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Villages in Venezuela

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74 villages in Venezuela

Villages in La Colonia Tovar
La Colonia Tovar
This is an excellent place to escape the ordinary, there are many choices of where to stay. I can recommend staying at the Frankfurt hotel that is located 5 minutes from the town and the rooms are simple but comfortable, the restaurant decor is very nice! The view that can be seen from this place is excellent. if you come with your partner you should stay here.
Villages in San Antonio de Galipán
Galipan, Venezuela
Starting with the magical view and the people who makes feel you're in heaven. Don't miss it.
Villages in Gran Roque
Gran Roque Village
The small town of Gran Roque was a big surprise for us. Accustomed, as we are, to Caribbean mega-resorts and all inclusive holidays, by contrast in Gran Roque there are only small inns, a restaurant and no club. The streets of the village are sandy, and you get an idea that ​​the pace of life here is anything but frantic. The houses are charming, painted in such bright colors that they look hard under the strong Caribbean sun. A very interesting visit in Gran Roque is to climb the lighthouse on the island ( it is the highest point in the archipelago) and enjoy the fantastic sunset from there.
Villages in Maracaibo
Santa Lucía
I love St. Lucia, and this traditional neighborhood of Maracaibo is like going back in time in the city. Here there are even traditional houses with high walls, tile roofs and large windows, brightly painted, as tradition is indicated at the start of oil extraction there. In St. Lucia, most days are party days, and this area is the birthplace of great pipers. On the square, children are playing, the church is illuminated with colored lights and on the corner you can feel the warmth of the bagpipes. Here is a traditional brewery where people come to drink and play drum and sing "when I go to Maracaibo" or "tell me about Maracaibo", songs with a zuliano feeling, which is what makes them so regionalist.
Villages in Merida
Mucuchíes is one of the most beautiful towns and colorful Andean crossing points of the famous road. It has the typical colorful houses of the region, the Plaza Bolivar and, of course, a castle - The hotel is surrounded by mountains with absolutely stunning views.
Villages in Rubio
Vía Rubio-San Antonio
It is a very nice ride, if somewhat uneven and with landslides caused by rainfall, restricting passage in certain areas. It is green, almost all shades of green. You get all kinds of wildlife. A pleasant climate. Also, there is a custom, a kind of carnival, in the middle of Christmas. It is a tradition of burning the old year. They make a doll stuffed with old clothes and gunpowder and burn it at the stroke of twelve.
Villages in Santiago Mariño
Cepe Village
After a 35 minute boat ride from Puerto Colombia you will reach the beach Cepe. To reach the village of Cepe you have to walk about half an hour from the beach within the National Park Henri Pitter which makes it relatively isolated from other populations in the area. The village has about 120 inhabitants engaged in fishing, planting and tourism and it is worth getting to know and talking to the locals. The walk to the village combines the green environment of the valley with the sea, crossing the river several times. The village is very small containing no streets and it is full of orchids and very scenic. When we arrived there we saw people from the Ministry of Education who were watching the school needs to supply them with what they needed. It was really nice that they showed us all the school that was in perfect condition and told us lots of interesting facts. If you want to go to Cepe do not miss to talk to the people.
Villages in Merida
Villages in San Cristóbal
La Molinera
It should be said that with this kind of image it cannot be demonstrated through words alone the reality of a place where you can do what you want and contemplate the universe in order to dive into your feelings. I think it is a true natural paradise of the highest quality.
Villages in Choroní
Colombia Port
It is a beautiful, colorful town, whose main attraction apart from its architecture is its only beach, the Playa Grande. If you're there for more than just a few days, it acts as a good base to go and visit several nearby beaches and villages, including traditional cacao plantations in Chuao.
Villages in Guayabal
Passing the village of La Sabana, Chuspa and others there is a sign and a dirt road on the right hand side ( if you are driving toward Higuerote it is in the East) and if you follow the dirt road for about fifteen minutes you will get to this interesting town. At the entrance is a sign that says `'if you come with weapons or drugs go away, The People''. Then you run across the same river where another warning sign that says it is forbidden to cross with your vehicle. You can park by the river and walk along a road heading down into the rainforest until you reach some impressive waterfalls. You can 100m to be right under the waterfall and then scale the rocks. The experience of being in a river surrounded by vegetation, wildlife, everything so pure and perfect feels like something straight out of a theme park.
Villages in Ciudad Bolívar
Villages in Puerto Píritu
Villages in Barinas
Villages in La Victoria
La Victoria, Aragua, Venezuela
I have not climbed a mountain for a while so I was a little rusty and I got tired quickly, needng to rest every 15 steps, but I honestly enjoyed it. I was really pleased because I could do the HDR technique to go up there. This mountain has incidentally become one of my favorite spots as I go up every week for the exercise, contact with nature and to take some great photos.
Villages in Icabaru
This is a mining town whose inhabitants work from Monday to Friday in the mines, extracting gold and diamonds from the Earth, while the women and children wait the whole week for the return of the men of the village. The village has 2 streets and a generator that turns on at 6 pm and off at 11 pm. There is a house that has tv. At night they put the TV in a place for residents to be able to see. This place looks like a surreal thing, it's amazing that even in 2010 these villages still exist. I almost forgot: the village has a doctor who prescribes medicines using clays for EVERYTHING.
Villages in Ologá
Villages in San Francisco de Yare
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