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Of Cultural Interest in Mexico

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433 of cultural interest in Mexico

Of Cultural Interest in Guadalajara
Old Town Guadalajara
Guadalajara is a beautiful city. As the song says "the pure smell of wet earth" and it is true, the smell is very typical of Guadalajara. Her you can enjoy tequila, mariachi, food, all that is Guadalajara in Mexico.
Of Cultural Interest in San Cristóbal de Las Casas
San Cristobal de las Casas
Beautiful traditional place that smells like coffee. There are many foreigners but all with the same, you´re at home! Many stores with special designs like in a hippie style, traditional, chic, cold but rich, I felt like I was in a Colombian restaurant. Enjoy this place.
Of Cultural Interest in Real de Catorce
Real de Catorce
This is an enigmatic place where you can find yourself among nature and animals while leaving some of the stress of the city. Then, you will return with the desire to move forward in your work.
Of Cultural Interest in Xilitla
Las pozas de Edward James
If you leave Mexico City it is recommended that you take the highway to Queretaro, bypass to San Luis Potosi, Green River and you stay at the Ciudad Valles. From the latter you can visit various places around. There are several hotels or hostels that offer good price good service. People living in the Huasteca region, February to June recommend to visit these places, as it is the best time to put swimming in waterfalls and a very pleasant climate.
Of Cultural Interest in Monterrey
Cerro de la Silla
I'm a photographer for the American Football teams for the Technology of Monterrey Campus, Mexico City Campus, and I got to visit the Garza Lagüera field. The view of Cerro de la Silla from this field is beautiful. Watching the game at the foot of the hill is more pleasurable.
Of Cultural Interest in Guadalajara
Hospicio Cabañas
Make sure you go early because it closes a little early and go and sit to the fountain outside the hospicio at sunset, it's beautiful trust me.
Of Cultural Interest in Guanajuato
Juarez Theatre
The Teatro Juarez in Guanajuato is a historic theater dating from the late 19th century in the Mexican city of Guanajuato in Mexico. It is a reference point for the natives of the city and also for visitors. It is one of the headquarters of the International Cervantes Festival.
Of Cultural Interest in Guadalajara
Hombre de Fuego (Man of Fire) Mural
If you can visit it do it because it's worth it.
Of Cultural Interest in Ekbalán
Ek' Balam Ruins
This is one of the Mayan archaeological sites that is most striking for its glyphs and sculptures in the main pyramid. Maya is a city and in its glory it was painted red and scented with perfume or incense. If you're looking for Mayan treasures and you like history this place is a must. The entrance is an impractical arch, but it was fully functional for sacred matters. Ek Balam is very close Temozon, a Yucatan village that is famous for its furniture and smoked meat, you should try some! Valladolid, another major Yucatan city, is nearby and is worth visiting during this tour.
Of Cultural Interest in Zacatlán
Zacatlán de Las Manzanas
Zacatlán of Apples is located very close to the Federal District. It's one my favorite places to visit, and it has an extensive history. If you like good food, Zacatlán offers a variety of dishes and taste experiences.
Of Cultural Interest in Taxco de Alarcón
Cacahuamilpan Grottos
The wonder and majesty of the Earth is everywhere, even underground!
Of Cultural Interest in Coyoacán
National Autonomous University of Mexico-UNAM-
UNAM was for 50 years in buildings in the historic center of Mexico City, in 1956 it moved to the south of the city, in a beautiful part of Pedregal de San Angel, to new buildings and thus began an important new stage in its national history. The construction project included major Mexican architects like Mario Pani and Enrique del Moral, and from the beginning it was planned to continue the country muralist tradition and to capture on its walls the nation's feelings. Thus arose the relief of Juan O'Gorman on the low walls of the Central Library, Diego Rivera's unfinished mural at the Olympic Stadium and large murals in various techniques of David Alfaro Siqueiros on the Rectory, Joseph Chavez Morado on the auditorium of the Faculty of Sciences and others. To this day they still beautify spaces of this legendary institution. Pre-hispanic, colonial and contemporary Mexico are represented artistically on different buildings that stand out among beautiful landscaped gardens. In 2007, the Central Campus of UNAM was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
Of Cultural Interest in San Pedro Cholula
Great Pyramids of Cholula
A fusion, a syncretism of two cultures by imposition but a that modern Mexico is made of.
Of Cultural Interest in Campeche
Edzna Ruins
In the State of Campeche, there are significant archaeological sites, including Edzná , which is an important Mayan city. It is south of the City of San Francisco Campeche. It is a place that takes you into a state of tranquility and peace. Worth contemplating for an upcoming trip, and it is another place that is majestic, much like Chichen Itza in Yucatan, and it is a Biosphere Reserve. It´s called Calakmul , but that's another story ...
Of Cultural Interest in Xcaret
The House of Whispers
In Xcaret, a theme park which I highly recommend situated in the area of the Riviera Maya, you can also find the House of Whispers. According to legend, its walls reveal secrets to family and friends which are difficult to confess in person. If the walls murmur, the soul is purified, and if any such confident murmur is heard through them, the confessor gets a merit in heaven ... The house is located on a hill with a recreation of a Mayan cemetery, a spiral path to the summit tombs filled with black humor. It is really awesome, with original designs (pure and colorful Mexican crafts) and it shows how death is considered in this country. On top there are four trees which are located at each cardinal point as the Mayan tradition ...
Of Cultural Interest in San Luis Potosí
Of Cultural Interest in Parras de la Fuente
Casa Madero
Casa Madero is a corner of relaxation or celebration. It's a place of great tradition, charm, and magic, plus it has a great history and is the pride of Parras de la Fuente Coahuila. This beautiful farm is dedicated to viticulture, and also operates as a hotel, though it contracts its 24 rooms for a 3 day minimum with food and beverage service. Generally, it takes reservations for weddings, family celebrations or corporate events. Casa Grande, Casa Madero is not just any farm, it operates one of the oldest vineyards in the Americas and is located in one of the 25 "Magic Towns of Mexico," Parras de la Fuente, Coahuila. Parras de la Fuente is a small town in the Coahuila desert. It is literally an oasis, a place with plenty of water and green to contrast with the arid desert lands of the region. Parras was founded there thanks to the "mercy" of King Philip II of Spain, who in 1597, donated the land for the purpose of founding a vineyard. It was the first in the Americas, and its history and that of Parras Hacienda San Lorenzo have been linked together forever. To reach Parras and visit Casa Madero, it's necessary to go to Torreón or Saltillo. In the very middle of the highway linking the cities, you'll find an exit to Parras de la Fuente, and, a few miles before reaching the city, you'll see the farm, which also has a small airstrip for those who prefer to arrive by plane. For visitors who only want to see the estate's facilities, there is the possibility of doing so: you can have a tour of the vineyards and wine, and an opportunity to taste the wine that is produced there. This is a corner I have frequented for a long time, and where I was honored to celebrate the wedding of my oldest daughter. I share this, because it is so worth knowing.
Of Cultural Interest in León
Centro León
Tasty quesadillas and traditional food with a flavor that many restaurateurs are envious of.
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