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Squares in Chile

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116 squares in Chile

Squares in Santiago
Plaza de Armas
But a different city center than others that you can expected. This is the historic center, but nearly none that lives in the new center situated in the northeast of Santiago visit it along the year. You'll find painters, some terraces, cafeterias...and three historic buildings: cathedral, municipality os Santiago Center District and Mail Building Company. Deserve a visit on Sundays mornings when some speakers attract the attention of the people like "Speaker's Corner" in London.
Squares in Santiago
Plaza Italia
Squares in Osorno
Square of Osorno
Osorno is a city in southern Chile. Its know for its town square, which is unusual because its rectangular in shape, not very common in the country, most are square, and it also has a large body of water with floating ornaments. Without a doubt, this is a strategic meeting point for locals and tourists in the city to share conversation and take a stroll. It is a place that manages to stay very well maintained and clean with interesting plants in their gardens. Right next to it is the Cathedral, appearing as an icon of architecture are distinctive of the city, with an imposing height and design details that make it unique.
Squares in Iquique
Arturo Prat Square
Four years ago, I went from Santiago to visit this beautiful city without knowing anyone and basically just feeling from the capital. There were many evenings and nights when I found myself alone with this beautiful and classic clock in the main town square. Since then, I've taken root here and consider myself more Iquiqueño. I feel reinvented. Sometimes I still sit for long moments on the stairs of the theater facing the square to watch life passing in our beautiful Plaza Prat.
Squares in Concepción
Jurassic Park
Jurassic Park was built in Concepción Acevedo Square, which was remodeled in 2008 with a theme stage with models of dinosaurs on a jurassic scale recreating every detail. They are real works made by the sculptor Jorge Barba, and it also has attractive games for children and trees and plants that complement the scene. Here one will find life-size replicas of the Diplodocus dinosaur, 20 meters long and eight metres tall, plus three pups, fossils, eggs and footprints, There is also the famous and feared carnivore Tyrannosaurus Rex, whose dimensions are 14 meters long and 6.6 meters high weighing 1 ton. Beside it stood a Pteranodon, large flying reptile that is characterized by a crest on its head, at 3 meters high and 6 meters long it is suspended in the air, simulating flight. There is also the Natural History Museum, to promote social life and culture.
Squares in Yumbel
Weapons Square of Yumbel
Yumbel is famous for being the home of San Sebastian, now thousands of faithful believers from all over the country come to celebrate with a large pilgrimage and a mass in the main cathedral of San Sebastian.
Squares in Valparaíso
Squares in Bulnes
Plaza de Armas Bulnes
Bulnes is a small village near the city of Chillan. Upon entering it, it seems fairly clean and organised, with and established trading centre and little by little, it's becoming more urban and growing. The square has many trees and playground as well as a metal sculpture. It is a good place to go to eat or for a small rest after a long journey ....
Squares in Concepción
Squares in Santiago
Squares in Angol
Parade Ground
Angol is one of the cities further north in the region of Araucanía. The main square, in the downtown area, is one of the main tourist attractions. I find it to be one of the most beautiful places I saw in the country. The vegetation is lush, and has large trees at each corner and edges - ileras that run along the sides of the square providing excellent shade to the banks, at its center is a large pool whose corners are installed as four sculptures of marble, ( creation of Virginio Arias), which were brought from Italy, representing the four continents known at that time (1862), which were America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. These are Made with astounding detail. On one side of the square is the monument of Bernardo O'Higgins, which you can see in the pictures. It was inaugurated in 1957.
Squares in Victoria
Victory Plaza
It's a small town that has surroundings that stretch over a distance of 100 km that any tourist will love. The city is quite orderly and well kept. It has several services that can serve tourists. The parade is the main meeting point for its inhabitants, here it looks a bit empty as it was quite early.
Squares in Quillón
Armas Square- Quillon
Quillon is recognized as one of the tourist centers of the Bio Bio region. Here visitors will discover a beautiful lagoon, suitable for swimming and water sports. The square is very well maintained, with plenty of shade, a playground for children and a stall with traditional crafts from the area.
Squares in Santiago
Squares in Coelemu
Armies Square
Coelemu is a town that I would define as typical rural area. It is embedded in a beautiful landscape of cattle farms, forest areas and fields. One of the main meeting places is their plaza, which is very well maintained with lush trees, craft stalls, games among other things. It is here we find the major services of the place and also some business selling typical local food.
Squares in Puerto Montt
Plaza de Armas
Of great historical interest, the initial square of weapons was born with the 1st layout of the streets in the year 1852. A year later was the founding of Puerto Montt, when Vicente Pérez Rosales read the original act. Also called Manuel Irarrázabal, it is situated at the bottom of the city, next to the waterfront, in the heart there is a fountain inside the monument to Chilean hero Bernardo O'Higgins. It was the first public square in Chile. On one side we find the Cathedral, constructed completely of wood.
Squares in Vicuña
Paihuano Square
This is a place to relax with good people, beautiful landscapes, and an excellent climate all year round. Several years ago I would go on vacation there, either at Easter, national holidays, winter or summer holiday. It is no frills, but it can be appreciated for allowing you to get away from it all for a few days. Ideal for those who like to watch the stars in a clear sky.
Squares in Tocopilla
Carlos Condell Square
This the square of Tocopilla and is also the social and cultural center of the town. Inside the square is the Municipal Odeon, a neoclassical work dating from 1930 which is where the local band used to play. As a curiosity, the square has a statue of Domingo Latrille Loustauneau. But it doesn't look like him. Instead, it looks like his son.