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Squares in Lombardy


90 squares in Lombardía

Squares in Milan
Piazza del Duomo
The square is full of people and things to see. The cathedral is impressive.
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Squares in Milan
Piazza Mercanti
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Squares in Milan
Piazza della Scala
Do not miss going through the Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle. This square hosts one of the temples of opera, La Scala, I had to look
Squares in Bergamo
Piazza Vecchia
The old square is in the heart of Bergamo. It acquired its present form between 1440 and 1493. The Contarini fountain in the cente
Squares in Brescia
Piazza Paolo VI
If you thought the Piazza della Loggia was amazing, then you'll love the Paolo VI, which isn't far behind what was formerly known
Squares in Brescia
Piazza della Loggia
One of the first cities in Italy that I wanted to explore was Brescia. At the University, we studied Urban Renewal projects in his
Squares in Vigevano
Piazza Ducale
The Piazza Ducale in Vigevano, is much like any Spanish square. It is a square shaped elongated rectangle. It is the main attracti
Squares in Bergamo
Piazza dell'Orologio
The city of Bergamo is best known for being a hub for low-cost flights, so many travelers fly into Bergamo and then head of to vi
Squares in Bergamo
Piazza Vittorio Veneto
Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful squares in the lower city, it is dominated by an obelisk that dates from 1781, and the tower
Squares in Bergamo
Piazza Mercato Delle Scarpe
Via Porta Dipinta ends in this small square, surrounded by tall old buildings with bars and taverns. It is a great place where yo
Squares in Como
Piazza San Fedele
Piazza San Fedele is located in the historical centre of Como, in a pedestrian area close to the Duomo Square. It was a bustling,
Squares in Milan
Squares in Milan
Cordusio Square
Cordusio Square is near the center of Milan and from it you can see some of the city's most important monuments, such as the Duomo
Squares in Mantova
Piazza Virgiliana
This square has not always been as you see it today. Once the harbour stood here, but in 1797 General Miollis decided to transform
Squares in Milan
Squares in Cremona
Squares in Bergamo
Piazzale Della Fara
The only question is whether it's more beautiful seen from above or below. The square of Fara is located in the upper town, but a
Squares in Mantova
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