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Rivers in Portugal

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60 rivers in Portugal

Rivers in Porto
The Douro River
The Douro River is the gateway to the Ribeira region and is worth exploring on a river cruise. All the cruises are very similar, and it's well worth taking a trip to enjoy the breeze and the views of the city. The tours cost 10 euros and run for 50 minutes, and many include a visit one of the wineries and a mini wine tasting and a tour of the cellars. We took the tour at 15:00 so as to avoid the midday heat. In the square just behind the pier, people drank beers while roasting sardines on a makeshift barbecue. In the evening, there are plenty of restaurants around the area with affordable prices: we had fish, a starter, and a bottle of local wine for about 25 € for two
Rivers in Chaves
Tâmega River Passing by Chaves
Chaves City is next to the bucolic river Tamega. If there is no wind you are lucky because the river becomes a mirror by day and night and a walk along its banks is always magical. You can see its gardens, bridges and finish watching the Aquae Flaviae Roman bridge built by Emperor Trajan. The houses are pure Portuguese architecture, a treat for the eyes.
Rivers in Coimbra
Mondego River
The Mondego is a Portuguese river that starts in the Serra da Estrela mountains and expands 234 km before emptying into the Atlantic. It is the longest river that runs solely on Portuguese lands. Apart from other cities, it passes through Coimbra and gives a special touch to the city. I personally love the cities that have a river, I think it makes them beautiful. Along the river you'll find the "Parque Verde do Mondego" park, a very quiet place to take a relaxing stroll.
Rivers in Lisbon
Rivers in Aveiro
The Ria de Aveiro, through its 2 most distinctive channels (the Central Canal and the Canal das Pyramids) can be seen in a typical quiet "moliceiro" the ship Aveiro fishermen used to collect the algae that they used as fertilizer. The trip takes an hour and is very interesting, although it is a bit short. Tickets for the tour of Eco Ria, are purchased directly at the Office of Tourism and cost 5 euros. It the time that for the rides through the canals. By the way, thanks to the guide ve spoke Castilian.
Rivers in Ovar Municipality
Caster River, Passing through Ovar
The river Caster has its source in the town of Sanfins and ends at the Ria de Aveiro, passing through several villages along the way, including Ovar.It passes close to the [POI = 524651] Capela de Santo António [/ POI] and the area where the [POI = 525321] market is located [/ POI]. Actually, we found it on the path between the two places. There is a nice path for a walk along the river with benches, trees and greenery. Nearby are the City Library and Arts Centre Ovar. It's a nice place to rest.
Rivers in Porto
Rivers in Funchal
Levada da Ribeira da Janela
A Levada is an artificial canal built by man on the island of Madeira. There are over 3000 kilometers of levada on this island. The levada Centrale da Ribeira da Janela is one of the most important, with its entire length lined by small paths used for maintenance. This makes it easy to go for a walk or a hike.
Rivers in Tarouca
Varosela River
The Tarouca concello can be found in the high Douro region and it's bathed in the Varosa River, which is a tributary of the 45 kilometer long Duero River that also has other tributaries, such as the Varosela, the Galhoso or the lathe. Taroruca city is on the right Varosela bank where there's a beautiful [poi = 151283] Romanesque bridge [/ poi] stone, two eyes. Despite being winter, the landscape of riparian vegetation seemed very nice, and the sound of running water was super relaxing.
Rivers in Ucanha
River Varosa
Varosa River is a tributary of the Duero. Its origin is in concello in Moimenta da Beira, in the mountains of Leomil. Along its 45 km are the bath towns of Mondim da Beira, [poi = 151911] Ucanha [/ poi], and Sao Joao da Serra Várzea Tarouca, where Romanesque bridges are common. The [poi = 151942] medieval bridge [/ poi] of Ucanha is the most striking (and the only one in Portugal) and has a robust defensive tower. The river Varosa is calm. You can do sports like canoeing. It features several beach areas along the route.
Rivers in Lisbon
Tagus River
Is there anything better than ending the day watching the sunset while sitting by the river? Probably not, every time I go to a real river city I reserve that time to have fun sitting with a beer, book and camera to get the general peace of the moment. In Lisbon the particular place was the back of Terreiro do Paço station. There's a platform and several banks of colors, plus a bar and bottom view of the April 25 bridge. It's one of those simple luxuries and I loved it.
Rivers in Tavira
Gilao River
This river forms part of the Formosa estuary, and goes through the city giving visitors and residents a beautiful view. You can enjoy these views from looking over the rails of the Roman bridge or while having a cold drink at a small bar at the Ribera marketer the Republic Square where the bridge starts or ends (depending on how you look at it). It has inspired painters and poets who admired the waters that were crossed by fishers, the white gulls, the boat rides or just the beautiful sunsets and the buildings that are reflected onto the water. The data is from the Municipal House that can be found in the Republic Square.
Rivers in Vila Real
Corgo and Cabril Rivers
The Corgo River (a tributary of the Duero) is born in Sabrosa and empties into Regua. Its channel is 44 km long and about half of it passes through the town of Vila Real, where it meets its tributary, the Cabril River, whose waters come from the Sierra Alvão. From the viewpoint (behind San Dinis Cemetery) there are spectacular views of the confluence of these two rivers and the dam/reservoir.
Rivers in Ofir
Cávado River in Fão
The river rises up in the Sierra Cávado Larouco and ends in Braga, in the Atlantic Ocean, after a journey of 120 kilometers. 3 kilometers after the river begins in Fao, the channel widens considerably. Now there are several bridges that link the two sides, but for a long time the only bridge was the Don Luis Filipe bridge. In Fao there is a wide pedestrian promenade running along the river to the beach of Ofir, past the dune complex Littoral Natural Park, where there are a lot of different kinds of aquatic birds. Also you can see the Fao yacht club and small fishing small boats.
Rivers in Viana do Castelo Municipality
Rivers in Porto
Boats in the Duero
The Duero river passing through Oporto becomes magical. Separating Oporto from Gaia and its wineries it empties into Foz near the city. Gaia is a functional and modern, a bedroom town of Oporto, there are cheaper and new hotels but it has nothing to do with the wonderful Porto.
Rivers in Viana do Castelo Municipality
River Cruise along the Lima River
In Liberty Square, opposite the Monument to April 25, is the ferry station which is part of the regular transport between Viana do Castelo and Figueira da Foz (Cabedelo Beach), from 9 am to 10pm. Tourist boats depart on a river cruise on the estuary of the River Lima, the cruise takes about an hour and a half and goes along the entire coast along Avenida Marginal, passing under the Eiffel Bridge and the marina.
Rivers in Portimão
Arade River Estuary
Arade River starts in the Sierra de Caldeirão, at an altitude of about 481 meters, and flows into the Atlantic Ocean in the town of Portimão, east of Praia da Rocha. It forms a quite small estuary but it has a high ecological value. It is one of the best preserved estuaries in the Algarve region. The Arade estuary is a protected wildlife area that is composed of wetlands where there are abundant waterfowl, including herons, cormorants, gulls, terns, skylarks, kestrels, etc. You can also take a boat trip upstream on the estuary to observe all of the places, landscapes, flora and fauna (it is a great area for bird lovers). In the city, there is a large bridge that connects the Ferragudo and Portimão shores.
Activities in Portugal