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Museums in Portugal

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194 museums in Portugal

Museums in Porto
Carro Eléctrico Museum - Tram Museum
This museum is dedicated to the tram as Oporto was the first Portuguese city that had this type of transport. It's in the former Central thermo-electric of Massarelos, whose operation is also part of the museum content. The museum has restored several old tram machines and other support vehicles that circulated in the city since September 12, 1872. Interestingly, they can be rented. Admission is € 3.50 and it can be visited Tuesday-Friday 10.00-12.30 and 14.30-18:00 and Saturdays and Sundays 15.00-19:00
Museums in Lisbon
National Coach Museum
A curious collection of carriages, buggies, wagons, etc. from the seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in the National Coach Museum in the Belem district of Lisbon. Admission is 5 euros, but if you go on a Sunday or public holiday it's free from 10-14.
Museums in Cascais
Museu Condes de Castro Guimaraes
This beautiful palace, built in 1890, is notable for its medieval-inspired tower. Its owners, the Count and Countess of Castro, donated it to the city of Cascais. Since 1931 it has housed the municipal museum, which features Portuguese gold and pottery from the XVIII and XIX centuries, Portuguese and Indo-Portuguese furniture, Chinese vases from the XVIII century, a library and an interesting organ cabinet from 1753. It's in a strategic position, only separated from the sea by a road, and it has a small private beach, accessed underground by the highway. Leaving the palace, there is the chapel of San Sebastian and a large city park with a mini zoo. Hours: Tuesday - Friday from 10:00 to 17:00, and Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 13:00 and 14:00 to 17:00.
Museums in Porto
São Francisco Museum
The church of Sao Francisco is one of the most beautiful in Porto, and although you have to pay 3 € to enter it also gives you access to the church museum which displays various religious elements within a very nice, small palace with a large living room that shows you how to decorate a house with antique style. The underground catacombs of the palace have many corridors and even an altar. In one corner there's a fence to view bones stacked in a pit - creepy. A nice addition to visiting the church, which makes it highly recommended during a visit to Porto.
Museums in Lisbon
Cultural Centre of Belém
It is a modern, very spacious rooms, ready to host art exhibitions, concerts, with a good store of memories and a pavilion for the Berardo Collection Museum, where we saw some excellent exhibitions of contemporary art with sculptures, videos, photographs and paintings . In chapter video projection, we saw one that began with the projection on the floor of the room of the silhouette of a mouse running around her and, one after another, you were incorporating many similar shapes to form a real tangle of mice running around the room. In another room we could see projected on three walls and various photographs of the Pavilion of the Spanish Republic in the International Exhibition of Arts and Techniques, held in Paris in 1937. A truly endearing memories of Spanish artistic production during the civil war.
Museums in Coimbra
National Museum Machado de Castro
The Machado Castro National Museum is named after the Portuguese sculptor Joaquin Castro Machado. Born in Coimbra in the eighteenth century he was the royal sculptor during the reigns of Joseph and Joao VI and Queen Mary I. It opened in 1913 and became the National Museum in 1960 (for the quality and diversity of its works). It's in Upper Coimbra down some stairs, right where the Cathedral or Sé Nova is and it occupies what was formerly the Episcopal Palace - you must see it if you go to the University of Coimbra. On Sundays and holidays it's free until 2pm.
Museums in Cascais
Casa de Santa Maria
Very close to the marina and Faro is the Casa de Santa Maria is a historic residence which accommodated the Counts of Barcelona and the Duke of Windsor, among other royal families. The coolest thing is the very quiet swimming pool. You can visit the house. Some days there's an exposition.
Museums in Porto
Casa do Infante Archaeological Museum
very beautiful
Museums in Condeixa-a-Nova MunicipalityCondeixa-a-Nova Municipality
Conimbriga Monographic Museum
Conimbriga Monographic Museum is perfect to better understand the lives of the Romans in these parts. If you visit Coimbra you have to make room in your itinerary. After seeing the Roman site of Conimbriga (both found on the same site), so you don't have to miss out, with entry costing €4 which includes a visit to both the ruins and also the museum. It is a small museum full of attractions. It has many objects which were recovered in the excavations that have been happening here from the late 19th century. It is divided into different themed rooms. They have found terracotta lanterns, jewellery, personal beauty utensils, talismans, bowls and dishes, coins, stuccos, sculptures, mosaics, frescoes and other tools. They are all very well preserved, and offer a glimpse of what was already developed at the time as you only have to look at the tools and pots. An interesting result is the forum with scale 1:50, if you let your imagination fly a bit you will soon feel the ebb and flow of the inhabitants.
Museums in Braga
Nossa Senhora da Torre
This chapel is attached to one of the ancient gates of the city of Santiago. It was built in a Rocco style in 1755 by Andre Soares. The visit allowed us to get to the top of the tower, where we could see, in addition to the history of the city and its evolution, a collection of antique items as typewriters, telephones, sewing machines, cameras, coins, stamps , etc ... For a higher price admission to the Museum Pio XII is included, but you can get them separately if you wish. We didn´t like the visit too much, the history of the city is told on interactive screens are very slow and usually you aren´t visiting for such a long time. The best is no doubt the views of the Braga.
