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Things to See in Banff

The 32 best things to see according to real travelers

The top places to visit in Banff

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Reasons to visit Banff

The best things to do in Banff

Most of the popular Banff attractions are related to nature. We can not forget that Banff National Park in the Canadian Rockies was declared a World Heritage Site in 1985. An example of the best attractions in Banff is Mount Buffalo, a hill which gets its name from its shape, reminiscent of the silhouette profile of a bison.

For more stuff to do in Banff, there are also popular mountains located in the next town: Mount Rundle, Cascade Mountain and Mount Norquay are incredibly beautiful. A trip to Sulphur Mountain is also high on the list of things to do in Banff because it houses the Baths of Banff.

Lovers of architecture aren't going to find it easy to discover what to do in Banff, but if you like nature, you're in luck. The beauty of this city lies in the natural environment, and it's amazing to walk through the mountains. Of the places to visit in Banff city centre, there's Banff Avenue, where you'll find all the shops, restaurants and hotels. But remember that to travel to the National Park, you can only take the train. For more things to see in Banff, check out what minube users have to say about the best Banff activities!
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