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Historical Monuments in Morocco

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143 historical monuments in Morocco

Historical Monuments in Marrakech
Ben Youssef Madrasa
Loved it even though it was pretty small
1 activity
Historical Monuments in Marrakech
El Badi Palace
Near the defensive wall and a little bit ignored in guide books was the surprise of the journey. Very interesting and beautiful p
Historical Monuments in Essaouira
Scala du Port
Scala du Port is probably the main attraction in Essaouira. It's an old French rampart build on the city walls overlooking the chu
Historical Monuments in Rabat
Kasbah of the Udayas
The fort of the Oudayas is one of the most lovely of Rabat. It is being refurbished on the to make it even nicer. It is a tiny nei
Historical Monuments in Fes
Bab Bou Jeloud
Bab Bou Jeloud is one of the gates of the medina of Fez. Do not forget to admire the blues its size and activity. Bab Jeloud is fu
Historical Monuments in Marrakech
Bab Agnaou
This is one of the 19 access points into the Marrakech Medina. It's really impressive, with arches and brightly coloured floral m
Historical Monuments in Ouarzazate
Taourirt Kasbah
Located on the outskirts of Ouarzazate, this is one of the best preserved and most beautiful places in the area. Formally a reside
2 activities
Historical Monuments in Marrakech
Almoravid Koubba
The Almoravid Koubba in Marrakech is located next to the City Museum and the Ben Youssef Madrasa, all of which you can visit with
Historical Monuments in Mequínez
Bab Al Mansour
Bab Mansour Laalej is the most beautiful gate in Meknes. It's a well known work of art throughout the Muslim world as one of Emper
Historical Monuments in Marrakech
Wall of Marrakech
Marrakech is a city that it surrounded by a wall topped by towers with a length of 19 kilometers. They are made of adobe and have
1 activity
Historical Monuments in El Jadida
Portuguese Cistern in El Jadida
Most famous monument of the Moroccan city of El Jadid. In 15th century Manueline style, there is a large square room that's 30x30m
Historical Monuments in Rabat
Hassan Tower
Hassan Tower stands above the Mausoleum of Mohammed V and is one of Rabat's most famous landmarks (you'll see it on a lot of postc
Historical Monuments in Casablanca
Casablanca Twin Center
Casablanca has its twin towers, which you'll find on the corner between Zerktoni Blvd. and Massira el Khadra. Being more than 100
Historical Monuments in Taroudant
Anyone who has visited Marrakech will have noticed the similarity of the walls of this town to the magical city of Berber (sometim
Historical Monuments in Fes
Al-Attarine Madrasa
The madrasa of Attarin dates back to the fourteenth century and constructed from the orders of Sultan Abu Said. Like all madrasas,
Historical Monuments in Mequínez
Historical Monuments in Marrakech
Zaouia Sidi Bel Abbes
The zaouia of Sidi Bel Abbes is a place that wouldn't normally be accessible to non-Muslims, but in this case it is, because it i
Historical Monuments in Safi
Medina of Safi
Medina means "the city" in Arabic, but now this term refers to the ancient city, usually fortified, and not the modern city, built
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