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Of Touristic Interest in Chile

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295 of touristic interest in Chile

Of Touristic Interest in Viña del Mar
Concon Dunes
Really nice for go to see the sunset because have a beautiful views of all Valparaiso.
Of Touristic Interest in Santiago
Funicular of San Cristobal Hill
This is the best way to go up the hill. You can stop in the middle to visit the zoo. At the top of the hill, the views of Santiago are splendid as long as the day is sunny.
Of Touristic Interest in Puerto Montt
Navimag Ferries
Chile must be one of the only countries in the world where in order to move from north to south you have only 2 options apart from the plane. To go by road you have to go via Argentina and re-enter on the south bank and spend three days navigating the fjords from Puerto Montt to Puerto Natales and vice versa, passing through some of the most spectacular scenery in the world.
Of Touristic Interest in Torres del Paine
Of Touristic Interest in Valparaíso
Artillería Funicular Railway
Another one of the emblematic elevators of Valparaiso, it is close to the port and has a great view of the bay and harbor. It goes from the bottom part to Paseo 21 de Mayo and the Naval and Maritime Museum, at the top. It is full of artisans and tourists ve come to it for its magnificent panoramic view.
Of Touristic Interest in Laraquete
The Stone Cross, Tears of Love...
Small unique gemstones, found only in the Las Cruces river of Laraquete VIII Region Biobío. Inside these stones there is a perfect cross - hence their name. Gemologists say that they it stimulate intellect, protect and help travelers who want to change their lives. Several legends surround the stones, one says they are the tears of a woman in love: "Long ago a young Mapuche warrior captured a young Spanish woman, who was slowly falling in love with her captor and vice versa. ... But the rest of the tribe did not agree with this love ..... One day the girl received the news that this captor warrior had died in battle. Desperate for the pain went looking along the river and the falling tears became crosses ".... Seeing this others warriors thought it was a miracle and called the Machi, this made the tears turned into crosses your calaza magic that made it appear to her beloved and all agreed that union ".
Of Touristic Interest in Calama
This photograph contrasts two of the most important features, the beauty of our heaven, known worldwide as the most clear and starry sky on the planet, and the sacrifice of the Chilean miners, working in the open pit of the world's largest mine. Here they never stop working, with all the mystique of that beautiful mineral called Chuquicamata.
Of Touristic Interest in Chiloé
Chonchi, Castro and Environs
This site is located on the Big Island of Chiloe, which is accessed by air or by sea. The Chacao Channel ferry crosses from Pargua. Among its attractions are wooden buildings, especially larch, the stilt houses and churches declared a world heritage site. It is interesting to notice that nails were not used in the old buildings. The customs of its inhabitants mix mythology and Catholicism. The people are very affectionate, many offer their homes to tourists where they share their family life. If you go you will eat curanto in hole chapaleles, milcaho and chonchinas threads and you can not miss trying the golden liquor. It highlights the handmade aspect of the woodwork.
Of Touristic Interest in San Clemente
Vilches Alto
pero con este calor es lo mejor; aguas cristalinas, muy limpias. Solo que hay que estar dispuesto a caminar pero vale la pena.
Of Touristic Interest in Santiago
Sewell Mining Town
Sewell was one of the most important mining towns of Chile. It has been declared a World Heritage Site, and plays an important part in the history of both mining and the country. You can take a tour from Rancagua, a few kilometers from Sewell, and also enjoy a visit to the surrounding landscape, the mining museum and the colorful houses. I really enjoyed it. The streets are full of steep steps, which will lead you to the school, cinema, swimming pool, hospital, church and brightly colored houses. I'm not sure if it was entirely true, but we were told that Sewell is the largest copper mine in the world. In the Chilean summer (January), it was deserted and lonely, with no sound but the birds overhead.
Of Touristic Interest in Las Condes
Nueva Las Condes
View of Nuevas Las Condes. Cosmopollitan sector whichs is great for walking around on foot and checking out its architecture and modern buildings.CA newly constructed corporate Building in Las Condes.
Of Touristic Interest in Parral
Villa Baviera
In 2010, in the month of November, the second version of "Beerfest" was carried out, in a country setting, at the foot of the Andes, in the Maule region, within the city of Parral, where you should take the road to the hot springs and be diverted to Catillo 12 Km by a dirt road that is maintained in good condition. Besides having very good beer, many agricultural producers can show their products. We took our jams, which were widely accepted by visitors. The Villa Bavaria is a colony of Germans who have managed to succeed in a foreign country that welcomed them as fellow citizens. Besides working long and hard, they are also given time to practice their artistic skills, this is how the show presented on weekdays was almost entirely carried out by artists, musicians and actors. In the Villa Bavaria there are very comfortable facilities, for example there is a hotel and an airport. There are many places to go hiking, horseback riding, riding a train and do other activities. You will surely enjoy coming to this place and enjoying all it has to offer.
Of Touristic Interest in Ancud
Of Touristic Interest in Santiago
Of Touristic Interest in Coyhaique
Indian Stone
A beautiful rock on the east bank of the Rio Simpson. It has been naturally eroded by the elements into the shape of an Indian. This natural attraction is located very close to the citycentre, so you can easily walk or drive to get to the best view of this majestic structure: the suspension bridge that crosses the river. I walked, without knowing exactly where the place was, but the hike is short and fun as through beautiful natural surroundings. From the bridge, you can immediately see this fantastic rock in all its glory.
Of Touristic Interest in Copiapó
Mina Maria Teresa
The Mina Maria Teresa, is located in Sierra Ojanco Viejo, Tierra Amarilla Copiapo, and has deposits of copper and gold, and just now is in the process of mining work. In the picture, is a mining compressor used for drilling the mine, the compressor was owned by my great grandfather. The mine was founded in 1932. It contains a lot of history. I'll upload more photos as soon as possible.
Of Touristic Interest in Pucón
Novena Region Lacustrine Area
Pucón is a great tourist district. Here you can breathe clean air and natural beauty can see the Volcano, high rise hills, streams and rivers, and old trees. Pucón is a city unlike any other in the country. Here one can see many flowers, wooden signs and construction with stone and wood, as well as the friendliness of its inhabitants, which makes the Pucón community a friendly community.
Of Touristic Interest in San Fabian
Raft of San Fabián de Alico
This is one of the few rafts that are operational in the country. Their function is to transport people and vehicles from one side of the river to the other. It is located a few kilometers from the city of San Fabian. From here you can admire views of the river bottom, due to the clarity of the water. It is administered by the Department of Roads, an agency that is part of the Ministry of Public Works.