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Things to do in Dubrovnik-Neretva

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The top 150 attractions in Dubrovnik-Neretva

Of Cultural Interest in Pelješac
Ston Walls
Before leaving the peninsula of Peljesac make sure you admire the walls of Ston, which they say is the European version of The Wall of China. This is the longest fortification in Europe that stretches over five and a half miles long and the condition of the walls is impressive. The inner city wall is 890 meters long. It is also a medievil engineering marvel dating back to 1333
Beaches in Lopud Island
Sunj Beach
Šunj Beach is located on the island of Lopud, Dubrovnik along. It's a good place to come and spend the day outside the bustling city, and relax in the warm sea (25 degrees). To reach the island, first you have to take a ferry from Dubrovnik modern port, and once in port, you have to walk about 20 minutes or so in order to reach the beach. From here the path is not paved and cannot be accessed by vehicles. Then walk between the two hills which form the island of Lopud. You can by golf cart, (I do not know how much they charge), or rent a bike to go a little faster. On the beach there is a restaurant, a bar, and a bathroom to wash after swimming in the sea. Many ships come through the day as the bay is sheltered from the wind. It is a great place, but on the particular day that we went, it was a little overcrowded.
Islands in Šipan
Šipan Island
Šipan is the third most populated Elafiti island. It is a very beautiful place, a little further away from the coast and it takes a little longer to arrive by ferry, but it is worth it. The island is the largest of the Elafiti islands, and it is located approximately 17 kilometers northwest of Dubrovnik. Only about 500 people live on this island, which measures 10 km by 2km. Šipan is famous for its beautiful cliffs, the highest of which measures more than 240 meters high.It's known for the numerous palm trees that grow there, which is thanks to the excellent climate The island is reachable by two ports Sudurad and Sipanska Luka, which simply means Šipan port. The ferry takes abaout two hours on average, but the price is the same as for the other islands.If you have more time it's recommend travelling a little further, because a lot more people will go there and take advantage of the island.
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Churches in Lopud Island
Holy Trinity
The island of Lopud had about 30 churches and 2 monasteries. One of the monasteries, the Franciscan monastery, is very well preserved but the other has been destroyed. The main church of the Holy Trinity is located in the port of Lopud bay. It is surrounded by tall palm trees and is near to the road that crosses the island and takes you to Šunj beach. The interior is nice, but it is not open very often, particularly when services are being held. You can ask in the nearby tourist office when it is open. There is also a park nearby which has been recently restored. The church itself was built in the sixteenth century and has baroque elements which were added later.
Villages in Pelješac
Trstenik Village
Trstenik is a small village located on the south side of the Peljesac peninsula with views of Mljet island. It has beautiful pebble beaches and many hidden coves to explore. It is a quiet fishing village offering many chances to swim and eat very well. It is often considered one of the most beautiful towns on the Croatian coast. The most famous vineyards of Dingač Croatian wine are not far from the village.
Harbors in Dubrovnik
Glass Bottom Boat Ride
There are several ways to get to know Dubrovnik. You could try walking around the city, or looking from above the rooftops of the city walls, but you can also go by water, thanks to these glass boats. The boats can be taken from the old town, and go on a journey around the city walls. You'll see not only the city and its surrounding area, but also the bottom of the sea, thanks to the glass bottom: you can observe fish and starfish passing underneath you. The tour is not very long but very nice and quiet. Recommended!
Beaches in Cavtat
Beach of Tiha Bay
Cavtat (pronounced Tzavtat) is a fantastic holiday destination to spend a few days relaxing in the south of Croatia, 20 minutes drive from the bustling Dubrovnik. The town is in the central part of the peninsula of Rat, but the area on the right of the people with a view to Dubrovnik is known as the "Bay of Tiha". This beach is accessible in many places, we came from the center of Cavtat, taking the street on the right just before you get to the bus station. From there, in about 10 minutes, you stand on the beach Tiha Bay. To say that this beach is right across from a huge hotel chain Iberostar (I think Albatros), so that the "recliners" and "umbrellas" are from the hotel and always present. So everything is a 100% public beach. The other way to access the beach road is pulling casualties from the main road Cavtat Cavtat-Dubrovnik, instead of going towards the cento of Cavtat, you have to pull to the right, I think the hotels are on the same road. The beach is typical pebble beach Croatia, costs a little piedrillas come by, but then, once you walk a few meters, this beach had sand background, curious. The best thing about this beach is its cleanliness, the colorful touches that give the pebbles, water cleanliness and above all, the stunning scenery of the Bay of Tiha with their right hand high mountains and crystal clear waters in front of Cavtat. Nice for snorkeling, especially if you dive in the area to the left of the beach, right in the area where there is a pier and some rocky outcrops. Moreover, the orientation of the beach is also good, so even that the sun hides behind the peninsula of Rat, the sun is assured. You see, a beach super quiet in which to rest quietly in front of a bay simply spectacular.
