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Nature Reserves in Great Britain

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86 nature reserves in Great Britain

Nature Reserves in The Quiraing
Nature Reserves in Minehead
Exmoor National Park
The sprawling scenery makes for amazing photography and the wild horses make for an exciting adventure. When going on a quest to find the ponies please remember on finding them not to get too close as even though they’re adorable they are still wild animals! Exmoor is also great for kite flying and picnicking, to the point that people’s favourite picnic spots become well guarded secrets but Robbers Bridge in the Launa Doone Valley is probably mine. Go explore Exmoor yourselves, it’s definitely worth the trip.
Nature Reserves in Balloch
Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park
Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park is one of Scotland's most beautiful natural places. Around Loch Lomond, the region's largest lake, there are several mountain ranges, including the Trossachs, which are the most famous. The park was initially recognized in 2002. It measures more than 1850 square miles, and includes 21 mountains over 900 meters tall. The highest is Ben More at 966 meters in altitude. There's normally snow on the summit annually. The chains is called Munros, the first man to record them all. The mountains within the park include Ben Lomond, Ben More and Ben Lui. The park is in the districts of Stirling, West Dumbartonshire, Argyll and Bute. The most convenient way to get there from Glasgow is trough the town of Balloch (by train) and then get a map at the tourist office. Camping is allowed everywhere in Scotland. You'll pass by several salt water lakes, like Loch Goil and Loch Long, before reaching the coast.
Nature Reserves in Cannich
The Glen Affric
20km west of the famous Loch Ness, Glen Affric is a beautiful nature reserve. Forests, lochs, rivers and heather can all be found in this park. It is a paradise for hikers, but be careful of the midges, small mosquitoes active between June and October.
Nature Reserves in Cushendall
Glenariff Forest Park
When travelling between Cushendall and Ballymena, in Northern Ireland, there is a spectacular nature preserve which is ideal for walks. There are two ways to get there, one by a small road from Waterfoot which overlooks a resturant, and the other, from Cushendall where the main entrance is. The main attractions are the waterfalls, especially the Ess-na-Larach which is 800 m from the visitor centre and Laragh Lodge, next to the restaurant of the same name. From one to another is the so-called Path of the Falls, as it goes along the river on a beautiful wooden path where you can see countless waterfalls. It is a beautiful place in October and is completely empty. The park has other hiking trails, the longest of which is 10 km.
Nature Reserves in Brighton
Devil's Dyke
it is an amazing place to relax and enjoy the green landscape. Totally recommended.
Nature Reserves in Kirkwall
Deerness Peninsula
At the east end of East Mainland is where you can find Deerness Peninsula. It's a place that's virtually uninhabited, where we seem to be in the mid-twentieth century, because even agricultural machinery is obsolete. The sea views are nice, but access is somewhat difficult, for its narrow roads and total lack of signs. And in case you're wondering, your GPA won't be able to help you either, that we walk on Mt. Despite all this, is direct access to the Newark Bay, one of the best beaches in all the islands and among all the funny thing is, that even the sheep (mainly younger) seem surprised to see human area therefore included some pictures of these cute animals. The typical place where there is not a single tourist or locals only ... To disappear ideal.
Nature Reserves in Kingussie
Cairngorms National Park
Our trip to Scotland began in some corners of this park in the northeast, a paradise for mountaineers and hikers and lovers of nature. The Cairngorms mountains and some of its surrounding hills became a National Park in September 2003, an area of ​​3800 square km. It has four of the five highest mountains in Scotland. Its spectacular central plateau is divided into different valleys where the last remnants of the pristine forests of red pine which once covered the Highlands. These forests are home to species such as the red squirrel, grouse, marten, bobcat, deer and badgers amongst others. Following any of the trails that are located within the National Park is a marvel, full of lakes, forests, mountains. Enter the Glenmore Forest Park and walk around Loch Morlich, with its beach and Loch an Eilein, both very beautiful landscapes. A place to enjoy in every way and relax.
Nature Reserves in Glencoe
Route by the Coe River
Like almost everything in Scotland, late autumn is a time of great contrasts where everything changes compared to how is has been in previous months. This time we decided to do one of the safest routes on the slopes of one of the most characteristic peaks of the mythical valley of Glencoe, the Three Sisters. It basically follows the path of the river that bears the same name. A typical mountain river with ice cold crystal clear waters and directing our gaze toward the first snow already visible at the top of the valley. All this in the midst of a landscape in shades of brown and temperatures around the 0 ° C mark. It is neither the longest route or the most risky, but if it is one of the most comfortable, especially if you don't have any special walking equipment and have children with you. It's the perfect way to spend the day surrounded by wild nature of the Scottish Highlands.
Nature Reserves in Loughborough
Charnwood Forest
Charnwood Forest is the ultimate playground, surrounded as it is by nature, for of all the people of Loughborough, and the truth is that the beauty of this forest deserves the fame and pride of the locals when they speak of Charnwood Forest. The Romans were the first to mention in their writings the existence of this forest, making some comments about an enchanted forest ... Which today is all but ignored because nothing ever happened there. It is a lovely place to spend a day, eating, walking in nature or simply to get away from from the city noise. It is very well connected if we start from Loughborough or Leicester. Really the forest is regulated and defined by authorities as part of the regional heritage of Leicestershire, but to say this in Loughborough could be dangerous, since they do will hesitate to statethat the forest belongs to them.
