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Nature Reserves in Málaga

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20 nature reserves in Málaga

Nature Reserves in Yunquera
Sierra de Las Nieves Natural Park
Again "Let's Explore!" took me to a place close to my home that I had no idea existed. In 1989, La Sierra de las Nieves was declared part of Malaga Natural Park, and rightfully so. After a short morning 4X4 route, I can assure you this is one of the most beautiful places I've seen in and around Malaga. "Let's Explore!" is based in Andalusia and each of his expeditions is an adventures and is a privilege to participate in. If you can contact them to join one, I assure you it will not only be a good, fun, time, but it will also enable you to touch part of the World biosphere Reserve - as declared by UNESCO in 1995, and you'll experience nature as you should.
Nature Reserves in Valle de Abdalajís
El Chorro Natural Park
In the heart of Malaga, surrounded by limestone, history and poetry. Winding walls, breathtaking cliffs and water is everywhere. Worth a visit, especially and most importantly because there is no mobile phone coverage..
Nature Reserves in Ardales
Ardales Park
A quiet place where you can swim in swamps, rivers, go through gorges, canyons, hiking, canoeing, eating at good bars and restaurants, country hotels, rock climbing, rappelling, biking, camping, knowing what little is left of the ´king´s path,´ it is amazing, and very nice. It is advisable to be prepared for several days if you want to see and do everything. The guy at the campsite can advise you when you go. Have fun.
Nature Reserves in Malaga
Montes de Málaga Natural Park
From the Olletas Fountain, you'll see a winding road. If you follow it, you'll soon leave the city behind and the landscape will start to change to a forest of pines, many pines. This is the old road that was once the only way to get in and out of Malaga, but today is reserved for those who want to enjoy some nature. At various points along the way you can find places to eat the wonderful local food. There are several nature trails, with varying levels of difficulty, and if you'd rather have a barbecue, there are designated areas where it's safe to light a fire. Less than twenty minutes from the city centre, it's amazing to find this natural paradise and enjoy Malaga from a completely different perspective.
Nature Reserves in Ardales
The Gaitane´s Gorge
An amazing site. It is a shame that you can not go through the pass, but it's really amazing to view, and I recommend the Finca Rocabella as well. It is very quiet and the houses are very well maintained and very comfortable! Fantastic value for money! 100x100
Nature Reserves in Frigiliana
Tejeda and Almijara Mountain Ranges
Another one of Malaga's natural parks with some heights where you can enjoy panoramic views which stretch across the Sierra Nevada. From Frigiliana there is a beautiful route that follows the course of the river Chilla. Malaga Cottages http://www.Toprural.Com/andalucia/casas-rurales-malaga_bd-es-29.htm
Nature Reserves in Ronda
Nature Reserves in Archidona
Sierra de Gracia Peri-urban Park
The park begins at the road that leads to the walls, castle and Chapel of Grace Ntra in the Sierra de Gracia, in the village of Archidona. The road, although in good condition, its very narrow, twisted, and curvy. Buses may not be able to pass through it. The urban park Sierra de Gracia, considered as a magnificent 'lung' for the city, is under the foot of the Sierra de la Peña and has the best views of the city and is famous for rock lovers Through the park, native plants and flowers, such as rock rose, pine, oak, thyme, rosemary, are visible. The park covers an area of ​​about 35 hectares and is a good starting point for several hiking trails, sightseeing, cycling, and bird watching. There are several picnic sites. No hunting is allowed.
Nature Reserves in Campillos
Campillos: the Reflection of Its Eight Lagoons
The water reflection is mirrored in the green hills like a blanket of vibrant crystals. The sky was blue and round, resembling a blanket over the hills, leaving a trail of gray clouds here and there as shade. A gentle breeze made the landscape change constantly, adding and removing glare and colors, like a natural kaleidoscope of the earth. Between the mutation and the mirage, a singular image developed, a shadow of pinks relaxing on the surface of the water, a pale pinkish aura over the lagoon. In the distance, barely visible as we approached , we began to glimpse the magic of the dyes on water. The sight: flamingos.
Nature Reserves in Yunquera
Snow in Malaga
How many times have you seen snow in Malaga? Yes, snow in Malaga. Certainly, Andalusia has many protected natural spaces, and the Natural Park Sierra de las Nieves, located in Malaga province between Marbella and Ronda, occupies particular heights. Never before has its name done more justice to itself than now. With this route you can get to the heart of the Andalusia to see snow firsthand. The fee includes the rental Exploramás SUV in Malaga, led by our guides or you can drive the 4x4 yourself and go to the Natural Park Sierra de las Nieves. Seeing the most unusual face of Malaga is priceless and seeing snow is an unforgettable experience.
Nature Reserves in Frigiliana
Climb the Mountain in Frigiliana
Miguel Angel perfectly explained this beautiful experience. As and how he lived - I filmed it. So, I can only upload the video and hope you enjoy it as we did, until you have the opportunity to go to Frigiliana and upload the fantastic Cerro de la Sabina.
Nature Reserves in Casarabonela
Route through the Sierra de Las Nieves and Ronda
On a trip from Benalmadena Costa to Sevilla, we decided to visit the Sierra de las Nieves and navigate through the roads of the Guadalhorce Valley villages to Ronda in order to visit this beautiful Natural Park and Biosphere Reserve. We entered Casarabonela, then went on to Alozaina, Yunquera, El Burgo, Ronda, and Sevilla. The tour is easy to do by car or motorcycle, as there is good weather at all times of the year and the local roads are well maintained and marked. The hospitality areas of Casarabonela, Alozaina (Restaurant/ Bar La Jaca), and El Burgo, Yunquera, have many establishments where you can eat breakfast and lunch, at quality and good prices. Without a doubt, the most attractive parts of the trip were visits to the villages and mountains where winding roads made up much of the route, and we were surrounded by orange groves, olive trees, and pine forests that highlighted the ​​Forest Ranger Lookout, from which you can appreciate the pine and fir forests in the mountains at their peaks. They also contain large blocks of limestone that are affected by strong wind erosion and the climate of the area. There will be repeat visits!
Nature Reserves in Alcaucín
Nature Reserves in Ronda
Nature Reserves in Ojen
Nature Reserves in Benahavís
Nature Reserves in Riogordo
Tajo Gomer
The Tajo Gomez is situated in the Axarquia, RIo Gordo upstream (Malaga). It is a very beautiful place for short treks but refrain from going in summer and the final stretch is pretty difficult.
Nature Reserves in Antequera