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Things to See in Antigua Guatemala

The 32 best things to see according to real travelers

The top places to visit in Antigua Guatemala

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Reasons to visit Antigua Guatemala

The best things to do in Antigua Guatemala

Are you planning a trip and wondering what to do in Antigua Guatemala? Some of the first things to see in Antigua Guatemala are its Central Park, the Cathedral, the Bakery Arcade and museums Book and de Armas. All of these places to visit in Antigua Guatemala are included within a circle perimeter of the Park Central. You can see some of Antigua Guatemala attractions, such as the ruins Capuchin, Santa Clara, San Jerónimo and others, without going any further. If you are looking for more relaxing things to do in Antigua Guatemala, there are many public parks very close where you can enjoy the beautiful weather. El Park Tank The Union is one of the busiest during the day is one, as it is a one of the most popular attractions in Antigua Guatemala, and is one of the best recreational areas to visit. Tray is an entertainment area where you eat very cheap.To finish, we must mention the food and cuisine, which is the best way to integrate where locals enjoy their holidays. Another one of the Antigua Guatemala acitivties is doing a Guatemalan coffee tasting. The prices are usually cheap, but the flavors are intense and unforgettable. This is some of the best stuff to do in Antigua Guatemala, so pack your bags and experience an unforgettable country.
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