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Things to do in Huancavelica

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The top 6 attractions in Huancavelica

Hiking in Huancavelica
Huancavelica - the Route of What Authentic
Huancavelica is an area rich in history and culture, with 8 colonial churches, the Santa Barbara mine was one of the biggest in the world by the presence of Mercury. Huancavelica lives to the rhythm of the festivities as the "Sweet Child Jesus name" in January, the feast of "Saint Christopher Emmanuel-child" in February, "Holy Week" in April, "the feast of the Holy Spirit" in June; "Anniversary Party Huancavelica" in August, "the party boy Lachocc / scissors dance" in December. In Huancavelica, we can take advantage of the thermal waters of San Cristobal and Secsachaca. It is is also on the route of the Incas. The place has a Incañan Uchkus Home Majestic Inca, which was used as an astronomical observatory. In the provinces, there are many types of interesting things to see: Pultocc, Choclococha in Castrovirreyna province, workshops in Yauli and textiles, etc. To get to this city, there are 2 ways: bus or car . If you like nature, the option is on the train "Macho" Huancayo-Huancavelica!
Nature Reserves in Huancavelica
Saw of Huancavelica
Because of my work I travel a lot around my country. Between trips I often visit this place situated at a height of 4000mts where nature is seen at its best. Here you can see the photos I took of the Sierra de Huancavelica in a place called Pucapunta, near the mine where he worked.
Of Cultural Interest in Huancavelica
Pampas Heights
Huancavelica is one of the poorest regions in Peru. There is not much to do in this region, but the views are superb and unbeatable. Taking the road that connects it to Huancayo is an unmissable experience. A place between the Andes and the Peruvian sky. Walking the road between Huancayo and Pampas is a magical experience and in nature. You cross the highlands, silencent and nostalgic. The sunsets here are really breathtaking.
Villages in Huancavelica
Viewpoints in Huancavelica
Lakes in Huancavelica