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Of Cultural Interest in Great Britain

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165 of cultural interest in Great Britain

Of Cultural Interest in Liverpool
Albert Dock
Albert Dock! Great place you have to visit if you're in Liverpool. It's integral to the history of the city, and will help you know how the goods came to this particular port. Be sure to go see the museums in the area as well. You can't miss it!
Of Cultural Interest in Saint Andrews
St. Andrews Cathedral
Located next to the sea and it's just 30 min drive from Dundee. It's full of lovely historical buildings spreaded out all over the town.
Of Cultural Interest in Chelmsford
Hylands Park
when they host the v festival it's a great atmosphere with brilliant organization and performances. It's well catered and also a nice place to camp due to the fields being level and the grass being longer and softer.
Of Cultural Interest in Glencoe
Not the best views in Scotland, because any view in Scotland is absolutely wonderful, but this is equally special. Stop to see the animals in the photos (I'm ashamed I do not remember the name) and an isolated building.
Of Cultural Interest in London
British Library
One of the best libraries I have visited, but it's a pity that they don't let you into the room. You can only walk around inside the enclosure without going into a single room. If you are a librarian or you can change it, it will make a special visit.
Of Cultural Interest in Dundee
Tay Bridge
Built in 1878, and opened by Queen Victoria, this railway bridge was the world's longest at the time, nearly 3 km. It spans the River Tay between Dundee and the east side of Scotland, including Edinburgh. Shortly after its construction, the bridge collapsed during the night of December 28, 1879, during a heavy storm. The train didn't stop in time, and no survivors were found. Engineer Thomas Boucher was convicted and the bridge was rebuilt in 1887, as we can see today.
Of Cultural Interest in Portsmouth
Two years ago, I was on Erasmus in Portsmouth in the UK. When I arrived, I went out with my camera to explore, and ended up in a small park divided into several zones. The last zone caught my eye with its unusual decor, so I took this picture.
Of Cultural Interest in Liverpool
Liverpool Central Library
It is located very close to the shopping area and next to the train station in the historic area where you can see the oldest buildings of the city. One of them is the home to the largest library in the city, Central Library. The building was completed in 1860 and also housed the World Museum. Apparently, in the coming years some parts of these buildings will be demolished to be built again, with a more modern style.
Of Cultural Interest in Manchester
The Lowry
Located on the quay, next to an outlet center and opposite the Imperial War Museum, is The Lowry - a spectacular building. By its design you can imagine that it's some sort of art exhibition hall - and so it is. It's a building dedicated to art in all its versions: painting, sculpture, music, etc. It was designed by Michael Wilford and has a spectacular theater with seating for about 2,000. The truth is that the Guggenheim has an air of style like this building and, above all, it's not lost on the visitor. It's probably the most attractive of the city of Manchester.
Of Cultural Interest in Tobermory
Tobermory Distillery
The old distillery is this town is found right at the city's entrance. It represents local pride, and has suppliers of the famous fire water (the Celts), which is so handy on cold and stormy days. The distillery was founded in 1798 and has been in work ever since then. Honestly, the products are very good, especially for people who are lovers of the world of pure malt whiskey. Productions mainly focus on Tobermory 10 years (very good, if somewhat intense flavor my short and not smoking) and Tobermory 15 years (with a lot more body and a little more honey in its composition). Iona have another single malt whiskey, which for my taste is too dry, very pale and that nothing can compete with Tobermory 10 years. The best thing is just to try it, because of course tastes, etc differ (or "spirits"). The Tour of most meh, nothing new except a strong promotion to the Hebrides as suppliers of whiskey (which is true), of course.
Of Cultural Interest in Portsmouth
HMS Warrior
The HMS Warrior is one of the British Navy's historic vessels, and right now it's anchored in the port of Portsmouth, in what is considered to be the Historic Dockyard. The ship was launched in 1860 and, at that time, it was one of the most important ships in the English fleet at Queen Victoria's time. Today, you can visit it as part of a visit to the historic Portsmouth. It's an interesting ship because it shows a time of transition in the history of navigation. The ship works both with a sail and steam, but that simple fact made it enter retirement shortly after its construction. A visit to the harbor takes about a half hour, but during that time you're transported to another era. The group of volunteers dress like people did in those times, so you feel like you've time-traveled.
