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Plaza Mayor of Madrid


161 reviews of Plaza Mayor of Madrid

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Constant movement in a static time

The Plaza Mayor of Madrid might be the most emblematic place in the capital, justifiably. Most of the old Spanish cities have a Plaza Mayor, but the one in Madrid is especially beautiful. Dominated by an equestrian statue and the hundreds of tourists accumulating next to it, the colors, the beauty and the constant movement year after year, give a special value to the square.It is the ideal place to go have tapas or a beer, as well as one of the traditional "bocadillos de calamares" (fried octopus sandwich). I highly recommend this place that you can't miss out on if you visit Madrid.
Pedro Jareño
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Around plaza mayor

It is quite hard to choose which of the small streets you should take to get to Plaza Mayor, emblem of the so-called Madrid de los Austrias. I loved the passage of San Ginés, where you can find the wonderful Chocolatería founded in 1890. The Postas street is also something: it has the Posada del Peine, the oldest accommodation in Madrid, closed after four centuries and now turned into a high-tech hotel.

The craftsmen used to work around the square, in Bordadores, Esparteros and Cuchilleros streets. Plaza Mayor was the main market since the 15th century. Enclosed on all four sides, the square housed two of the most important professions: the butchers and the bakers.

Now this territory belongs to street painters and tourists, which, according to their budget, either sit down at tables or take their kebab and vegetarian meals and sit down on the sunny pavement to eat.
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Any day of the year, at any time, there is no better place to meet someone than Plaza Mayor. Here is where we start our visit of the Madrid of the Habsburgs today.

Starting at the place first called Plaza del Arrabal can be somewhat dangerous: we don’t want to leave; we’d rather stay in this small, warm and lovely world, surrounded by endless arcades. This is how it was conceived when, without bragging, the world was Spain and Spain was Plaza Mayor. This inclusion almost mystical started in the head of its promoter, Felipe II and his first architect's, Juan de Herrera; it is the year 1561. Since then it stayed the same, despite all the changes by some of the best architects: Diego de Sillero, Juan Gómez de Mora, Sabatini, Juan de Villanueva, in 1590, 1619, 1790, 1854.

Oh how beautiful to enter through any of the nine doors before going down the Arch of Cuchilleros! We from a dark passage to a blinding central space.

You will find some friends there, or, even better, everyone will become your friend: the passers-by, the mimes, the human statues, the idle ones, the poets, the painters... the waiters... What would you like sir? Be careful with what you order! Felipe III is carefully looking at you and nothing escapes his eyes, erected in the middle of the square, on his horse.

"I am leaving but I will come back," you tell him, going down from one of the nine exits: the steps of the Arch of Cuchilleros.
Miguel Angel Rumayor
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A charming square

Plaza Mayor is one of Madrid’s most charming places, at least for me. I love just walking around the area and exploring the smaller streets around the square. If the weather abides, you can have a drink in one of the square’s terraces. You can also try a to-die-for calamari sandwich, which is something very typical of Plaza Mayor. At Christmas time, the square fills up with vendors selling ornaments, wigs, hats, or gag gifts for dia de los santos inocentes (a Spanish holiday similar to April Fool’s Day).
I remember I got really excited when I was living abroad and I was watching a video of “WheretheHellisMatt?” and I saw Plaza Mayor in one of the funniest moments. I missed Spain a lot in that moment and for this reason I always get a bit sentimental when I’m there. Plaza Mayor is another must-see place in Madrid, I guarantee it!
María Alba
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I remember it for christmas

Located very close to Puerta del Sol, it is full of terraces year long (be careful about what you buy there, you can spend half your salary). The construction of the three-floor buildings is harmonious and the equestrian statue of Felipe III really stands out. They say bullfights and auto-da-fé were celebrated there but I will personally remember what it has to offer during Christmas nowadays, when the square gets full of stands selling all types of small figures for the nativity scene, the Christmas tree or to get dressed during those days. They also put a carousel delighting children.
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Exploring the streets

