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Of Cultural Interest in Portugal

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271 of cultural interest in Portugal

Of Cultural Interest in Elvas
Old Town of Elvas
It would be impossible to imagine a Portugese street that is not dominated by the colors of white and yellow. But not just any white or any yellow. A white born of chalk and bright lime contrasting with the strong yellow sun, unique in Portugal. I do not know why that yellow color, next to blue tiles, is so characteristic of the country next to Spain. The streets in the center of Elvas are narrow, steep and all of them are cobbled making the car bounce while you are looking for somewhere to park. They are not particularly pretty or fancy or have any special distinction, but it is their colors, and the habit of having shrines and saints hung on the walls of the buildings, which distinguishes it from every town in Extremadura, although Elvas is only a few steps from Badajoz.
Of Cultural Interest in Aveiro
Great way to see the city and all its main attractions. You will not see the salinas though, there are floodgates to the laguna and the molineiros don't go out.
Of Cultural Interest in Aveiro
Costa Nova
Costa Nova is famous for its "palheiros", houses which adorn the facades with colored stripes. Walking along the promenade one can see the views of these houses .There are seafood restaurants and the beaches are vast and full of surfers and tourists.
Of Cultural Interest in Porto
Casa da Música
Amazing building with lots of interesting events
3 activities
Of Cultural Interest in Tomar
Convent of Christ
The Convent of Christ, part of the route of the Templars in Portugal, is in the town of Tomar. Its exterior architecture and garden can be visited for free. When I visited, in 2009, the entrance fee was €5. What I liked, apart from the architecture of its facades, were the central courtyard with its beautiful fountain and the huge chapel and altarpiece, which is a marvel. It is a must in Tomar.
Of Cultural Interest in Porto
Cais de Gaia
A place to enjoy the views and spend a relaxing time watching the boats go by on the Douro River between you and the old town of Porto. It's best to visit to the wineries of Gaia, partake in a port wine tasting and later enjoy the views that the landscape offers.
Of Cultural Interest in Castro Laboreiro
Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora da Peneda
One of the most unique places in the Serra de A Peneda is the Shrine of the same name, and the region's patron saint. But A Peneda also has much more to offer. After the sanctuary, there is a road that, after climbing for 45 minutes, takes you to the rocks at the top, and there is also a small lake-reservoir on a plain where cows graze. The water that runs out of it feeds the Peneda cascade (if you make the picture bigger, you can see a little bit of it through the forest near the tree in the foreground). http://lugaresadescubrir.Blogspot.Com/2011/01 / national-park-geres Peneda-i-portugal.Html
Of Cultural Interest in Cascais
Santa Marta Lighthouse and Museum
In 1864 the building of Santa Marta Lighthouse started on the fort of the same name. Four years later it was opened, with a small tower and a steady red light. In 1980 and 1981 the lighthouse was fully automated. In 2000 the lamp units were moved to the Municipality of Cascais for the creation of a museum dedicated to the lamps. The museum opened on July 27, 2007. Cascais is one of the most touristy places in Portugal Location: Forte de Santa Marta, Cascais [38º 41'25.14'' N, 9 ° 25' 0.29'' W]
Of Cultural Interest in Nazaré (Portugal)
Nazare Lighthouse
The Lighthouse of Nazaré first shone its light on December 1, 1903, after a long process which included the expropriation of the Fort of S. Miguel to be converted into a lighthouse keeper's home. It is about 2 miles from Nazaré, and has spectacular views over the ocean.
Of Cultural Interest in Sintra
Sintra Old Town (Vila Velha)
Small but with great atmosphere
Of Cultural Interest in Évora
Almendres Cromlech
Evora isn't only riddled with megalithic monuments, even though it's the area with the highest concentration of them. I recommend that you quietly visit the city and its surroundings, and if you have time, go to Monsaraz, near the border with Badajoz. In the whole area, there are many "dolmens", "menhirs" and "cromlechs". Besides, the hilltop village of Monsaraz is a real beauty, with stone streets and incredible views with the river on one side and the Alentejo plainon the other. Close to Monsaraz, there are several enclaves that are also very interesting to visit.