Museums in Lisbon
Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation
One of my favorite museums. A endless collection of unique ancient objects in one of the two buildings. The other one is a contemporary art museum. If you don’t like art go anyway, it has a beautiful gardens and lakes around the museum and there are free!!!! A little bit far from the touristic center.
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Museums in Braga
Biscainhos Museum
This palace-museum is on the street leading from the Igreja do Pópulo to Arco da Porta Nova, and has been declared Property of Public Interest (IPP). It was built in the seventeenth century to house Dr. Constantino Ribeiro Lago (then one of the most illustrious personalities Braga) and was renovated in 1712 by Francisco Pereira da Silva, commissioning works by famous architect Manuel Fernandes da Silva. It's baroque consisting of 2 bodies joined in an L shape, with 2 entrances, one for people and one for carriages, its facade is linear and has multiple windows on the ground floor and balconies on the top. The museum exhibition shows how it was a palatial building in the eighteenth century and the lifestyle of the nobility. Furniture, jewelry, ceramics, glass, textiles, musical instruments, transportation, prints, sculpture carvings, tiles, paint, etc. from the seventeenth to the nineteenth centuries can be seen. You can also visit the palace gardens (10,000 m2). Entry fee: € 2 but free on Sundays and holidays in the morning. Hours: Monday-Sunday: 10.00-12.15 and 14.00-17.30.
Museums in Porto
Natural History Museum of Sciences Faculty
This huge, modern, white granite building belongs to the Faculty of Sciences and has 3 visitable halls dedicated to archeology and prehistory, zoology and mineralogy. Admission costs € 1.50 and the funds are the property of the University. The building draws much attention for its modernity, especially the part with columns on one side. The entrance is through a staircase, where there are several doors and several large white granite sculptures. It's directly opposite the Park of La Cordonería (Cordoaria) between the Carmelite Church and the Chapel of San José de Taipas.
Museums in Tondela
Caramulo Museum
The Caramulo Museum is the car museum that I visited last year (2008). Many of the cars there have a direct link to the history of Portugal. Its collection was started by Joao de Lacerda in 1955 when he purchased a 1925 Ford. Since then, he has increased his collection massively, leading to the Museum of Caramulo as we see it today. The Museum has a permanent display of 30 motorcycles and 65 cars representing 36 brands in 7 countries. The oldest is a 1886 Benz and the most recent is a Porsche. Included among the display are a Peugeot 1899, Bugatti, Mercedes armored Cadillac, Rolls-Royce, etc.. Well worth visiting if you are in the Sierra de Caramulo. In front of the museum there is a four star hotel with great pools, especially the indoor one, although the outside pool is a bit small. Http :/ / www.Minube.Com/rincon/31885
Museums in Faro
Faro Cathedral Museum
Inside the Cathedral Church, at it;s feet, you'll find a staircase lined with gorgeous embedded tile from the seventeenth century, accessing the cathedral museum. Up the first flight of stairs is a landing from which you can view the interior of the Cathedral from up above. The museum consists of several rooms, where sacred art objects, figurines, carvings, paintings, clothing and liturgical objects are on display.
Museums in Évora
Museu de Evora
The Museu de Evora dates back to 1804, when the archbishop of the city inaugurated a public library to exhibit his collections of art and archaeology. But it wasn't until 1929 after several moves, that it was installed in the old Episcopal Palace. We went on a Sunday morning, because all Portuguese state monuments are free to visit that day. After you enter, you have to follow a path in and out, there is a glassed-in cloister, souvenir shop, then a rest room, where you can admire a magnificent view of the Temple of Diana while sitting in comfortable armchairs having a coffee from the machine. From this point out there are two flights of stairs that lead to the different floors of the museum. On the upper floor there is a ceramic mural (you can take a photo) that's worth seeing. Upon entering the room you can see the collection of paintings, which include thirteen Flemish panels with scenes from the life of the Virgin and several pictures of Josefa de Obidos.
Museums in Amarante
Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso Museum
The Amarante Museum is installed in the Dominican Convent of Saint Gonçalo. It was founded by Albano Sardoeira in 1947 and one of its leading representatives is the Portuguese painter Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso (1887-1918). His work is one of the most prominent in Portuguese painting, and supposedly was the precursor of modern art. Like any museum that aims to promote the Art of the 19th and 20th centuries, in addition to the permanent exhibition, it also houses temporary, thematic or monographic exhibitions. In fact the museum has two spaces for small exhibitions (design, photography, video) and another room for larger temporary exhibitions. Every two years the Museum organizes the Prix Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso covering various artistic expressions.
Museums in Barcelos
Museum of Ceramics
The Pottery Museum of Barcelos (Museu de Olaria) was created in 1963 after the donation of a valuable pottery collection by the ethnographer Joaquim Selles Paes de Vilas Boas. The collection was extended and finally opened in the present building in 1995. You can see all kinds of pottery created by Portuguese artisans and potters. The exhibition space is 2,000 square meters and 3 large rooms display more than 7,000 pieces. It also has meeting and educational rooms, an auditorium and cafeteria. Admission is € 2.20 and visiting hours are: Tuesday to Friday from 10 to 17:30 and weekends from 10 to 12.30 and 14 to 17.30.
Activities in Portugal