As usual, we begin in Puerta del Sol, and head towards Plaza Mayor. We take Mayor St. and the make a turn onto Postas St. (filled with souvenir shops) which empties into the Plaza Mayor (1848). In times gone by, it was a meeting point in the city, which meant that there you could find anything from a festival to a bullfight to an execution. Of the latter, it's interesting to note that the condemned prisoners were made to face a different building depending on their method of execution: hanging, beheading, or the garrote, an elaborate strangulation machine. Nowadays, Madrileños use the square to enjoy a Christmas market as well as a stamp and coin collector’s market on Sundays and holidays.
It’s also a meeting point for tourists and a place where you can find establishments dating back to the Old Court such as the La Favorita and Casa Yustas hat stores, both dating back to 1894. They’re one of the few places in the city where you can see traditional Cordoba-style monteras and sombreros along with more modern, fashion-conscious models. The terraces in Plaza Mayor are among the most popular in the city, but if you are looking for a really authentically Madrileño experience, you should choose one of the small places specializing in calamari sandwiches and enjoy your snack under the statue of Philip III or in front of La Casa de la Panadería, once one of the city’s preeminent taverns.
Leaving Plaza Mayor through the Cuchilleros Arch, your best bet is to explore the smaller streets. I’d propose that intrepid travelers get lost among the small streets that lead towards Bailén Street. Start by taking Cava de San Miguel St., then go up Conde de Miranda St and enjoy the small square located there. Then, go down Codo St. until you reach the Apostolic Nunciature of Madrid. Continue down Sacramento St. until you arrive at Mayor St. and head down to Bailén St where you can find the Almudena Cathedral and the Royal Palace.
The path is covered in plaques which commemorate historic events or a building’s illustrious occupants. Most of the people mentioned will probably, and unfortunately, be unknown to foreigners, but to me they are fantastic, like a history book made reality. I should mention two places: First, Villa Square, where you can find a statue of Admiral Álvaro de Bazán, the pedestal of which is adorned with phrases by Lope de Vega. Second, the Jardín del Convento, a shop specializing in “sinfully delicious” religious-themed sweets which smells so good that passersby can’t help but enter.

By now, you’ve spent 12 intense hours exploring the area around Plaza Mayor, but to see everything you’d have to spend 24 more. As Kelly Clarkson said, “that which doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.”
One final piece of advice: if you’re a tourist, bring a bottle of water, energy bar, enough change to take the public transportation, a light jacket, and a card which shows the address of your accommodations. You never know if you’ll have time to stop and eat or how tired you’ll be or just how arctic a particular restaurant’s air-conditioning might be.
Alejandra Yáñez
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Plaza mayor de madrid

Plaza Mayor de Madrid
Norberto Muñoz
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The area around the plaza mayor

The entire area of ​​a few streets located between Sol and Plaza Mayor are a very amazing area both tourist and very typical. Indeed, souvenir shops accumulate but mls other signs are not more Spanish: 100 montaditos, old watches, el Museo del Jamon, from grocery stores and delicatessens, tapas bars ... Pretty buildings s'lvent pitonnes in small streets like an old inn, the Posada del Peine, the corner of Calle de la Sal. The area is always full of passersby, which showcases flnent between the Spanish colors, quest to bring a gift or some tapas to eat any time of the day. It is really pleasant place, gay and alive, often populated in the detour of a street, these strange creatures or those living statues that come alive when given a piece. A must for a late afternoon alone! In 1617, Plaza Mayor construction madrilne architecture and colors if particulires has replaced a large market. Today the square and the main square in Madrid, and one of the most famous of Spain. The huge rectangle PAVS is surrounded by arcades and housing. In its center, the equestrian statue of Felipe III throne. Place hosts many small bars and pubs, as well as shops under the arches. On Sunday, she receives many philatlistes who come to sell, barter or buy something complter their collections. And in winter, it is an impressive Christmas market which is held, offering stands, what to eat, but especially many activities. The Plaza is a must Videment Madrid, and a well pleasant space for flner or take a coffee ... Impressive!