Beaches in Lumbarda
Lumbarda is a small village located near Korcula. You can enjoy authentic Dalmatian stone coves. The material extracted from these coves is a material that has been used to build, for example, rooms in The White House and the Royal Palace in Stockholm. Clear water, Lumbarda is the ideal place to practice snorkeling. Just do not forget good river sandals to protect you from sea urchins.
Cliffs in Dubrovnik
Dalmatian Coast
If you love driving, whether on two or four wheels, the Croatian Dalmatian Coast will be a delight for you. Driving a thousand miles from north to south along this coast, full of cliffs, secret coves, dreamy landscapes, curves, curves and more curves is a real pleasure for the 5 senses. A road trip that you'll never want to come to an end. And the price is really no problem: as a driver under 25, I hired a car in Rijeka to return in Dubrovnik (the other side of the country), and the five-seater car with a large boot, with full insurance for a week ... 120 €. So, as there were four of us, we paid € 30 per head to rent the car (with the company Oryx) for the whole week. Ridiculous! : D
Squares in Dubrovnik
Placa - Stradun
La Placa (Stradun in Croatian) is the main street of Dubrovnik, so it's one of the main reference points for the Croats and, of course, all travelers. It's fantastic to tour the narrow streets of Dubrovnik, but coming back to Placa will make you feel at home, and allow you to reach the main tourist corners of the medieval city.
Islands in Dubrovnik
Museums in Dubrovnik
War Photo Limited
Dubrovnik is a city that offers a wealth of options to visitors. But this museum is curiously unknown, although I would recommend it. The history of war in Croatia is shocking and thought-provoking, and the photographs are sure to move you. It's a chilling exhibit, telling the history of the twentieth century in this region.
Churches in Lopud Island
St. Maria of Lopud
Franciscan monks arrived at Lopud in 1483 and began to build the church of Santa María de Spilica with a 40 m tall bell tower and a spacious convent. To protect against pirates, a fort was also built with the help of the Dubrovnik Republic, which at that time was very powerful thanks to the money received from maritime trade. In 1516, a wall was added to protect the harbour entrance into Lopud, which in case of war, would shelter the island's inhabitants. The church has many works of art including the 15th century main altar painting by Pietro di Giovanni, a Venetian artist. In the midst of the altar, there is a life size wooden statue of the Virgin. But, the most precious are the beautiful wood sculptures under the altar. Today, you can see the modern part of the convent, which was abandoned in 1808, in the time of Napoleon, however, the church is still used.
Of Touristic Interest in Dubrovnik
Debeli Brijeg (Montenegro Border Crossing)
Debeli Brijeg is the border crossing between Croatia and Montenegro, about 83km from Dubrovnik. A good place to go if you're spending some time in Dubrovnik. Kotor and Perast in Montenegro are amazing and you're to love them.
Beaches in Korcula
Pupnatska Luka
The entrance to this beach helps you guess what you will find in it. It's a pristine beach surrounded by lush forests. It is important to go in the hours that the sun is at its highest. After 6:00 the beach is well hidden and the sea doesn't have that same enchantment.
Churches in Dubrovnik
Villages in Cavtat
Harbors in Cavtat
Cavtat Port
This peaceful and tranquil place is only a few kilometers from the bustle of Dubrovnik. Terraces by the sea calmly wait forever to let the sun go down, or up, or any excuse you can think of, apart from the tourists who flock to old Dubrovnik.