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Mammoth Hot Springs

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Juan Carlos Viana

Water, hot springs, and trees

This extraordinarily beautiful landscape is due to thermal waters surging from the earth and leaving calcium deposits in a variety of colors. There are dead trees which have been caught in the midst of this thermal area and add a scenic, almost minimalist touch to the panorama.

To go walking leisurely through this parade of colorful wells and springs with a camera in hand and enjoy the views is a more than recommendable experience.
Gerard Decq

Geothermal wonderland

Mammoth Hot Springs is in Yellowstone Park and is full of bubbling springs and terraces created by the cooling's an amazing effect. Elk enjoy the strong heat during the winter months. The site is still active and to come and commune with the depths of the Earth is an amazing experience. Charred tree trunks help to create an eerie atmosphere, especially since the waters, like in all Yellowstone, run from soft earth tones even blood-like colors.
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