Les alentours de la plaza mayor

Toute la zone des quelques petites rues situées entre Sol et la Plaza Mayor constituent une étonnante zone à la fois très touristique et très typique. En effet, les magasins de souvenirs s'y accumulent, mais mêlés à d'autre enseignes on ne plus plus espagnoles: 100 montaditos, une vieille horlogerie, el Museo del Jamon, des épiceries et charcuteries, quelques bars à tapas ... De jolis bâtiments s'élèvent dans les petites rues piétonnes, comme une ancienne auberge, la Posada del Peine, à l'angle de la Calle de la Sal. La zone est toujours pleine de passants, qui flânent entre les vitrines aux couleurs espagnoles, en quête d'un cadeau à rapporter ou de quelques à tapas à manger à toute heure de la journée. C'est en endroit vraiment agréable, gai et vivant, souvent peuplé, au détour d'une rue, de ces étranges créatures ou de ces statues vivantes, qui s'animent lorsqu'on leur donne une pièce. A ne pas manquer pour une fin d'après-midi tranquille !

En 1617, la construction de la Plaza Mayor madrilène à l'architecture et aux couleurs si particulières est venue remplacer un grand marché. Aujourd'hui la place et la place principale de Madrid, et l'une des plus connues d'Espagne. L'immense rectangle de pavés est entouré d'arcades et d'habitation. En son centre, la statue équestre de Philippe III trône. La place accueille de nombreux petits bars et bistrots, ainsi que des boutiques, sous les arches. Le dimanche, elle reçoit un grand nombre de philatélistes qui viennent vendre, troquer ou acheter de quoi compléter leurs collections. Et en hiver, c'est un impressionnant marché de Noël qui s'y tient, proposant des stands, de quoi manger, mais surtout de nombreuses animations. La Plaza est donc évidement un incontournable à Madrid, et un espace bien agréable pour flâner ou prendre un café... Impressionnant!
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One of the main points of touristic madrid

The Praa Greater Madrid the most important touristic points of the Spanish capital, and one of the most beautiful !!! Was formerly one the square of bulls, imagine surrounded by the most simblicos buildings of the city, in the center, next to the Puerta del Sol, near ground zero, Plaza de Santa Ana ... among many others. In Spanish is called Plaza Mayor and when I first visited Madrid, remember I was dazzled and stopped shooting like crazy. Not only me, but everyone recommends just pass this to l emblematic Rincn. Fair Est in central Madrid, then the error is coming. The tour quickly and you will find hundreds of bars because suuuper touristic. Always have tourist. Therefore, if the Madrid, the Greater Praa a place that you can not miss. Very worthwhile and also're close to other major touristic attractions of the city. In forget to visit the Prado Museum that's fine too close! : D It is a tip. And if you have some time, I recommend taking a hunt that they call a beer and have lunch by the bars of the area of ​​the Greater Praa.

Um dos principais pontos turísticos de madrid

A Praça Maior de Madri é dos pontos turísticos mais importantes da capital espanhola, e uma das mais bonitas!!! Antigamente era uma praça de touros, imagina… rodeado pelos mais simbólicos edifícios da cidade, em pleno centro, ao lado da Puerta del Sol, perto do Marco Zero, da Plaza de Santa Ana... entre muitos outros.

Em espanhol se chama Plaza Mayor e quando visitei pela primeira vez Madri, lembro que fiquei deslumbrada e não parei de fotografar como louca.

Não só eu, mas todo mundo recomenda uma passadinha nesse pra lá de emblemático “rincón”. Está justo no centro de Madri, então não tem erro para chegar.

O passeio é rapidinho e você encontra centenas de bares, porque é suuuper turístico. Sempre tem turista.

Por isso, se for a Madri, a Praça Maior é um lugar que você não pode deixar de conhecer. Vale muito a pena e também está perto de outros grandes pontos turísticos da cidade.

