monument, and so as not to get lost on this huge staircase, try to find the feathered serpent's head. This is the most striking phenomenon I've seen, honestly most people go for the mystical day that is exactly when the equinox falls on Kukulcan, and which can only seen in those days. From start to finish the sculpture looks stunning as light and shadow descend, shaping the figure representing the plumed serpent
Historical Monuments in Monterrey
Historical Monuments in Santiago de Quetaro
Centro Histórico de Querétaro
To visit Queretaro is to visit a city enveloped in history, traditions, and culture. Walking through the streets eating an ice cream, and visiting their houses, is a magical experience. I love Queretaro. It's an amazing city to visit and to live. Eating their authentic enchiladas, relaxing, and slowly falling in love in every corner of the city, its history, and its legends. Queretaro is MAGIC!
Historical Monuments in Oaxaca
Oaxaca Old Town
It is essential to visit this convent. Photographers can experience the architecture and corners of the former convent. It witnessed the shooting of Vicente Guerrero, I highly recommend it to visitors of the city of Oaxaca.
Historical Monuments in Coba
Mayan Ruins of Cobá
But don't even hesitate to climb to the top of the ruin, great view from the top. The sun makes it even harder to complete it but worth it.
Historical Monuments in Veracruz
St. John of Ulúa Fort
Created in 1519 to protect the cost from Pirates. Also use as penitentiary with all kind of stories about the tortures to the prisoners. Now, Archaeology Museum and great view of the Port of Veracruz and the all the city.!
Historical Monuments in Cuauhtémoc
Monument to the Revolution
This place is very representative of Mexico. It is a monument to the revolution but you can also enjoy excellent sunsets from here.
Historical Monuments in San Cristóbal de Las Casas
Cathedral of San Cristobal de Las Casas
With a distinctive facade, wide and colonial, colorful and eye-catching, the Cathedral rises without anything stopping your view, in the middle of the town square. It draws your attention to accidentally, especially on the outside. It is a church that combines all the flavor mixing art, the Spanish and the native, the intent of the Baroque with the simplicity of Chiapas. Outside are San Pedro and San Pablo,all a recollection and with a particular way of understanding Christianity in Mexico. We went inside, but with respect and curiosity, and we took in everything and everyone, and we later recorded it in our memory forever.
Historical Monuments in Guadalajara
Rotonda de los Jaliscienses Ilustres
The Rotunda of Illustrious Men is situated in the historic center of Guadalajara Jalisco.
Historical Monuments in Cuernavaca
Cathedral of Cuernavaca
Cuernavaca is a relatively small city that belonged to an Aztec dominion in the pre-colonial era, it serves as a passageway between Mexico City and Acapulco. Due to its short distance from Mexico City and its good weather it's a summer resort for many from the capital. Cuernavaca has recently grown disproportionately causing traffic chaos and increased its urban sprawl, creating new neighborhoods and districts. However, the first picture of the city, the historic center remains intact, keeping facades of the time and the colors and details of the colonial era. It is also home to the cathedral city of Cuernavaca a beautiful ornate building with baroque features, visiting this property is one of the most pleasant experience that one can have in this city that has almost everything.
Historical Monuments in León
Fountain of the Lions
Is a beautiful place I like the architecture of the wellspring :)!
Historical Monuments in Campeche
Campeche Wall
Campeche was a very successful port dedicated to the export of timber and dyes, as well as gold and silver from nearby regions. This certainly does not go unnoticed as caribbean pirates began attacking just 6 years after it was founded in the year 1540. For 200 years they terrorized Campeche, raping, burning and robbing their people. In the year 1668, 5 years after an attack by pirates brotherhoods all bonded, the Spanish monarchy decided to constructed a thick wall of 2.5 km. It was of Hexagon shape and surrounding the community. The wall had 5 bastions or links between the sides of the wall, which acted as strong where troops were staying, due to its large size. At present only 4 bastions and much of the old wall stand, which becomes the major tourist attraction of the city.
Historical Monuments in Morelia
San Francisco Convent
Its Plateresque style construction began in 1531 by the Franciscans and was the first monastery established in the region. In the first half of the twentieth century, it functioned as the headquarters for workers' associations. In the thirties, Alfredo Zalce, Santos Balmori and Pablo O'Higgins collectively painted a mural that was later destroyed during the restoration work of the 70s. Since 1973, it has been an artesanal center for Michoacán arts and crafts.
Historical Monuments in Uxmal
Pyramid of the Magician at Uxmal
Steep, with an oval base, the home of Adivino for me, this is the most striking monument in Uxmal. According to legend it was erected in one night by a dwarf, but the truth is that you can appreciate various stages of construction where a a temple covered the construction from above. It is assumed that the pyramid was painted red with touches of blue, yellow and black. The corrosion of the paint and mortar has brought out the limestone from underneath. It is 35m high and it is forbidden to climb to the top to prevent erosion. It seems like a perfect idea and should be applied to all such monuments.
Historical Monuments in Mapimi
Ojuela Bridge
Ojuela Bridge was used for over 100 years to remove minerals and measures more than 300m. over a canyon of more than 100m. high. It is a suspension bridge that has remained for over a century and was used as a reference for the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. It is majestic, timeless, and when you know the history, you will feel the wild charm which it jealously guards.
Historical Monuments in León
Cruzando Arcos
Places between a beautiful pavement.
Historical Monuments in Guanajuato
Mellado Temple
Mellado temple is not very well know because its removed from the historic center of this city, but it is beautiful. Its not featured in the guidebooks of Guanajuato. It dates back to the mid-eighteenth century. Recently, the neighbors set out to renovate it and its in good condition. Just in front of this temple is a garden of the same name, which I hope to write about in the future.
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