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Giraffe Manor

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If you like giraffes, you can't miss this...
If you like giraffes, you can't miss this hotel in Nairobi, Kenya; it's one of a kind. You can find it online. It only has 4 rooms and the building is really old and has an English style. How can I describe the experience of having breakfast with a giraffe? The second you wake up, you walk to the window and there they are, waiting for a tasty morsel from your hands. They're really amazing! I just lost it! The hotel in and of itself is nothing special, but the rooms are cute and well-lit. The food's not bad either. It's an ideal place to go with your kids. There are also "pumbas" (that's what I call the warthogs). It's a good choice for spending a night or two either before or after your safari.
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