Nature Reserves in Braemar
Invercauld Estate
Shortly before arriving at Braemar, after leaving Glen Shee behind we got to the area known as "Invercauld State". A vast area that is partly in the county of Perth and partly in Aberdeen. In this area there are plenty of hiking trails of varying difficulty, all with free access. The name itself denotes that it has an owner, because the term Estate (State) in Scotland was previously used to refer to the land belonging to a castle, palace or noble family. In Braemar, we can find the castles of Invercauld and Braemar, both belonging to a the Farquharson noble family and clan of the Highlands, who acquired the land in the early 17th century. The current Lord Farquharson, who is roughly 93 years old, kindly allowed for the lands to be used by the general public, not only as hiking area, but for hunting and fishing, to offset the price of maintaining the land.A beautiful quiet place, and thanks to the generosity of the owner, we can now enjoy it. An example for many.
Nature Reserves in Helmsley
NorthYorkshire Moor Park
In the north of England (Yorkshire District) there is a nature reserve full of landscapes, pretty villages and an amazing history, full of abbeys (such as those of Byland or Rievaulx), castles and other areas of similar interest. Among the many wonders of that nature reserve, we find a town which has been declared as one of the most picturesque in all England: Thornton-le-Dale (an incredible place). This national park is a very convenient spot for those who want to spend a week or ten days in a very different area of ​​England (possible convenient airports are Newcastle or Doncaster), with activities such as hiking, water sports, relaxing in pubs/village locals or as I said seeing one of the more rural and traditional faces of England. This is the area of ​​York, Helmsley, Thornton or Richmond.. and as I said, one of the wonders of England.
Nature Reserves in Aberfoyle
Inversnaid is a nature reserve and a villa that is located on the east side of Loch Lomond. It is a famous place, and it is just great. In fact is touted as "the dark side of the lake Lommond" and as soon as you visit this location you will know the reason ... most people there either live there or work there. The tourists are mostly from Scotland. The lake views are incredible, and the pictures clearly do much more justice to the area than my words do. The possibilities there are endless, and they are all in relation to nature, from lake cruises to thousands of routes, and one of the most famous of which leads to the famous cave of Rob Roy MacGregor. Although I admit that I'm used to the natural wonders of this country, I have to admit I also never ceases to amaze. It is really expensive but worth a lot. Inversnaid shows us that Loch Lomond is much more than just a corner.
Nature Reserves in Hamilton
Parque Natural de Chatelheraut
Natural Park Chatelherault match the ancient lands of the Dukes of Hamilton offers routes through forests, hills, rivers and other natural elements besides being a center for conferences and exhibitions. There was a palace that was destroyed, but there is still the hunting residence of the Dukes, in all its glory, with the functions of museum and visitor center . Possibly one of the biggest natural areas and most visited of all the Glasgow area, now the biggest city in Scotland. Once there, you can choose from many tours: The Green Bridge, The Oaks of Cadzow, Hunting Grounds, the mining route or monumental path, all easy and with a maximum distance of 4 km, which makes is a perfect choice to go to have a good family day out. Within these lands are the ruins of Cadzow Castle, which can not be visited as it is in the process of restoration, but from which there are lovely views over the River Avon. A very nice place, perfect to spend a Sunday with the family, and landscapes with options for all tastes and ages.
Nature Reserves in Balloch
Inveruglas is a point on the west side of Loch Lomond (the largest lake in Scotland and Europe although Loch Ness is deeper) with one of the most scenic views in this area because after climbing a small hill that lies behind that there's a cafe with a direct view of Ben Lomond, one of the highest and most beautiful peaks in the area. According to locals, Inveruglas is a town ... I think that village would be too risky since there are over six houses. I would define this location as one of the natural points to visit in Loch Lomond and Trossachs Park. It is one of the recommended stops on cruises across the lake, with its views and starting point for many interesting hiking routes which are short and low difficulty. The cafe is famous for its soup, sweets and coffee, what makes Inveruglas one of the places to visit in our passage through this famous corner of Scotland. It's usually overlooked and half way between Glasgow and the Highlands (Highlands) via Crianlarich.
Nature Reserves in Stirling
Stirling Mountains
Stirling, both city and county, is built on and around a mountain group, not as high or continuous as the famous Highlands. The city is around the castle on a rock crafted from the mountains, making the city a part of the mountain. From the castle, one of the highest sites, facing northwest we can see the beginning of the range and natural packets "Trossarchs", usually covered in snow and the largest lake Scotland, Lomond (Loch Lomond). To the east and south theres a series of Glens, which leads almost to the capital Edinburgh. There's the famous monument to Willam Wallace (one of the most visited in the area), next to the University and of the Glens the most famous might be Glen Alva or Campsie Mountain. But really, it goes up too high, from anywhere in the city or its suburbs you can see that you are in the mountains, so different from each other as beautiful.
Nature Reserves in Tenby
Pembrokeshire Coast National Park
The company and pre-trip ignorance made us enjoy a big day around one of the most beautiful areas of South Wales.
Nature Reserves in Resolven
The National Showcaves Centre for Wales
The National Showcaves Centre for Wales is the ideal place to spend a family day with the children. The caves are amazing and very well lit with a great atmosphere. The Cave of the Cathedral has a large waterfall. Warning: you should be prepared to walk down a very slippery floor.
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