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Historical Monuments in Sicily


78 historical monuments in Sicilia

Historical Monuments in Calatafimi-Segesta
Tempio di Segesta
Along with the theater, the Great Temple is one of the most important buildings and impressive archaeological sites of Segesta. Th
Historical Monuments in Palermo
Quattro Canti
Old and nice
Historical Monuments in Trapani
Selinunte is an amazing archaeological park. It's like the Pompeii of Sicily (although it's in worse condition and more impaired).
Historical Monuments in Palermo
Fontana Pretoria
Impressive fountain with lots of sculptures.
Historical Monuments in Catania
Fontana dell'Elefante
The fountain is situated in the center of the main square and in front of the main church. It represents an elephant which happens
Historical Monuments in Cefalu
Medieval Fishing Port
Pescara Gate is an ancient medieval door and the old entryway to the town of Cefalu. The door has a gothic arch and is in the his
Historical Monuments in Siracusa
Temple of Apollo
Although only ruins remain to give the place importance, it was the first Doric temple in Sicily and with imagination and few colu
Historical Monuments in Catania
Fontana di Proserpina
In the station square of Catania, you can see this beautiful, impressive fountain, built by sculptor Giulio Moschetti, representin
Historical Monuments in Trapani
Fontana di Saturno
One of the myths of the city of Trapani is that of Saturn, the god of the sky, about which is said that he gutted his father Cronu
Historical Monuments in Erice
Bell Tower of the Cathedral - Torre Di Re Federico
The bell tower of the Erice Cathedral is separated from the temple and just in front. It was built before the Cathedral in 1315, a
Historical Monuments in Trapani
Bastione dell'Impossibile
Located south east of the city, this fortress was called "Impossible" because part of it is built on the sea, on an island, but c
Historical Monuments in Trapani
Carcere di Trapani (Old Jail)
This building, located next to the Church of Purgatory, was built in the late sixteenth century and used as a prison between 1655
Historical Monuments in Agrigento
Temple of Heracles
The first temple that you see on the way from the main road, and the oldest in the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento. Although th
Historical Monuments in Catania
Roman Amphitheater
Catania is full of wonderful places that will leave you slack-jawed, one of which is located in the heart of the city, in Piazza S
Historical Monuments in Trapani
Botteghelle Gate
Botteghelle Gate, also called Putielle or Putielli, is one of the most interesting sights in Trapani. It dates back to the thirte
Historical Monuments in Siracusa
Ortygia Walls
Along the outer belt of the island of Ortigia (Syracuse) you can see several bastions which once formed the defensive walls, prot
Historical Monuments in Erice
Historical Monuments in Erice
Door of Trapani
By entering the original wall, which is the Elymian Punic Trapani Gate, you will get main access to the medieveal town. This is ea
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