Não esquece de visitar o Museu do Prado que também está bem perto! :D Fica a dica. E se tiver um tempinho, recomendo tomar uma “caña” que é como chamam um chopp e almoçar pelos bares da zona da Praça Maior.
Natalia Perazzo
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The characters in the plaza mayor

This sunny Sunday April I went to lunch with my family to the Plaza Mayor. Always a pleasure, any time of year, take a leisurely stroll down the center of the capital. As long as the sun rises, and more on Sunday, the square was filled with people of all kinds, from families like ours, to tourists, to travelers, globetrotters, youth dances, painters and artists, musicians, and lately, perhaps because of the crisis, "characters" or artists, or do not know how they do performance call anywhere in the square, waiting for someone to throw a coin in return for providing entertainment and spectacle. Also, and this is more common in the celebrations of May and August, and chulapas chulapos (castizos Madrid) decked, walking and eating at the sites of the Plaza. This Sunday I looked at all of them, with my camera, and the truth is I had a really good, so I encourage everyone to be sure to go to the Plaza Mayor and taste with all its charm, in these mornings or Sunny spring afternoon :)

Los personajes de la plaza mayor

Este domingo soleado de Abril he ido a comer con mi familia a la Plaza Mayor. Siempre es un placer, en cualquier época del año, dar un paseo tranquilo por el centro neurálgico de la capital. Como siempre que sale el sol, y más en domingo, la plaza se llena de gente de todo tipo, desde las familias como la nuestra, hasta los turistas, pasando por viajeros-trotamundos, corros de jóvenes, pintores y dibujantes, músicos, y últimamente, quizá por efecto de la crisis, "personajes" o artistas o no sé cómo llamarlos que realizan performance en cualquier punto de la plaza, esperando que alguien les eche una moneda a cambio de ofrecer entretenimiento y espectáculo.
También, y esto es más usual en las fiestas de Mayo y Agosto, chulapos y chulapas (castizos de Madrid) engalanados, paseándose y comiendo en los sitios de la Plaza.
Este domingo me fijé en todos ellos, con mi cámara, y la verdad es que lo pasé realmente bien, así que animo a todo el mundo a que no deje de ir a la Plaza Mayor y saborearla con todo su encanto, en estas mañanas o tardes soleadas de primavera :)
Alicia Ortego
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Built by juan gomez de mora in 1619, ...

Built by Juan Gomez de Mora in 1619, near the Puerta del Sol, the square is home to some important buildings such as the Casa de la Panaderia and central equestrian statue of Philip III. Underwent several changes over time both architectural and related to its name, originally "Plaza del Arrabal". The four buildings that surround the perimeter of present commemorative plaques and porches used today for the markets in case of bad weather. It 'a lively square full of street markets like the Sunday philatelic and numismatic, and Christmas markets. Also are present throughout the year different street performers entertain tourists and passers-by living statues, clowns, riddles and shows.

Costruita da Juan Gomez de Mora nel 1619 vicino a Puerta del Sol, questa piazza ospita alcuni importanti edifici della città come la Casa de la Panaderia e la centrale statua equestre di Filippo III. Subì nel tempo diverse modifiche sia architettoniche sia legate al suo nome, originariamente "plaza del Arrabal".
I quattro edifici che ne delimitano il perimetro presentano targhe commemorative e porticati utilizzati tutt'oggi per i mercatini in caso di mal tempo.
E' una piazza movimentata e ricca di mercatini come quello domenicale filatelico e numismatico, e i mercatini di Natale. Inoltre sono presenti durante tutto l'anno diversi artisti di strada che divertono turisti e passanti facendo statue viventi, pagliacci, indovinelli e spettacoli.
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With the equestrian statue of felipe ...

With the equestrian statue of Felipe III in the middle, long arcades (which are a little rue de Rivoli) and countless balconies, it was the site of major events in the history of Madrid executions ordered by the Inquisition, coronations, parties ... The tourist office is based. Meals are served on the terrace of one of the many bars and order a "caña" (25cl) beer with a good sandwich with fried calamari, for just € 3.

Avec la statue équestre de Philippe III au milieu, ses longues arcades (qui font un peu rue de Rivoli) et ses innombrables balcons, elle était le lieu des principaux événements de l'histoire de Madrid : exécutions ordonnées par l'Inquisition, couronnements, fêtes... L'office du tourisme y est basé.