Of Cultural Interest in Guildford
Convent Garden Square
Guildford Convent was founded in 1274 by Eleanor of Provence, widow of Henry III. The monks of the monastery were Dominicans, known as "black monks" for their robes. They lived mainly by alms and used the monastery as a base for small outlets to pray around. The convent building was demolished in 1538 and in its place a mansion was built, called The Convent. Again the building disappeared, this time it was broken down to make way for industrial development. In 1860 a new building was constructed to house a local brewery. It closed in the 1970s and was demolished for a new commercial center - The Convent, which opened in 1983. Today the square is a crossing point for thousands of people who go to the city center to work, people spend a few hours with friends, shopping or waiting for a taxi (the largest taxi rank is here).
Of Cultural Interest in Cambridge
Mathematical Bridge
Isaac Newton constructed this bridge and later mounted it so that all of its parts are suspended in the air without any support. Crazy, right? Years later, a group of engineers disassembled it in order to examine it to see how he did it because it truly was incredible. But after a while, they were able to reassemble it and screwing it had to do to keep it stable as Newton left it. The name of the city, "Cambridge" is due to this bridge, situated on the River Cam. If you visit Cambridge do not be to see this river, and do "Punting", which is a very relaxing ride about 45 min on the River Cam.
Of Cultural Interest in Minehead
West Somerset Railway
A railway line, but now a tourist line, operating only with old trains. We went on a special day like many organized, with steam trains! Inside they are all very comfortable, much more than modern trains which just fit as many people as poss in a small space, the bathrooms are wooden, velvet chairs. On this train, everyone is on vacation, other details, no one is stressed, smiles. You can use it to go to the sea, spend the day at one of the pretty coastal villages like Dunster and Minehead, and then come back at night to Taunton. The entire tour takes about two hours, but you can get on where you want. The round trip cost £15, and there is another ticket that allows you to get on and off as you like along the route, and costs £20. We passed steam trains and diesel ones.
Of Cultural Interest in Liverpool
India Buildings
Another example of elegant art deco and the prosperity that Liverpool had as a trading port is the "India" building. It's located in the oldest part of Liverpool on Water Street. The immense India building is surrounded by other gleaming buildings. The exterior is characterized by the simplicity of the design from the 20s, and inside this simplicity is maintained even though there is a large amount of elegant details on the ceiling and high airy arches. Today in this building there are offices and some shops downstairs which do not accredit to it's elegance. Anyway it worth admiring this work of architecture that is so colossal and yet so delicate.
Of Cultural Interest in Stratford-Upon-Avon
Once you see the house where William Shakespeare was born, where he lived with his wife Anne Hathaway, and the home of his daughter Susan, you'll have plenty of time to walk around and rest a while on the banks of the Stratford River. Then you can go to Trinity Church, where his tomb is, go through the Gower Memorial, the monument built in his honour, and also by the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, also on the river, or the Shakespeare Centre, where you can get all kinds of information on his life and works.
Of Cultural Interest in Caernarfon
Wales, that small country next to England. I couldn't see it all, but seeing the North Shore is a small wonder. The route took me through castles, small coastal towns and castles up to Caernarfon. I liked to see the signs were written in Gaelic, though I don't know if the English will love that little detail. We could not see much of the city. It was cold and it was windy ... but I liked walking through the streets up to the castle, a stunning gray mass that rises along the river and you cannot look away. We crossed a small bridge to view the other side of the river, to give us some perspective. Probably if the castle didn't exist, few people would visit the city, but most people don't know that the castle was built to subjugate the people of Wales in the time of Edward I of England. Yet it is worth going to see it and compare the English with the Welsh environment.
Of Cultural Interest in Winchester
Round Table of King Arthur
It is said that this is the location of King Arthur's round table. As you can see from the picture, it is hung on the wall. Honestly, I wasn't very impressed and I didn't think it was that beautiful. I found this place unique, but as nothing is shown and everything is speculated it was lost on me. It was still pretty.
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