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Historical Monuments in Netherlands


39 historical monuments in Netherlands

Historical Monuments in Amsterdam
It is an impressive stronghold of charm in the center of Amsterdam, just 5 minutes from the Plaza Damm. It is easy for the entranc
Historical Monuments in Rotterdam
Kijk-Kubus Cubic Houses
Rotterdam is a city that will catch your attention right from the first moment you see it, because of its modern buildings. Admitt
Historical Monuments in Amsterdam
Amsterdam Central Library
The Amsterdam Central Library is surely the last place you'd expect to find on vacation. With the possible exception of unique Bod
Historical Monuments in Amsterdam
Molen van Sloten
Known as the last traditional mill in Amsterdam, this windmill has become a symbol of the country. About 25 minutes walk from the
Historical Monuments in Amsterdam
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Historical Monuments in Amsterdam
Letras I Amsterdam
Is simply the heart of the city. In front of the beautiful and great Rijskmuseun and 3 minutes from Van Gogh Museum, this sculptur
Historical Monuments in 's-Hertogenbosch
Channels of Den Bosch
When we talk about cities of Holland with canals, Amsterdam is the first that come to mind. But there are many more cities with ca
Historical Monuments in Medemblik
Castle Radboud
The Castle of Radboud was built in the 8th century by Radboud (the king of the Frisians), and it stands across from Oosterhaven. T
Historical Monuments in Vught
Camp Vught National Memorial
The Vught Concentration Camp is definitely worth seeing. It's a memorial museum where you can see where the Nazis executed prisone
Historical Monuments in Delft
Delft Stadhuis
It is a symmetrical building from the year1620. Delf center has about 600 historical buildings from the sixteenth and seventeenth
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Historical Monuments in Alkmaar
Weigh house
Alkmaar is the cheese city. In 939 its abbey was built in the city. In 1254 Count Floris V granted the city its name. It owes its
Historical Monuments in Amsterdam
Het Houten Huisje
The Begijnhof is in the center of Amsterdam but this small neighborhood is somewhat hidden any many first-time visitors pass by it
Historical Monuments in Leeuwarden
Slant Tower of Leeuwarden
Leeuwarden is the capital of the province of Friesland, it can befound in the north of the Netherlands and it has about 96,578 in
Historical Monuments in Leiden
Jean Pesyn
Pesyn and his wife (Marie le Mahieu 1578-1650) built a place of worship. The inscription reads "Here you can see the ruins of a ca
Historical Monuments in Amsterdam
Historical Monuments in Rotterdam
Historical Monuments in Rotterdam
The village of Kinderjick is about 25km from the city of Rotterdam, and the best way to get there ... is by cycling! It's a small
Historical Monuments in Maastricht
Mill of Maastricht
You feel like being in The Netherlands.
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