Of Cultural Interest in Pêra
International Sand Sculpture Festival
It was something marvellous, enjoyed by all of us, both children and adults. The sculptures were perfect, no faults, perfectly shaped, groomed to detail. This year they were devoted to the animal kingdom, Disney had figures of giant insects that seemed about to get out of the land, of dinosaurs, including Count Dracula with his castle and tell you more for you to go to see it. I recommend seeing this to everyone.
Of Cultural Interest in Coimbra
Portugal dos Pequenitos
These tiny, Portuguese-style structures are the perfect place to bring children. Kids really like going in and out of them. There are little fishermen homes, churches, stables, and two-story houses, all in miniature and all very pretty. It's a good place to visit if you decide to go to Coimbra, Portugal
Of Cultural Interest in Olhão
Ria Formosa
In Faro, the capital of the Algarve region in Portugal, you can find this famous river. It is a nature reserve 170 km ², a prominent vantage point for many different species of migratory birds. For a good view of the river and photos, I recommend that you go up to the top of Faro Cathedral. If I remember correctly, the entrance fee is about 1-2 Euros. The road that runs parallel to the river mouth leads to Gilao pier [B] Tavira [/ B], where you can catch cruise ships (every 5 minutes, 2 €) to the island of Tavira, a natural paradise of golden sand. This island is part of the [B] Ria Formosa National Park. [/ B]
Of Cultural Interest in Aveiro
Aveiro Light
The lighthouse of Barra de Aveiro owes its existence to numerous accidents on the coast in the area of the gorge of Vouga. The first project dates back to the year 1856, but it wasn´t until the year 1879 that the final draft was approved by engineer Benjamim Paulo Cabral. It became operational in the year1893, with a tower of 62 meters, the highest in Portugal, and the highest one in all of Europe. In the year 1958 an elevator was installed in the tower and reduced the lamp power to 1000 watts. Its automation began in the year1990. Location: Barra de Aveiro [40 ° 38.64 'N, 08 º 44.79' W]
Of Cultural Interest in Guimarães
Centro Cultural Vila Flor
This was the first place I visited in the city, as it is very close to the hotel where I was staying (H. Founder), on the way to the center. It's a big cultural and art facility that has exhibition halls, 2 auditoriums, conference rooms, café, computer room with internet and a restaurant. It was night and it was full of people (mostly young), because they were celebrating the Festival Manta, and there were concerts in the gardens opposite the building. Next to it is the Vila Flor Palace, used as a exhibition hall. Access is free and open 24 hours a day. What caught my eye was the computer room, there were many computers which all had free internet. All modern and extremely well looked after. This center is one of the reasons why it has been declared Guimarães European Capital of Culture 2012. I feel great to have these kind of facilities for all people to access all kinds of cultural events (exhibitions, films, concerts, recitals, etc.) and I think in that aspect, Portugal has surpassed us in spades.
Of Cultural Interest in Coimbra
Biblioteca Joanina
Joanina Library is located on the grounds of the old Coimbra University [poi = 696271] in Portugal [/ poi]. I was impressed by how beautiful it is. It published more than 300,000 volumes on history, geography, medicine, science, literature, philosophy, civil and canon law, theology between the XVI and XVIII centuries, which now rest on the tropical timber shelves. There are three rooms richly decorated, with high ceilings. They told me that at night the guards cover the tables with skins because there are bats that eat insects, which helps to preserve the books, however, their droppings are harmful and so the tables must be protected. The library was given to the university by King Joao V. It is a must-see. Don't miss it!
Of Cultural Interest in Sagres
Ponta de Sagres Lighthouse
The Sagres Point is a naturally raised area with cliffs, from which you can see a beautiful coastline view. La Punta can be seen from Cape St. Vincent and from the fortress of Sagres. It's a windy area, so you have to be careful not to get too close to the edge.
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