On peut s'attabler à la terrasse d'un des nombreux bars et commander une "caña" (25cl) de bière avec un bon sandwich aux calamars frits, pour à peine 3€.
Benoit Penant
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Navideo market

In this Christmas 2009, the market of Nativity of the Plaza Mayor of Madrid has released some new booths, as we have seen, are far better than those of previous years. Moving booths practical jokes to the square of Santa Cruz I still see very positive for traders and the general public. I believe that in the main square there's plenty of room for everyone and avoid having to move even closer. As every year, the nativity scenes are contributing in many new figures and increasing supply is larger in both models and prices. A show to consider for visitors to Madrid.

Mercadillo navideño

En estas Navidades 2009, el mercadillo de belenes de la plaza Mayor de Madrid ha estrenado unas nuevas casetas que, según hemos podido comprobar, son bastante mejores que las de años pasados.

El traslado de las casetas de artículos de broma a la plaza de Santa Cruz sigo sin verlo muy positivo para los comerciantes y para el público en general. Estimo que en la plaza Mayor hay sitio de sobra para todos y se evitaría tener que trasladarse aunque sea cerca.

Como todos los años, los belenistas siguen aportando numerosas novedades en las figuras y cada vez es más amplia la oferta, tanto en modelos como en precios. Un espectáculo a tener en cuenta para los visitantes de Madrid.
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The square of the capital

The Plaza Mayor is full of life, as the entire center of the capital, but especially on weekends. Let us go when we go, we will find many people enjoying this great square, surrounded by the characteristic red buildings and the town hall, which has a mural that must stop and see them in detail. On sunny days, you will find all sorts of street performers, mimes, clowns and musicians evenings cheering in the square, we can see forming a huddle or from one of the terraces on the square, keeping the Castilian court of Madrid. A must visit in Madrid, and if we go to lunch at one of the access roads to the main square and find many Asturian Galician restaurants with good menus priced demure.

La plaza de la capital

La plaza Mayor de Madrid está llena de vida, como todo el centro de la capital, pero sobre todo en fin de semana. Vayamos a la hora que vayamos, encontraremos muchísima gente disfrutando de esta gran plaza, rodeada por los característicos edificios rojos y el ayuntamiento, que tiene unos murales que hay que pararse a verlos con detenimiento.

En los días de sol, encontraremos toda clase de artistas callejeros, mimos, payasos y músicos alegrando las tardes en la plaza, que podremos ver formando un corrillo o desde alguna de las terrazas de la plaza, que mantienen ese corte castellano de madrid.

Una visita imprescindible en Madrid, y si vamos a la hora de comer, en alguna de las calles de acceso a la plaza Mayor encontraremos bastantes restaurantes gallegos y asturianos con buenos menús a un precio comedido.
Víctor Gómez - machbel
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The plaza mayor is the place to madri...

The Plaza Mayor is the place to Madrid. In the heart of the city, 5 minutes walk from the Puerta del Sol, it was built in 1619 by Juan Gómez de Mora. In the middle is an equestrian statue of Philip III, scupltée by Giambologna and Pietro Tacca. The most decorated façade and to which you will turn automatically called La Casa de la Panaderia (home baking). The tourist office is located just below the front where a lot of information on the events of the month will be given. Street Address: Plaza Mayor. Madrid 28005. In addition, you will find many terraces (restaurants and bars) throughout the Plaza Mayor, very expensive as tourist but the place is so nice!

La Plaza Mayor est le lieu incontournable de Madrid. En cœur de la ville, à 5 minutes à pieds de la Puerta del Sol, elle fut construite en 1619 par Juan Gómez de Mora. En plein milieu se trouve une statue équestre de Philippe III, scupltée par Jean Bologne et Pietro Tacca. La façade la plus décorée, et vers laquelle vous vous tournerez automatiquement s'appelle La Casa de la Panadería (la maison de la boulangerie). L'office du tourisme se trouve juste au dessous cette façade où de nombreuses informations sur les évènements du mois vous seront données.
Adresse exacte : Plaza Mayor. Madrid 28005.
Par ailleurs, vous trouverez de nombreuses terrasses (restaurants et bars) tout le long de La Plaza Mayor, chères car très touristiques mais l’endroit est tellement agréable !
Céline Touzé
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Information about Plaza Mayor of Madrid